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  1. That doesn't look like a Cragar rim. I think they are American Racing daisy wheels. I have two that look identical. one of them still has the AR center cap. Check my pic .
  2. I have the doors and fenders,both sides. No 1/4 pieces
  3. And I thought you were giving me everything you had
  4. I'm interested in the brake booster and aluminum slots. Pics? Curtis
  5. Forget to take pictures today. I will get you pictures tomorrow.
  6. I picked up the free 73 convertible from 3514boltstang. I will be cutting it up in the next week or so. Good parts up for sale. C pillars, good cowl, booster with valve, rear axles, wiper arms. I also have good doors and fenders, a nice NASA hood, aluminum slots and lots of misc parts. Send me your needs. PM's and emails are preferred. Cobandi@aol.com
  7. I have some nice sets. I am selling one set locally tomorrow morning. I'll get pics of the others.
  8. This car was almost complete. Something bad happened. See pictures. Contact me for further info Cobandi@aol.com
  9. I have some. email me for pictures Cobandi@aol.com
  10. OKay. I haven't looked at this link in quite some time. Lots of questions. I get no PM's. Email me at Cobandi@aol.com. I check that regularly. Bob
  11. got one. email me at cobandi@aol.com Bob
  12. I just did one. Push the mirror all the way over and use a long phillips. I did it and so can you. The only way to remove the mirror is to remove the screw.
  13. Only in 71 could you get the two lights in the lower left dash. My vert had them both.
  14. I have the crossmember and a yoke from the C4
  15. Long Island too far? I won't ship a fender; no Greyhound terminals
  16. I have a few 3 pin switches that I can let go. PM me
  17. Got one. $50 includes delivery
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