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  1. Oh,,,, I see it now I haven't mounted it yet ,,just doing some things I want to do still haven't got to the engine yet ,,im going have to pull the head and fix the broke bolt..
  2. Take a look at my Hammond ones ..Why the curve on top
  3. Hemi killer I sure that don't happen to me ..in the pic the green car has a louvers looks like from a 69-70 modified to fit a 73 The yellow 73 are short and bent up ,,The red has the wright ones are correct I just got a pair like the green car so ill see I still got other issues with the engine
  4. are they original or repops and are the 70 different from 71s ?
  5. cool..that eliminates that,,compression test next,
  6. I did do some ignition parts im waiting for others to come ,,I do have to take the head off cause I found a exhaust bolt broke off in the head I haven't taken the exhaust manifold off maybe i'll get lucky and find it sticking out a little,,i thought about buying a new holley (if that's not the problem I could always sell the old one) pic share
  7. Thanks Don im going to check around Long Island N.Y. cause that's were the car came from any builder that starts with a "R" needle in a haystack
  8. The only number I could find on the right head inside valve cover is 6176
  9. That's all good stuff , I got to try again and get a mirror in the left side and look for that original vin. I haven't done much about this engine lately ,just some sanding on the body (I had my own body shop in the 80's) ,as soon as it gets a little warmer yesterday my new spark plugs fouled out all of them took the valve cover off passage side so in a few days ill try running it again and ill adjust the valves ( I hope their hyd lifters) If all of this don't work (get the shaking out) im also going to plug off all vac lines,, ,,,then its time to take the engine out and start from scratch ,,
  10. I thought so I though that (R0890) would tell me who the builder was ,That goes along with the different color heads I see now their has been work done to this motor in the past
  11. star trek into darkness enterprise vs vengeance on the right side front of block is a plate ticked on their
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