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  1. I’m in the process of wiring my fans up on a Holley sniper. The sniper can completely control your fans/temp. It uses the Holley sniper temp sensor. There is I believe a light blue and green wires in the accessories harness pigtail on the sniper. These are the grounding side of your relays. Instructions tell you which one is which in terms of fan one and fan 2.You can wire two separate circuits to allow the sniper to have a dual temp control as well. This way you can have one fan come on in normal and the second come on in a high stress situation sitting in a line of classics when it’s 95 degrees ambient etc etc. there are some tech help on Holley sniper website that would describe it to you how to wire and such. I think there was a you tube video as well of a guy controlling the temp from the handheld. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. If you look close at this picture. I had to move the connection point up . You can see where I welded it to start with. it acted like it was dragging on the inside of the cylinder a bit at the lower location. Another mistake, confession is good for the soul I guess. When I moved it up I drilled through the pedal and used a seat belt bolt for my attachment rod. I tig welded both sides of the pedal then.I wish I could tell you it works perfectly at that spot but it will be 2-3 months before engine and trans are in to get the final feel, sorry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. There is a jam nut supposed to be used to keep from damaging the master from over stroking. I tried to attach a pdf of the installation instructions.Message me and I’ll try to send it through messaging or email if you want it. I can’t remember but I think I called modern driveline and they told me no dice they had nothing in kit form but don’t quote me. I did get my clutch pedal from them so I know we talked about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. http://americanpowertrain.com/i-8521624-1971-73-mustang-hydramax-hydraulic-clutch-actuator-system-for-tko-t45-3650-t5-t56-magnum.html I purchaced this—I have not used it , just installed the hydr master cylinder for mock up on the firewall before final finish. I installed mistakenly next to booster, it can be done worked out fine.It’s supposed to be installed at the base of the steering column. I actually moved it after I realized I made the mistake of mounting it next to the booster. I’m going to move it back to where I put it because I like the amount of stroke vs the way they want it. Both would be fine. Way easier the way they want it installed. I got the kit because I’m doing so much I didn’t want to fart around with trying to figure if this master would work best with what hydr throw out bearing. Hope it helps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Try not to allow rotation of the pad to rotate into blend if you can. Especially if you have some type of blender solution which I don't think you do. You want to rotate off the blend if you are on it at all. Not too much or a visible distinct separation between new paint and old paint will be visible. It's not the easiest to buff a blend it's my most nerve racking detailing event. I used to buff all day everyday in another job about 12 years ago in a van conversion shop. I used the mcguires ultra cut once it's not bad if I remember not as aggressive as 3m but like I said 12 years ago or more. Just take your time and sneak up on the finish. Too much too fast is a recipe for disaster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I wont used the clears produced by kirker, I did a full paint on my Sons Dakota in 2008 and it just didn't hold up like it should have over the years. The wise word posted earlier may be true. "you get what you pay for". My Brother/Nephew Has a body shop, been in the business since 76. He used Dupont until the sale (see link below)and has switched to Sherman Williams. I personally liked the Dupont Brand. I Sprayed a lot of it in years past but what is is like now i'm not sure. http://www.paintsquare.com/news/?fuseaction=view&id=9105 I plan on using Sherman Williams for all products just because of the sources through my brother. I have not personally Sprayed the base or clears made by SW but my Son has(he works for his Uncle) and he likes them. I have sprayed the epoxy primer and for what its worth it seemed to be pretty good stuff. Im no expert just my 2 pennies. Dennis
  7. Some friends from church go every year and have for decades. Its a family tradition. the go some place near steamboat springs( i think), They hunt private land and pay to hunt, its expensive and they get a deal because they have been going for decades. I have a cousin who has gone and hunted public land, elk are fewer on that land is what i have gathered. The friends from church always come back with multiples. The cousin, I don't believe they have ever brought one back. Just thought I would chime in, Im not a hunter but I am a supporter of the sport. My cousin always used to say that the private land hunts were they way to go if you could pay out the sums of money.
  8. Big Loud THANK YOU!!! to Motor City Mustang for getting me a drivers side fender bracket. Saved me lots of time not having to Fab one. :thankyouyellow: Great Vendor.... Great forum Dennis
  9. Welcome, I get into Muncie a couple times a month for work. Welcome back. I am north west of Ft Wayne in Albion / Noble County
  10. Thank you Mike for responding. , I will PM my address to you Motor City, Thanks for your help.
  11. bump, anyone have a junk 72 drive side fender laying around they could cut the bracket off, I can fabricate but really would like to take the easy road. Thanks in advance.
  12. I am in need of a fender bracket pic enclosed. Picture is of passenger side. I need the drivers side. Any help would be appreciated. It is welded on. 72 Mach 1 Thank you Dennis
  13. I too have been using rust bullet because of q codes recommendation, I like it. I use the metal blast that rust bullet makes and I think it is a great pre treat before I use the bullet. Its good stuff and Im glad Scott recommended it. I have no opinion on Por 15 never used it.
  14. the proper reducer for the proper temp your spraying will make your life a lot easier, as others have stated... a whole lot easier
  15. how would you like to have to make that phone call to the new owner......
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