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  1. Does anyone know if the 71 Mach 1's came with the option for power rear quarter windows?  If so, is the glass the same for the power option as well as the stationary (standard) option?  I have a rear quarter with a scratch in it..and after polishing it is better, but still there.  I'm inclined to leave it (as it is original glass and is not that bad) until I convert to crank (or preferably power windows) in the future. 

    Welcome the input. 

  2. Also to allow this thread...I took a look at the Ford shop manual, and it does tell how to actually test the motor for proper operation (current draws etc.).  I was a bit surprised about this...I didn't think the manual would get down in the weeds like that.  

  3. @ C Walker - Yeah, the plan with this car is to takeout on trips - hence the 6 speed.  I'll definitely avoid the rain, but I know I'll get caught in it at some point, so this system has to work.  I'd like to use an original piece if it's still ok.  Maybe I can call one of these remanufactures to see what they recommend for a test.  Do you have a wiring diagram for these motors?  I think they have four wires.  

    Also, do all Mustangs use 2 speed wiper motors?



  4. Currently in process of installing wiper assembly to my project.  I was considering using the old wiper motor, but have no idea of condition, etc.  I figured that since it was always meant to work in the elements, these units should not really degrade over time, etc.  Does anyone know if these units are problematic or how to test them to see if they are on their way out the door? 


  5. Hi guys, I'm moving onto installing the bright work on the project and I'm about to do the drip rails.  I'm finding that no-one appears to sell "seals" for inside the drip rail where it meets the body. However, we noticed when these were removed them that there appeared to be old seals from the factory in there (obviously they were all dry rotted and falling apart).  They did appear to be seals and not globs of sealer - but was hard to tell because they were so far gone.  


    So, question is - does anyone sell seals for inside the drip rails, or is this a job for Seam Sealer or Butyl?  


  6. Hi Guys...moving onto the rear quarter windows on my Mach 1.  The seals on it need to be R&R'd.  I picked up some new pieces from NPD, but no one I've talked to so far knows how to change these out.  If anyone out there has a step-by-step - or better yet a video - I'd love to see...




  7. Hi guys...starting to get back at working on my project after a lot of delays this past year.  Was focusing on the fuel system at the back of the car over the X-mas break and had an issue when installing the fuel tank and filler neck.  During install, I had the pressure signal channel of the filler neck (that the pressure signal tube fits into) misaligned to the pressure tube in the tank.  Unfortunately, I broke one of the joints on the pressure tube in the tank in the process.  This is a spectra re-po tank and for those that are familiar, there is a bracket that holds the tube in position near the middle of the tank, and another - what looks to be - solder joint right where the tube begins it's upward ascent into the filler neck area.  It looks like I broke the solder joint.  So, now the tube rests on a metal support in the tank, and appears to fit into the filler neck correctly (after I re-installed), but I'm not sure if this is a good idea to leave it this way.  Couple questions:


    1) Has anyone had this happen and what did you do to fix?

    2) Does anyone know if a joint like this can even be fixed?

    3) Any recommendations for a shop to fix if possible?





  8. I was out in the workshop today and took a picture. There are actually two plastic sleeves on the fixed column, one that is taped on over the crush zone, and the other is a big heat-shrink tubing over the actual expanded metal crush zone.





    Thanks for taking the pic Don...maybe what I need to do is to take a pic of mine and post.  Like I was saying...I just can't explain why someone would cut that shrink wrap portion off, it'd be useless once it's cut.  When looking at that area, there isn't a single mark from a cutting tool or similar.  So, either the person that removed it was a pro, or it came from the factory like that.  In any case...I'm looking for replacement sleeves that I can shrink on.  My biggest concern was that I wanted to make sure it wasn't supposed to be that way and that covering it wouldn't be a problem.  Couple more questions:

    1) Do you (or anyone else that may read this) have or know of a service manual for these columns?  I'm noticing that the rag at the end is very close to the column housing, and I need to inspect the bearings and wiring.

    2) Do they make service parts for these columns (rag joints, bearings, etc.)?

    3) Why is that little lever with the eyelet at the end of the column for?  I'm assuming it was something to do with a trans lock, but I can't figure out how it worked.  None of this stuff was together when I bought my car.






  9. I have 5 tilt column cars and they all have the plastic sleeve on the lower part on 72 & 73 models.

    The plate on the floor is unique to the tilt column and I think the the rag joint metal parts might be different. Although the Osborne Chassis assembly manual shows the same rag joint part number for either tilt or non tilt but they show a different assembly process. 

    The turn signal wiring harness and turn signal switch is different on the 73 model and will not plug into a 71 - 72 harness.

    I am not sure about the plastic trim piece that is between the instrument panel and upper part of the column it might be different.

    If you need a new turn signal switch I would shy away from NOS. The reason being is the old plastic gets brittle even if NOS just with age. 

    Can't get to my pics of columns got lost in computer crash.

    How is it possible to remove the cover?  It looks like it is permanently attached.  I tried looking for a way that my non-tilt sleeve could be removed, and there's no way - unless it was cut off.  But why would someone do that?

  10. Hi guys - just purchased a tilt column and I just noticed something when comparing it to my non-tilt column - the lower portion on the tilt (the vanes  that are meant to collapse) are not covered, whereas the same area on the non-tilt is covered.  Anyone know why?  It looks like that area on the non-tilt is a permanent fixture and not meant to be swapped on or off (ie. not a plastic cover that can be swapped around).  



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