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  1. Hello everyone. I'm starting to look for new wheels for my car as I don't love the 20's on there now. I think they could look better if the car was a lot lower, but I'd still prefer different wheels. My car's not a show car or original so not worried about being period or Ford correct. I saw some wheels a while back that I really liked, but didn't get pic or find out what they were. They were basically a black rally style wheel with oval slots. Sort of like a Chevy / Corvette / Chrysler style rally wheel, but I've seen them referred to as police pursuit wheels and seen some pics of police cars running around with something like them. While I can get close by going with a regular rally wheel or some variation, I was hoping to find something in 17"-18" sizes and a variety of offsets and ideally without the hub cap ridge. Basically going for old school police car wheels that are mostly closed with those oval openings in more modern sizes and maybe materials. I have seen these that are in the ballpark. Was hoping to get something with smaller openings as these look very Corvette to me and in all black. I know I can get these powder coated, but hoping to just find the right thing straight up. https://www.visionwheel.com/wheel/4714/VisionWheel/55 Rally Aluminum?finishID=101 Anything come to mind? Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  2. Thanks. No staggered shocks here, just a staggering driver.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and bit on the 1" bar from CJP. I ordered it last night and it just arrived this morning. That place is nuts, things either get here in hours or in 2 months. I'll be picking up the Addco 3/4" bar either direct from them or might wait to see if I can find a Black Friday sale.
  4. @Lazarus That's great feedback and exactly what I was looking to find out. And I was actually wondering how this would behave with a bar on just one end I don't have one round back. Didn't know if it would be just not as good or maybe be uneven. You answered that. Always planned on adding a rear at some point, but will go ahead an do that at the same time. So I'll probably do the 1" bar and the 3/4" Addco rear bar as you mentioned. Seems like a pretty cheap way to make a nice improvement in handling. Thanks much for the great feedback.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, this is for the front, link is in the first post. I hear you on CJP, one order and a few parts are here the next day, the others 2 months later and nothing letting you know that's the case. More than once got parts in, set aside time to work on the car on the weekend, get the thing ready start taking things apart and didn't bother to open the box only to realize the little crap I didn't need right away is in there but the stuff I needed isn't, only to show up weeks later. In this case CJP is mostly because of price. I only have so much to spread around so $120 to cross that off the list seemed like a good deal. Front end is mostly rebuilt and the rear is new shocks, new bushings, old springs for now. No sway bar back there at the moment.
  6. OK thanks. Sounds like either will be way better than stock and bigger is probably better. I'll think about if saving a few bucks is worth it.
  7. Howdy everyone, Been looking at getting a better sway bar for some time now. Right now CJ Pony Parts has a 1" bar for $119 right now which seems like a good deal. Wondering thoughts on how big an improvement this might be over stock and how better / worse it would be over a 1 1/8" bar? Not looking to track the car or anything, but definitely would like to improve handling and drivability. Thanks!
  8. Anyone know of any good BF sales for parts? I'm looking for a number of things, specifically an AC system which I never see on sale and maybe ram air parts, sway bars etc. and hoping some of this will be on sale over the next couple of weeks. Thanks
  9. That would be a great location for it. Maybe on round two or three for me on that one for me as I suspect I'll never be happy with the current location. I did pick up some of that sheathing in a few sizes. Need to figure out how to dress the ends of that. My cloth wire look tape doesn't stick right or look good and seems like electrical tape pulled tight could look good, but not sure how it would hold up. Oh, I like that spot. Out of the way and still serviceable. At the moment I'm leaving it on the shock tower, but I may rethink that as there is still a mess of wires that all around the battery and starter solenoid and ignition box and it's going to be tough to make that look good. For the moment I'm using some magnetic zip tie mounts to hold the looms where I want them. Seem to work very good and can move them all over to get the best fit without drilling a bunch of holes in the car. Also just handy for holding wires in different spots while working on them.
  10. Boy I wish I could. Around these parts, that move would cost several 100's of thousands which ain't in the cards right now unfortunately. So sadly my money pit lives outdoors.
  11. Why is this not shocking at all. Seems like everything gets crappier over time. I know we always say they don't make em like they used to, but some stuff like fabric never really makes sense other than just using cheaper stuff. Well that and in the old days they would make everything with asbestos, DDT and ground up baby seals, which is sometimes frowned upon these days. I actually like the lighter weight more breathable ones. They just tend to make pass through so much dirt when they do get wet. The flip side is they are often washable to a point. We don't get enough rain to make it a big deal here if it's not perfect. For me I just feel like the car stays cleaner and keeps most of the water off because I don't want to think about my leaky windows. Yes, the right answer is to fix those. This may sound weird, but one thing I've been doing lately is using spray on ceramic coating on all sorts of things, like wood furniture and even in places I'd normally use silicon spray. I've been using this on all sorts of things to just protect them. It goes a long way, doesn't really change the appearance and is pretty cheap. So I might actually try coating my next cover with it when I get it. People will think I'm nuts waxing the cover. But I'm thinking if It' can make the surface a bit hydrophobic it might stay cleaner and maybe last a bit longer. Probably dumb, but I might give it a shot.
  12. This is going back a few years, but the last one I had was a Taylor Made and I think the TRAILERITE line. I had paid under $200 during a sale at WestMarine. That was for a 21' Walkaround and lasted at least 3 years full time in the sun. Before that I had a cover made by Carver that was cheaper and thinner, but lasted about 3 years as well then disintegrated all at once. Obviously this was several years ago and way different conditions than you have, but that's the results I had. And now I miss my boat ... but not all the money it took to keep it going offshore.
  13. It's been awhile so no idea, but I'll scrounge around my old boat expenses and see if I can find it.
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