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  1. Tnfastbk How do you like how your car rides with that setup? What are the positives and negatives would you say?
  2. For those who have the street or track coil overs, which setup did you go with? The street, or sport shocks? I’d like your feed back on how your car drives with the coil overs. Thanks
  3. Time to do replace the front suspension on my 72 w/ 351C. The old stuff was shot. I tore it all out weeks ago and blasted the outer engine bay and got it painted this weekend This will be a street car that will get driven a lot. No plans to take track it. I’m in Colorado so I will be driving some twisty mountain roads for fun. My question is this. Should I go with a coil over system or do less expensive upgrades and stay with factory style coil springs? Even if I go coil over up I will stay with leaf springs in the back for now, although leafs and rear shocks need to be replaced too. Your thoughts and advice are appreciated! Btw I’ve budgeted 4500 for suspension
  4. Rustystang


    Hi I’m Russ, I Joined a few months ago bet never got around to intros. I bought a 72 sports roof this summer. Have previously owned an 89 and a 2010 Mustang. Has a 351C in her with an FMX tranny. Drove it home!!! Starting with suspension first as it was kinda scary driving it lol. Removed the old suspension weeks ago and got the outer engine bay blasted and painted this weekend
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