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  1. That is the Beltline weather strip and it is one piece. They are normally sold in sets. You can contact Don from Ohio Mustang Supply via pm at OMS on the site here and see if he sells them individual.
  2. Nice, really starting to come together. Just one question - where's my beer?
  3. Thank you and so sorry to hear about your brother. I lost my brother a little over 3 years ago and it still is hard for me at times. I can only imagine what you must feel with him being your twin.
  4. They are calling for only an inch or 2 down here in Southern Ohio with some icy conditions. . I'm like you and am getting ready to put the car away for the winter but I do have a couple of jobs I want to get done. I ordered a AEM air/fuel gauge along with Global West sub frame connectors yesterday to put on over the winter months. My tags expired early this month so I got the below from Amazon and mounted it on the front.
  5. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I'm with you on the mask. So simple to do and would save lives. We just got word this morning that my sister in law passed away from it. She got it about a week ago and went down hill fast. She was 76, had diabetes and was on dialysis. All strikes against her. Not for sure where she got it from.
  6. Hang in there. I think we have all had those days where if it could go wrong it did. I stick welded for years and when I switched over to a mig it was a new learning experience for me. Same principal but the different was with stick welding I was feeding the rod instead of the gun feeding it. Took awhile to get the speed and and temp settings right. Takes time, practice and patience but it will come. As everyone has mentioned above make small spot welds "tacks" only. You barely strike an arc and no more or you will burn through. May sound funny but I found out that striking an arc for
  7. Great job. You have come a long ways over the past years in getting your dream car done. The fun part is about to begin when you start putting all of it back together. I can still recall that moment with mine when I made the turning point from disassembling, repairing process to starting to reassemble. What a great day!
  8. Glad you got there ok and everything is going good. Just don't get to "wired up" getting settled in.
  9. Hang in there David. We all are getting older everyday and it seems along with each day comes a new pain, ache or problem. All that we can do is be thankful for the time we have been given and try to enjoy and make the best out of what time we may have left. I think of what Rod's wife Sally has been through and it gives a whole new meaning of what illness really is. We did get some good news late today. My son and his girlfriend test came back negative so they were able to make it over for dessert. It was a nice evening being together as a family in this crazy time. PS - If you
  10. Just got a call that my son and his girlfriend may have covid. They are waiting on getting their test results back. Hopefully they will come back negative and in time for us to still have the small family Thanks Giving we were planning on. As cautious as they are it looks like if they gotten it that it was from visiting her family last weekend in Evansville In. She got a call saying one of her brothers was exposed to it at the place he works. And so it goes to show how this is so easily spread. Anyway I hope everyone has a good day regardless of how or if you celebrate today.
  11. Just want to take a minute to wish all the US members a Happy Thanks Giving tomorrow. To the rest of the membership I hope you have a "Great Thursday". And to all the membership have safe and happy Holidays.
  12. It is a window guide and yours is broken. Should have two per side. One on the door window and one on the quarter window. They are riveted on the roof rail. You can purchase at the attached site. You will need to come up with your own rivets . I used aluminum pop rites when I did mine. If you use pop rivets you will need to cut the length of the rivet down so it doesn't protrude through the backside very much. 71-73 ROOFRAIL WEATHERSTRIP CLIP (ohiomustang.com) 71-73 ROOFRAIL WEATHERSTRIP CLIP (ohiomustang.com)
  13. I do believe that they are a mercury type switch. Constant power to the unit but only has a ground once the hood or trunk is open so far. I'm for sure someone else will very or correct what type it is.
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