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  1. Hi Guys, I use this thread as this belong to my question to Alternator regulator. I am working on completion of electrical system and now come to the test of charging system. I want to ask how to test if voltage regulator is working properly and my alternator is charging correctly. I buy a new Motorcraft voltage regulator. My car is equipped with ammeter in dash. Altenator is an old stuff. Just cleaned it and put new bearings. I believe all electrical system was connected according to the factory schematic. Results of the testing I performed: Battery output at ignition off
  2. I spent couple of hours on bumper repair during last Sunday. I want to share some progress picture here. Metal bumper core was just tack welded and I put the urethane cover back on it temporary. I installed bumper with fenders on the car back. I am pretty satisfied with alignment and gaps to fenders. I removed the urethane cover and fully seam welded the core Next weekend I plan to smooth the welds and sandblast the metal core and put few layers of epoxy primer on it.
  3. Thanks, I am not an expert but I'll try to do it the best way I can. Seems your cars is the same color as mine - peweter metalic. I like this color with red vermillion interior.
  4. Thanks guys. I have read through the old repair thread and found some interesting tips there. As the bumper is the last thing to complete the car after 4 years I will be working on in in coming weeks. I try to post progress and pictures in this thread to document it. Full car restoration progress can be seem at bellow link. Sorry, only in Czech language, I have no time to make an English translation:( http://www.mach172.cz/1211CZ.html Here is the actual bumper condition Bumper attached to the car. - hit on its right side probably somewhere in the past (actually full frame ra
  5. Hi guys, I tried to search over the forum but cant find this thread there. I am in the process to finish my '72 and the front bumper repair started. The bumper was in seriously bad shape. The urethane cover had several heavy cracks about 1/4 -1/2 inch wide and also several hair line cracks all around. I have brushed the paint. I cut the urethane cover and remove metal bracket which was hit by some accident. I have to fabricate an weld apx. 1 ft of right side as it was completely rusty. This weekend, trial test the bumper on the car. It fits quite well. Now to the questions. What adhesiv
  6. I have both front fenders from them. They fit nicely overall The only issue I spot are the predrilled mounting holes does not match with the ones on front valance panel. Fix was rather simple, just to drill the new ones... I have to also enlarge holes for fender extensions in the front for better fit.
  7. Thanks man , really appreciate this... For the clamp in the straight line at 14 1/2 position, is it attached with a screw to the floor ? I can't recall as the old floors are in the garbage and new ones has no hole drilled. This is my old line which I saved and fabricated new one. http:
  8. Thanks, I am talking about the aluminum molding to hood, not plastic inserts. So if I understand no seal was used around it, right ?
  9. Another question from me today.... I installed a complete new brake and fuel system over weekend to my project. I used an 3/8 aluminum fuel tube from tank. I make it connect to body at the rear close to the leaf spring bolt and in front on the torque box. Is there any other connection in between and where ? I feel the line is quite loose in apx 5 ft length. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of this section of fuel line while I was disassembling the car 3 years ago.... Any picture of this will help. Thanks for help.
  10. I just finished fresh paint on my hood. Before installing. I am guessing whether the scoop inserts were somehow sealed to prevent water leakage into engine compartment. Does anybody know ?
  11. I do not know about 3M brand. We use different in Europe. However I feel any kind of polyurethane seam sealer has to work. I prefer caulk style compare to brushable . I sealed all my joints on the car inside and in undercarriage with that stuff - no issue with that.
  12. Today, I sprayed hood blackout for my '72. I have never work with decals. So this i my first try to do this. Sand the hood, polish visible silver edges and mask it and put 3 layers of black coat. I used premixed flat black RM paint SC804 code (this is what have been able to get here in Europe). I feel black is maybe a little bit too glossy compare to original look. Check out...
  13. Thanks for the posts, Sure it took me 2 years to finish bodywork. Honestly the car has to be welded from front to rear and top to bottom:D. I will be more than happy to post some new pics about the progress in coming days.
  14. Hi all, apparently I spot this website on the internet and looking to join the community. I am owning a 72 Mach1 since February 2008. I live in Europe - Czech republic. (You can imagine how this kind of cars are unusual here:D ) My car was a non-runin project imported in 2008 from US. Originally 351 2V. Now equipped with 302 only. I am working to complete it to a runnin stage. I alredy done all bodywork replace all front subframes, aprons, floors, taillight, rear quarter panels, fenders hood, etc. Done engine, tranny rebuild, all interior testoration. Last weekend , I have p
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