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  1. Put it on and post pics, Who knows you might be a trendsetter and everyone on this site will want one :)
  2. I've done the tin man sub frame connectors, I think I got them from Jegs because they were a bit cheaper and free shipping than direct from Tin Man.. Go figure. I like them because they look semi stock with the square tubing.
  3. I like Clevelands because thats what I grew up with in this mustang I still have, But If there was a 71-429cj Mustang in front of me, and I had the money to spend... No brainer SOLD. The second part of the previous sentence is the killer :)
  4. This reminds me of what my Dad use to tell me, "don't do too much or you will "screw" it up" or words to that affect. Thanks for posting I think when I come down to polishing my moldings that I have stored Ill just lightly hand rub and call it good enough. I wont try too hard to remove any scratches just try to get a shine. My guess is the quality of the metal varied that is why some pitted and some did not. Sorry you paid out good money to wind up with pits. At least you helped others like myself with your experience. If thats of any consolation.
  5. I have an Eastwood Tig welder, I've had it for 2 years. I also have a 120 v mig with a snap on label my son traded a snomobile motor for. I enjoy the Tig use it far more than the mig by choice. Mig is so mush faster though, I just really enjoy tig welding and the quality weld of the Tig. I have ran 6 - 4' high argon tanks thru it this past year. He has recently repossessed his mig because of his own projects and If I am going to replace it, it will be with the Eastwood Mig Turtle referred to. Mainly because of cost and use. Im not going to use it a lot so cost is huge. Now with that said, If I were welding every day or didn't mind the extra cost I would get a miller in 240v because they are better machines, But the Eastwood machines meet my needs very well and so does the cost. I've had a couple small Issues and they were resolved easily through Eastwood customer service dept. Dennis
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    welcome from Indiana
  7. Clicked on your Album,....... WOW...... all I can say. WOW
  8. Id love to see George Carlins Balance sheet and have him explain his assets vs debts. Just a guess, I bet he's doing ok. Don't get me wrong I have no idea what his net worth is, none what so ever. But He made his money off the fact that he did his routine in the United States of America. Sorry I don't wish to upset anyone, I just get a bit tired of wealthy people in hollywood telling me how bad this country is when its this country and its freedoms that allowed them to perform and make the money they have made. Thank you to all whom have served and are serving to allow George and me the freedom to state our opinions. And I hope George makes a few more million before he's gone, he is a funny performer.
  9. Whats the condition of the car from a rust standpoint? Was the car in an accident that caused the need for the laser frame check, or did you just have sheet metal alignment issues? I have frame machine experience as well as being trained by Chief EZ Liner in Toledo Ohio. I would be glad to help with advice but need a bit more information. There are others (like "Q") on here that have body and frame experience as well and were all here to help if we can. Its a great bunch of people. Dennis
  10. I am not allowing myself to work on the Mach until I get all the wood cut and split I need. I don't want to run out like last winter. But on the plus side I heat my house and Garage so when the cold wind is blowing Ill be nice and warm working on it.
  11. Now thats what needs to be used to remove an engine from a car :) I LIKE IT, forget about those puny little engine hoists GET THE HOE OUT..... very nice made me smile.
  12. west coast classic cougar is where I got my front clip, they part out cougars and the firewall will be the same.I think most cougars had a/c, my clip had an a/c firewall.
  13. somethings rotten in denmark, (sorry if your from denmark), "Run Forrest Run"
  14. Grew up oxy-acetelyne welding, mig welded after that and now I tig weld most everything. Mig welding is the way to go for someone just learning. 240 v mig if you can swing it ,but you have to start somewhere. I purchased an eastwood Tig 2 years ago and I really have enjoyed it. For the price the eastwood is a viable option for a mig and others on here really like them. I have the Tig and have had a couple issues with the foot pedal and they took care of it , sent me a new pedal no questions asked. Take a class if you can, I did when I was 19, now 48. At the very least find someone who knows what they are doing. And above all enjoy learning new skills. Dennis
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    Welcome from Northern Indiana
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