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  1. Thank you, Don C!! That is exactly what I was looking for!! I did the same search, but apparently I didn’t go deep enough in to the pages. Bottom line is that gives me everything I need and you are the MAN!! Thanks again!!
  2. Hi Geoff, thanks for the reply. I have rebuilt the original pump. No change . I bought a new rebuilt pump. No change. It has new lines and a new steering box. I am done messing with it, I am going to the Saginaw pump, I just have to figure out how I am going to do it. I was hoping it had been done here, but maybe it hasn’t. Searching the site hasn’t brought up anything.
  3. Hello fellow Mustang fanatics! Has anyone here converted their Ford power steering pump to the Saginaw pump? And if so, could you share some guidance on parts needed and modifications required? My Car is a ‘72, 302 with factory a/c. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would be something to have power steering at idle and no howl.
  4. Thank you, Carolina Mountain Mustangs for the excellent pics. Interesting that the black strip is at the back of the hood. It would be very easy to put it on mine if it supposed to be there. So, I will put it on mine. Thank you again for the post!!
  5. Thank you, Don C!! Your link and the two pics from Jeff tell me exactly how I need to install the nozzles and hoses. :goodpost:
  6. A couple pics to help...I have others should you need them. Thank you, Jeff!!! Your two pics and the link from Don C. show me exactly what I need to do. :goodpost:
  7. Need help, please. My ‘72 Mustang has no windshield washer nozzles or hoses. The hood has been replaced with a repro Mach1 hood. Can anyone help me with a pic of how an where they are installed? I have bought a nozzle an hose kit. Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Excellent! That is definitely the part I am looking for. Thank you very much for the reply, Don C!
  9. The blower motor resistor in my ‘72 two door Sport Roof is toast. None of the suppliers I have tried have them available. Does anyone know of a supplier for them or another type that could be adapted to fit?
  10. I thought you were just testing the shoulder / seat belts I sent you :D :D :D Haha! That is a good one too! By the way , the belts are in great shape. Your help in making my ‘Stang safe and legal again is much appreciated!!
  11. No idea why to pic is upside down. It wasn’t until so posted it.
  12. Hello fellow Mustang aficionados. I picked up my 1972 Mustang 2 Dior Sportsroof two weeks ago. It is a super solid car with absolutely no rust any where. The underneath is absolutely rust free. I was a little worried about rust in the cowl area, but I can leave it sit outside in the rain and no water leaks in under the dash. A little water does leak in both rear quarter windows though. Haven’t had a chance t figure that out yet. Has fresh rebuilt engine, trans, and rear end. Also has a new steering box and pump. It’s a pretty sweet little ‘Stang actually! It is NOT a Mach1 and isn’t presented as one, but it does have some Mach1 markings.
  13. Thank you for the reply, Ohio Mustang Supply. With the help of the previous post, I have found the mounting holes for the upper belts. I would be interested in a pair of good used upper belts from you though. I will be contacting you about that, probably tomorrow (Monday).
  14. Hello all. I have a question on the front seat belts in my 1972 Mustang 2door sport roof. I just acquired the car two days ago. It is a very nice car and the interior is completely original. My quandary is that there are no upper shoulder belts in the car. Not only are they not there, they never have been there. There are absolutely no marks or places where they could have been mounted. Were shoulder belts an option on these cars? Are there any other owners on this site who have cars like this? I know that the seperate belt up top exists, but mine never had them. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thank for adding me to the site. Been a life long Mustang fan. I always wanted a sport roof model. I finally made that happen this week with the purchase of a nice 1972 Mustang 2 door sport roof. Again, thanks for the add.
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