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  1. One flasher is by fuse box, the second one is on the back side of the metal tray inside the glove box where the glove box lamp would mount.
  2. I bought a set of these and they are great! I've gotten tons of compliments on them. They are very bright and can easily be seen over a block away. No excuse like, "Oh, I didn't see you". lol They should work with Obsidians lenses, but they look fantastic if you don't yet have that mod. Just letting you know what a new owner of these lights thinks.
  3. Do you have sets any ready to go yet? I plan on using the LED boards, so any holes for regular bulbs would be unnecessary. Thanks for your work and persistence.
  4. Question for you. Is this a two part process? We get the lenses from Obsedian and then the lights from you? If so, any idea what the two 'halves' will run? I'm eager to have a set for the Mach and maybe a second set for another 71. Let us know how things are coming along. Thanks guys. As of now it is a two part process. I'm not sure how much the LEDs are going to cost because I have to get a quote on custom boards when I'm finished with the prototype. If you are looking for the boards for the housing, I don't kow if I had mention Larry Bush at mustangsnorthwest.org or not. He if a great guy that will be fair. He has some that have sequencers for the full trapezoid 71-73 Mustangs. He might be able to help.
  5. Question for you. Is this a two part process? We get the lenses from Obsedian and then the lights from you? If so, any idea what the two 'halves' will run? I'm eager to have a set for the Mach and maybe a second set for another 71. Let us know how things are coming along. Thanks guys.
  6. Any new status between you and Obsidian? Do you think they'll be available for the start of this car show season? Thanks Dew
  7. HaHa-- good catch. I did have to edit the video to get it small enough to post. The signals were actually working correctly. I started the video out showing the left rear turn signal, then went to the drivers door, pulled on the parking lights and switched to the right turn signal (which was the part that was edited out). Got the front view then walked down the passenger side and stopped the video when I got to the back. I am looking forward to seeing TheJ's setup with the sequential LEDs. I was going to try the dual row of LEDs around the edge of the lights but really like the way J's looks more like the '13-'14 tail lights. Dew
  8. Wasn't talking about using their 71-71 kit, just the guts of the other sequentials. Was only using that like as a reference point. I thought that was obvious. No worries - I see that now. I guess I missed that part - thanks for the clarification. I wasn't trying to pick a fight or anything, either. :) The overall custom lights Obsidian was making will have to use a custom panel and LED configuration to light up the 'outlines' with the parking lights and the brake/reverse light center sections. Otherwise, the 'outlines' will simply light up with the center sections, whether just parking lights are on, or while braking and/or reversing. In other words, the '13 functional 'look' would be lost with another kit inside. I'm not saying that would be a bad effect either, since Scott - Qcode351mach - installed a set of lenses with just stock location bulbs and a red diffuser panel... and it looks pretty good, too. I had actually thought of using an earlier model 3-bar kit for the center sections, and wiring in some of the light tube stuff JimNiki(?) used on his stock tail lights for the 'outlines' (stuffed 'em into the stock lenses around the outside and lit them separately from the bulbs). But, I'm thinking I'll just be patient and wait for TheJ and Obsidian to get their stuff together, since it'll be a matched pair. I used the sequentials from Mustangs North West and he has a full three sections of LEDs with just a small square for the reverse lights. They work and look great. I'll try to add a small video to show it. These are the ones from MustangsNorthWest.org with 3 panel LEDs. They work and look great.
  9. That's the plan, I'm still waiting on a circuit board to get started on the LEDs. It's going to be a little interesting because the clear openings are a little small but I'll manage. I think the tough part will be the center opening, since you're going to stagger red and white LEDs... it's probably gonna get a little tight in there. Good luck and have fun with that! ;) :D Curiousity though - what are you thinking on how to light up the 'rings?' I'm wondering if a trio of incandescents in the normal locations wired up to the parking lights would take car of that (since they'd be hidden by the LED boards, all they would illuminate should be the rings) - as noticed by the picture of Q's installation. Just a thought to maybe keep the cost and complexity down. Also, any idea on how to mount the circuit boards inside the housings? I'm thinking the simplest way would be to come up with some kind of pedestal that fits into the original bulb locations (for simplicity). Don't mind me and my musings, J - I know you're going to come up with something cool... just can't wait to see it all come together. ::thumb:: They look great! I have a set of Sequential LED boards mounted in my buckets that came from mustangsnorthwest.org and you could see how his boards are notched and velcroed into the buckets. You might even be able to use his "system" or logic to get over any bumps that you are still having regarding the LED Boards. Just a thought or idea. DrDew
  10. That's not a bad idea. We could take a step further... perhaps you could put the parts and instructions/schematic in a DIY Kit format. That could save on your additional labor, reduce the overall cost t us, and expedite a final, albeit disassembled, product. It's something to consider.... Regardless, this is one s-w-e-e-t project and I'm looking forward to getting two sets of them.
  11. I'm also in line for a set or two. Let me/us know when and how much, ok? BTW, great job on the lens. How is TheJ doing on the LED boards?
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