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  1. You are correct but they should be made here and shipped there. It's just the fact that we have lost so many jobs to oversea.
  2. Ford Mustang Mach-E production begins in China Bad enough to call it a Mustang but then to add the final insult and have them built in China. Shame on you Ford.
  3. If it were mine I would replace it. You don't know if there is more damage than what you can see plus the damage it could cause if it was to fail. You can pick up a new one for around $100. I think the money would be well spent. It's what I call one of those "Insurance Policies" pieces.
  4. Good info. Nice to see an original Ford manual on our trans. As Midlife mentioned on the one post for the FMX you need to get these in the wiki section. Thanks for posting these.
  5. Several things to try and do if you are going to keep it. The first thing you need to remember is that there are no "contacts" on this type of set up. It's the same as taking a pair of jumper cables and touching the ends together - sparkola! I would take the lead on the left and turn it around 45 degrees so its over disc. I would also make sure that your horns are grounded good. You can check out how well your horn's are working by disconnecting them and then take a piece of wire and run it directly from the horn to the positive side of the battery. You should get a nice solid steady tone. If not then it could be a indication of a bad ground or the horn failing. Check each one out. I would also do away with the spring in the center of the button and put some foam underneath the top plate to keep the plates separated. I used a little extra to ensure that contact can't be made unless you are "pressing" on the button. This will also stop your horn button from popping off and causing any problems. I just lost both of my horns due to this happening at the hot road power tour while it was parked. The button came off letting the plates come together and the horns went off untilled they fried. I have gotten few sparks ever now and then when I don't press hard and make a solid contact. Here is how mine is set up.
  6. So sorry for your lost. I'm for sure she was smiling and looking down on you when you got the car out for the drive. The gas pumps and pricing fit the time period of the car. Great pics of both.
  7. I would be looking for a different shop. All the major gear manufacturers make a 3.25 gear set. Sounds like he is just trying to sell you a used one he has.
  8. I cut the the decal in half at the center right below the trunk lock. It will allow for you to curve the stripe from the center out on each side. Overlay the center ends a little and proceed to put the decal on. If needed you can take a sharp razor blade and trimmed the edges so they meet flush. Can't tell they were cut unless you really look for it.
  9. Welcome from Ohio and thanks for the pictures. The car looks great and from the pics appears to be in great shape. Keep us posted on your work and when you get a chance post a few more pics of under the hood.
  10. I don't know if I should say "Congratulation" or "What was you thinking". I guess that if you were willing to sell it then it really wasn't the one for you. So now you are going to go off again looking for another one rolling the dice and hoping you don't crap out.
  11. Welcome from Ohio. As mentioned above give us a little info on your car and some more pictures. Also, what part of the world are you in?
  12. Welcome from Ohio. Very nice looking car and great story on it. Always glad to see father son projects. Great way to build a every lasting bond and to pass the skill on. Sounds like mostly minor stuff. Really enjoyed your pictures. The hood stencil looks wrong and the paint should be more of a flat black. I'm not for sure as far as the stripes. I have seen them with both the argent and black stripes. I do believe that the argent was standard for blue. Some of the other members will be able to better advise you on your car's color scheme. Keep us posted.
  13. Looks really nice. I don't have the original wheel and I hate to admit it but I grown to liking my grant wooden wheel. It is part of the cars history that I inherited from my brother. I've seen that grant has reengineered their Mustang horn button to fix the problem so I will be ordering a new one.
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a set of hi and low horns for my 71. PM me if you got a set at a reasonable price. Just a little fyi - while at the hot rod power tour in Dayton my freaking GRANT horn button popped off allowing the horns to sound. I replaced the blown fuse today and found out that both horns are shot. The horns must of been blowing until they fried.
  15. I had just gotten the car fired up after sitting at my brothers house for 4 years without it running. Anxious to see what it could do and to give the engine a good "blowing out" I drove to the local 4 lane highway and I laid into it on the entrance ramp. As I reach the top of the ramp getting ready to merge the speedo said 75 and as I looked into the side mirror I saw the local police coming up on the main highway behind me. I figure he would light me up but instead he just stayed on my tail. Laying off the gas and taking the first exit I took the back road back to my house with him in tow. After pulling into my drive he pulled up and got out of his cruiser. He ask how I was doing and I said fine. He mention that he had clocked me at 77 and I told him that it was the first time out with it and I wanted to give it a good run and I said I was sorry. He looked at me with a half smile and said that with a car like that he would of gave me up to 90 mph before considering pulling me over. Come to find out he was into muscle cars and he has a 69 Chevelle SS with a 396. After talking cars for about a half hour he said he had to get back to work. I have seen him numerous times since then and we have become friends.
  16. Oh! I got looking at my equation again and I made a mistake in my calculation. The equal sign should be a minus symbol.
  17. Hmmm! A little more math magic. Wife's remodel kitchen with new cabinets = Husband's new Addco sway bars with Moog suspension and Detroit Eaton springs.
  18. Good question. I read various articles on what was the original from the factory to the closet you could come to it. The attach link has info on the paint and the areas and dimensions for everything. Paint Info (50megs.com) I'm for sure some of the others on here will have info also as what to use. I used Sem Hot Rod Black HR010 Kit - it is a 1 Quart kit which is enough to do all the blackout on the car.
  19. To find a slot width take the degree you are wanting and multiply it by .013 and then add .150 to account for the pin width. So a 15L (30 degrees) = 30 x .013 + .150 = .540 width.
  20. He had attached a picture file in one of his above post. Here it is. Still a work in progress but looks like it's taking shape. Looks good for price he paid.
  21. Here are the degrees and slot widths. 8L slot = 16 degrees centrifugal advance = .358” 9L slot = 18 degrees centrifugal advance = .384” 10L slot = 20 degrees centrifugal advance = .410” 11L slot = 22 degrees centrifugal advance = .436” 12L slot = 24 degrees centrifugal advance = .462” 13L slot = 26 degrees centrifugal advance = .488” 14L slot = 28 degrees centrifugal advance = .514”
  22. If you have recurve your distributor and modified the width of the advance slot then one of the best ways to take some of the guest work out of what you have as initial and mechanical advance is to set your timing at the highest "all in" rpm's. Using your timing light have someone slowly accelerated the rpms until you no longer see any advance in the timing and then set your timing at the desire number - usually at 36 degrees for most engine. Depending on the springs you used the "all in" should be somewhere between the lows 2 to low 3000 rpm range. Once you have this number let the engine come back to idle and take a reading. Subtract the idle timing from the total and the difference is what you have as advance. You can then make adjustments as needed to either the initial or if needed the amount provided by the advance slot. Remember that your total combine should not exceed your engines recommend amount. This might call for additional adjustment to the advance slot to get the final numbers you want as far as initial and advance. You can also bend the spring tabs to change spring tension to adjust how quick the advance comes in. Remember not to exceed the amount of total timing that is recommended for your engine.
  23. Anyone down at the Pigeon Forge car show this weekend? Came down for a 4 day getaway and seen the car show going on. If you are let me know where you are at and I'll stop by to say Hi.
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