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  1. Cool, I didn't think there was a difference, but the website only lists fitting in the fastback and coupe.
  2. Out of curiosity, why does this fit fastback and coupe only? What is different about my convertible?
  3. Got the seats and carpet out, typical Midwestern rust holes to be dealt with....
  4. Thank you for the information, that is helpful! I was looking at around 300hp after the engine build. Not planning on a lot of hard hole shots or drag racing with this car, is would be nice to have the option to light up the tires on occasion without breaking anything! :-) Did you rebuild your transmissions or have them done professionally?
  5. All, Starting on my journey for the 1973 convertible that will be dubbed "Kiki" after the widow of the original owner. The drive train needs to be gone through, rebuild the C4 transmission, the 8" differential, and the 302 2V engine. I could replace the entire drive train with heavier duty parts, but would prefer to keep the car mostly original. I plan to up the horsepower on the 302 from stock when it is rebuilt, how much power can the C4 and 8" safely handle?
  6. Current plan is to make a cruising car out of it, a bit of a restro rod with mag wheels and a warmed up motor. Plan is to tear the car down and see how extensive the rust damage is. Body and interior will be restored to "stock", may add a few mods like sub frame connectors. I did get a wrench on the harmonic balancer and the motor isn't stuck, so that was a plus. Interested to hear suggestions/pointers from those who have been through this before.
  7. Picked up my 1973 convertible last weekend in Missouri. - One owner car with 111,000 miles - Has not been out of the garage since 1989 - Light Blue with white top with 302 automatic - Not a straight piece of sheet metal and moderate rust Going to be a lot of work, and a lot of parts needed....
  8. I am in Hiawatha, we are practically neighbors!
  9. I am in Hiawatha, we are almost neighbors!
  10. Thanks, the link you provided was very useful! Scott
  11. Hi All! New to the forum. Coming into possession of a 1973 convertible shortly. Still need to pick the (1 owner!) car up after the virus thing settles down. The car is powder blue with a white top, 302 automatic. The car has rust and hasn't run for almost 30 years, so I have a job ahead of me to get it back into presentable condition. Will be looking for advice and help as I get into this Current daily driver is a 2018 EcoBoost Mustang in Lightning Blue with the 10 speed automatic. Great car, much better than the 2008 V6 convertible I traded in for it. Thanks, Scott
  12. Hi All, Have been lurking here for a while, my first post. I just found a 1973 convertible (1 owner!) with a 302 that has been sitting in a garage for 25+ years. With the corona thing going on the lady said I should wait until that settles down before I haul it home. I see that the horsepower dropped to 140 for the 1973 model year. What did Ford change, and what would I need to do to get it back to the 71/72 power levels? Thanks, Scott
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