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  1. Hi guys I´ve got an opportunity to buy an ´86 Mustang GT with a 302 and a T5 manual gearbox for a small amount of money. I´m wondering if it would be a good idea to swap the T5 into my ´71 coupe? (since the C4 auto is dead and out from under the thing) And would the bellhousing fit onto the 351 Cleveland I have in the ´71? What do you guys think? Kv. Stebbi
  2. Thanks for the info :D I´m not worried about the rear end being from a bronco, its all the same to me but I will check this out when I change the gears. Kv. Stefán
  3. Hi guys! I´ve been researching side stripes on the 71-73 mustangs and I´m supprised to see that almost none of these cars have the so called "c-stripe" on the sides. In my opinion the lines in the body are perfect for these stripes.. What do you guys think? Is there something I dont see that won´t look good? :P Kv. Stefán
  4. The reason I have that gear ratio wasnt my choise, it was in when I bought it and it doesnt bother me as much as most people think :P but I will change to 3.55 or something like that later. But to answer your question, yes! :P I mostly just cruise around and save the burnouts because those tires are expensive here, I think the two in the back would cost me around 450-600$ with shipping to Iceland, I cant seem to find those tires here at the moment :P Awesome forum by the way! :D Kv. Stefán Ingi Ps. The rear end might not be originally from a mustang, a previous owner beli
  5. Thanks The suspension is to my knowledge original, but the car had a collision on the right front side a few years ago and some parts were scrapped and they did a poor job of welding it back together, but it works. The rear is a 9" with 2.81 (or something like that) gears and a no-spin locker :cool: The tires are 275 50 in the back and 215 60 in the front and the wheels are 15". Thx. Stefán Ingi
  6. Hi Here´s my ´71 Coupe wich I bougt in ´08 when I was 18 :D It´s got a 351 Cleveland motor wich was rebuilt in ´03 and a C4 transmission. The car is on stands in the garage at the moment because I´m pulling out the trans to rebuild it. The car needs a paintjob but I cant afford it at the moment s it has to wait :P (unless someone donates me some cash :angel:)

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