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    351c 4 speed numbers match


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  1. hey guys, are there any conversion kits out there the make the rear quarter windows on a 73 mach 1 go down? or will i have to purchase all the individual parts from a grande or base model or convertible to make this happen? if you guys have any links, please share them. :thankyouyellow:
  2. What are some recommendations to increase the power in my 73 351c cobra jet block? Not looking for a complete engine rebuild, maybe just some different tweaks to it. I love the sound of a nice lumpy style cam. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks. ::thumb::
  3. Sup everyone, i just picked up my first mustang. just got a 73 Mach 1, Q code, 351 cleveland, 4 speed, ram air. numbers matching to boot! more pics to come.
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