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  1. It looks like C-41, headlamp on warning and key reminder buzzer, headlamp on relay, and left door jamb switch. Chuck Chuck, does it connect to the convenience group harness as shown above? Is 72 convenience separate from dash harness? Is 71 and 73 separate? What year is that for? 72 or 73?
  2. I have this n72 underdash harness. Car has tach, ac, seat back release. This connector is above the glove box area where the relays are located.
  3. I have this n72 underdash harness. Car has tach, ac, seat back release. This connector is above the glove box area where the relays are located.
  4. I need a pair of rear shock plates for 67-73 Mustangs. Not staggered, not totally rusty. Need them ASAP. Bob Cobandi@aol.com
  5. I am looking for a set of 2V Aussie heads to buy. Let me know what you have.
  6. I have a set of 4v open heads that were done by a machine shop and are still wrapped in newspaper; never installed. I got them with a car I bought about 5 years ago. I don't know what as done to them. Could be a top of the line ported and polished job or a plain jane job. If I knew what to look for, I could tell you.
  7. Aside from the turn signal connection at the steering column, anyone know of any difference between a 72 dash harness and a 73?
  8. I need a pair of working top cylinders with no rust on the steel arm. Thanks. Bob at cobandi@aol.com
  9. Thanks for the info. If I have only the transmission, what other parts do we need to round up?
  10. I'm finishing a project for a friend. His C6 is toast. I have an AOD that needs rebuilding. Any problems putting in an AOD? We are using stock exhaust manifolds. Thanks in advance
  11. Here is a real spring special. I bought it in '99 from the original owner. Original paint, engine, interior.... Car now has 71k and change. 302, c4, black standard interior. I added the magnums but have since returned to the original dog dish wheels and white walls.
  12. I have a set but I'm in NY and the shipping would probably kill you.
  13. Call him. He is a very nice guy that works from home with his wife. Paul from Classic Mustang uses him for all his radio renovations and he has done a handful for me. He's not big into computing so I doubt he has a site.
  14. I had two 71 am/fm's restored by this man. Good job and good price. Under $200. His name is Joe Scott. He is in South Carolina. His telephone is 864-647-9924.
  15. I have the grille with the mounting brackets. PM me.
  16. I have a 73 model with the original door speakers and wire looms.
  17. Those lenses are hard to find alone because sometimes they break and nobody reproduces them. In the past, when either the gas gauge lens or the tach side lens is broke or cracked, I take a standard lens and cut the lens in a section behind the bezel that wont show when mounted, and glue them together. If the speedo side WITH the trip meter reset is cracked or broke, then you are in the same boat you are now; trying to find somebody who will part with the lens without the cluster. Another option is to remove the tripometer/speedo gauge and replace it with a standard speedometer. This way you can utilize the tach (Considering you have the correct circuit board) and have a lens, which Don sells new.
  18. I have a single side. PM me
  19. They don't repo that piece. It's the same as standard except for the odometer reset. If all else fails, I have the reset push button for the odometer.
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