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  1. I am parting out a 72 coupe that has a well optioned 6 cylinder. Everything in the car looks to be original. Email; Cobandi@aol.com I don't frequent this site often so any pm's may stay quiet for awhile.
  2. That really doesn't help since most of us don't use half of that stuff anymore. It doesn't show how the vacuum gets to the interior (ac box). The 73's also have a 4 inlet loop on the cowl. These show only two. I'm really interested in the AC vacuum lines. Thanks anyway.
  3. Does anyone have a link to a vacuum diagram for 73 Mustangs? With AC. I think they are more elaborate than 71's Thanks in advance
  4. I have the M code and see pic below it shows it came out in late 71? Interesting info. It shows the M code without ram air and the Q with it. Was the Q code 4 bolt main? If my 71 came with Ram Air, it should be a Q but itis an M.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/112958740147
  6. Yes - you state that are screwed to the package tray and and the hinge. Let me know if you need any 1971 parts (if you are a restorer) or if I just pay. Could also use the plastic conduit covering the rear taillight harness in the trunk if you have (that can be bent in two and fit in same box) Mark Haas 5497 Highlawn Way Brighton MI 48114 Mark, I'm sorry if you misunderstood me. I was posting an FYI about the side supports. I have the fold down assembly complete and I'm not parting it out. I'm selling it complete when someone needs a complete package; everything including the space saver hold down, the brackets for the rubber fold down bumpers, the corner panels, all brackets, hardware and panels.
  7. Which vertical strips are you needing? The black ones?
  8. The second picture shows the section of the car I'm talking about. That sheet metal piece was never there.
  9. I bought a 71 Mach 1, m code, with fold down. To my surprise, behind the rear vertical seat, there was no support bracing on either side of the trap door opening. The vertical strips on both sides of the trap door were there, screwed to the "package shelf" and the lower trap door hinge. There was no "fan shape webbing" bracing between them and the inner wheel houses. My 72 and 73 had the bracing. It was an early build. It also had a 69/70 rear spoiler, and according to the Marti, it came with one. So if you are adding a fold down, you actually don't need those pieces. I guess they may give the car support if it got hit from the side. If you are adding it, it doesn't matter. The car wasn't built with one so you aren't really cheating. FYI
  10. I have a pair of trap door handles or pulls for sale. $40 shipped. Cobandi@aol.com
  11. I know, but I have two passenger sides I was wondering ;) Just trying to save you some cash if you thought 2 per car. Do you know if the connectors were different for the different years? I have a seat back release harness that has different receptors for the connectors than that of the plain seat belt sensor harnesses. :huh:
  12. I know, but I have two passenger sides
  13. I'm looking for seat belt sensors. These are the thin metal pieces that go under the seat and have a connector to connect to the harness. I can use a pair photo sharing sites no sign up , if not more.
  14. I have a nice deck lid. Original. I have 71 and 72-73, the difference is the holes for the emblems. On Long Island
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