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  1. Yup, the more I thought about the Wilwoods the less I like the idea and it seems like only a small improvement in performance with that kit anyway. I see that kit around pretty cheap sometimes and it seems neat to have Wilwoods on there, but I think it would seem neater to have better brakes that I can get parts for anywhere.
  2. My car isn't going to see any track time or anything. Just looking to get it to run and drive more like a modern car. Right now it's a rattly death trap and really just want it to be safer and less scary to drive. That said, when you factor in $300 for Mustang Steve's brackets, some new spindles, junkyard or new brake parts etc etc, you're getting close to the cost of an entry level Wilwood setup. Anyone used these, if so how tough are the mods to install? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wil-140-13477 Probably still not as good as larger, modern hardware OEM hardware as t
  3. Well that's an interesting idea. It would seem weird to go back to drum parts to get better brakes, but whatever works. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. My '72 needs new rotors and calipers replaced up front. Are there any affordable (cheap) upgrades to get bigger brakes up front? Like maybe OEM brakes from a newer car that are better than what was on there? While I'd love to go for Wilwood or something like that, it's just not in the cards right now. Tried searching around but not really seeing a clear answer on what might work and what kind of mods might be needed to make it work. Also, if swapping isn't practical, are there replacement parts for the OEM brakes that will perform better than stock? I'm running 20" wheels right now
  5. Does anyone know of a replacement tail light lens that doesn't have the clear reverse square in the middle? I'd like to go all red but of course the clear square makes that tough. I've seen them in pics a couple times, but no idea where they came from or if they were just modded. Thanks
  6. One more of that car. Yea that would be cool. I had visions of a tunnel ram on mine as well. Not going to happen, but the teenager in me wants to go for it.
  7. Just ran into this on Instagram. Don't know anything else about it.
  8. For the supply, it's using 3/8" and running with the stock line but then up behind the engine with a heat shield where it gets near the exhaust and engine.
  9. Just wanted to update for the next person. This is what we ended up doing for the return. Used the stock supply line as the return and a new line following the same path as the factory line for the supply. So far so good and no need to drop the tank.
  10. I put a Tremec T56 Magnum 6 speed in mine and it fit with no mods to anything in the tunnel or shifter location. As Tony mentioned, you'll need the right bell housing, crossmember and driveshaft of course.
  11. Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but RobbMc has a sending unit with a return line for these cars. http://www.robbmcperformance.com/products/1101_fordsend.html. Other than draining the tank, seems like an easy option if you are going external pump.
  12. OK thanks. Going to try and get it in and have it aligned this week by someone who know's these cars. This thing isn't a dream ever right now. I have a hard time just staying in a lane unless the road is perfectly smooth.
  13. So it was actually higher than I thought at about 35. Lowered it to 25 and drove it. It's better but still all over the place. And just to correct the tire size, they are 255 35 20's.
  14. Hi Don and thanks for the reply. Good point, air pressure is 32PSI. I've never had it aligned. I'll drop the pressure down to 24-26 and see how that goes. Didn't even occur to me to try that.
  15. Hey Guys, I've had this car mostly parked for most of the time I've owned it as I've been going through different parts of the car so don't really have a good feel for how the car drives normally and hardly ever had it up to speed for more than a few times. Now I'm finally getting this thing more driveable and on different wheels and tires and now I'm finding that the steering is pretty terrible. The steering basically won't center and anything over 45-50MPH and this thing is all over the place. It seems to grab any contour in the road and darts off that way. It's genuinely not safe to drive l

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