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  1. The 70 Maverick Grabbers' had side stripes like that, and a hood with no scoops. There was nothing that said "Grabber" until '71, but the VIN was different and they had a small spoiler as part of the trunk lid. I had one in the Grabber Blue color like that one probably is, and still miss that car. I was stopped in a turn lane and a guy doing 60 rear ended me.
  2. I thought I'd try to find something on the original article I read so many pre-internet years ago. I found this, and although it is in reference to newer cars, the basics are the same. https://www.americanmuscle.com/understanding-mustang-air-intakes.html Not a huge gain, but a gain none the less.
  3. Just my observations. The snorkel does provide warm air from the manifold when starting. Engines like warm air to atomize the gas better when starting cold. Once the engine warms up, the engine heat itself will atomize fuel, and the snorkel valve closes off the manifold and opens to the engine bay. Under normal driving conditions, the warm air from the engine bay, drawn through the snorkel, doesn't affect engine performance to a noticeable degree. You would seldom get above 2500 rpm in daily driving. I put headers on my former Mach 1 and removed the stove pipe from the manifold. I live in a co
  4. It's been a while, but if I recall, there is a connector in the A pillar. Steve
  5. 30/06 Springfield cartridge, developed in 1906.
  6. The remote trunk release was a dealer option. I've never seen a trunk lid that didn't have a lock cylinder, so it was probably filled in by the P.O. Steve
  7. Just my rule of thumb, I think double pumpers are best on cars with improved air flow (headers, better intake, higher profile cam) and manual transmission. Anything close to stock and/or with an automatic and they tend to bog the engine down when you bury the gas pedal. Steve
  8. Same with me. I showed up one day to check on progress of a car I was having done and the place was dark. I went next door and asked that business what happened, and they told me he folded up a couple of weeks before. I told them my car was in there and the guy said the body shop owner said I might show up. The shop doors were unlocked and my keys were in the ignition. Any one could have taken it. They also hit my hood with a forklift getting their shop equipment out. One year and a lawsuit later, I got my money back.
  9. I have one for all the old Fords I've bought. I haven't bought a "new" one in a long time, so I got mine while they were still free.
  10. Yes, thank you. I have a hard copy (two big books) but am saving this, as PDF's are easily searchable. Steve
  11. I use the Ford Master Parts Catalog. I think ebay and some vendors have it available in a digital format.
  12. Can I suggest a possible change in direction? My lift has a 240V motor and a push button to turn it on when I want it to go up. You might consider changing the motor and eliminating the VFD and contactor. Steve
  13. A little trivia, just because. 240V is indeed two 120V sources, measured to ground, but they are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. That's how you get to 240V.
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