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  1. Where did that instruction sheet come from? Is it part of a rebuild kit?
  2. And I also replaced both hoses and flushed out the P/S cooler. In case you are looking for a replacement “S” tube for the P/S pump, National Parts Depot is offering a reproduction that’s perfect.
  3. Same issue on my 72 Mach. Box rebuilt by PS.com, (no quick ratio install), and pump started whining. Had PS.com rebuild pump and it still whines. Marty refunded my $ for the pump rebuild and said he couldn’t help me. I’ve since installed 3 rebuilt pumps and a new (not restored) pump. All whine. Did the 25+ lock to lock wheels up and down to purge air. Also same while system under 15mm vacuum at the refill tube. Still whines. No foam, no leaks. Cold weather startup had diminished whine but whine returns when system is at operational temp. Also tried vacuum refill/purge while at op temp. No air in system at op temp pulling ATF sample from operating pump. Been at this riddle for 1.5 years now. Using new Ford ATF only. Anyone need a spare P/S pump? I have 3. Frustrating. May be trying a thicker oil next???
  4. If you are still looking for the correct S-tube from the pump to the high pressure hose that routes the hose away from the hot exhaust manifold, it is now reproduced and available from NPD. (National Parts Depot)
  5. Good News! the pump to hose ‘S’-tube is now available from NPD and solved my leaking problem. Beware some aftermarket and NAPA custom hydraulic fittings can be beveled 37 degrees and not the 45 degrees the pump outlet fitting has, causing a leak. The NPD S-tube has the correct fittings to match the pump outlet and aftermarket pressure hose fittings and fits perfectly while correctly re-routing The pressure hose away from the hot exhaust manifold.
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