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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. I had to laugh at the card. What type of car cover do you have? It looks like the inside is a soft fabric.
  2. Got my new warranty O2 sensor for the air / fuel gauge installed yesterday. The weather has warmed up so I decided to take the car out for the first drive of the year. It felt good to get behind the wheel again and let her run. First Drive of the New Year. - YouTube
  3. Very nice. Its those extra touches that make the difference between "nice looking" and "wow". Also on my wish list for down the road.
  4. Did you say money and finish! With these cars there is always more money to spend on another thing needed so you can finish the car. At least that what I tell my wife.
  5. Great job on your restoration and documenting it. It will give you a great sense of achievement once you are done and look back at what you started with and the work it took to get you to the finish.
  6. Really great pictures. I love old 50's - 60's style type diners.
  7. I had this pm to me last night by 71fast. It seems to be correct with all the circuits and labels. I like Don's because his wire coloring is easier to see at a quick glance. 71fast's diagram is more detail and has current flow arrows which is a big help. Both are great aids when working on the wiring of your car. A big "Thanks" to both of you. Fuse Block Wiring.pdf
  8. The steel bearing is under the turn signal assembly. The nylon is at the bottom of the column. See pics below.
  9. +1 as above. I just had to do that with a bad wideband O2 sensor. Had to cut the wires at the base of the sensor and then send AEM a picture before they would ship a new one.
  10. Not for sure but I think the cigar lighter comes off of #1 according to the schematics. My fuse block also shows the emergency flashers coming off of #1 also. Do know for sure if this is right. Here is a pic of my fuse block from 71 sportsroof. Note the accessory fuse is missing one holder in the middle. Edit - Sorry but I can't get picture to rotate to top.
  11. Just noted you need to edit #181 - it includes the heater. If car has a/c than It uses a 30amp fuse.
  12. Great idea Don. Will make life a lot easier when it comes to tracking or tying into circuits.
  13. I haven't shipped heads but have shipped other heavy items I didn't want damage. I built a wooden crate and then took the item I was shipping and put in a plastic garbage bag. I then took some window spray foam for filling cracks, the expandable type and sprayed a layer on the bottom of the box. I placed the item on that layer once it set up and then sprayed around the rest of it and over it. Once it set shave off any excess and close up for shipping. Almost impossible for it to get damage in shipping. Item is in a cocoon of foam and even if the box gets dropped the foam protects it.
  14. It still hurts to look at those pictures. You had a really nice looking car. Hope you find a shell or when you get your garage built that you can bring her back to life.
  15. Sounds like you got enough lined up to keep you busy for awhile. Between the 3 of them I think there will always be something for you to do. Looks really tight in your garage but at least you have lifts to use when you work on them.
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