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  1. No pictures at the moment. She is currently buried in the garage awaiting some space freeing up from other projects in the way. Back in the 80's thru the 90's, my wife worked for a Ford dealership and was able to get me a lot of NOS parts. Unfortunately, I don't have the original air cleaner assembly (non ram-air). I have a complete ram air set up, but the non-ram air is a Q-Jet and ram air cars have a Holley. The anti-rotation tabs are different and I am not sure about other measurements.
  2. I have been looking for an air cleaner assembly for my 1971 Mach 1. It has the Rochester Q-Jet carb., and came factory as a non-ram air car. I have been unable to locate one on the planet earth for some time now. My options seem to be: 1- Convert to a ram air system (I have a complete Ford factory scoops to fiberglass underhood set-up, plus the Holley flange intake manifold, but no air cleaner assembly (which I see are reproduced and available), or, 2- Just leave it with the chrome HiPo type that has been with the car since I got it in 1977. Another option would be if anyone knows where I could get detailed photos with measurements of an original, MAYBE there is a possibility of finding something that would fit but not be authentic. Any help here is greatly appreciated!!!
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