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  1. Might stop up at the Dayton fair grounds to meet you guys. I doubt that I will be driving the car. Just completed some work on it and I want to stay local until I know all is ok.
  2. Your link to the file is not working. I would also agree with Fabrice in that it would only take a short time to pull the axles and check the bearings. Also, have you at least pulled your brake drums to see if something came loose or is broken there.
  3. Lets see- Premium Fuel at $3.97 per gallon x 20 gallon tank = $79.40. 20 gal /.5 gallon per mile = 40 miles per tank. $79.40 /40 = $1.98 per mile. I'll take one.
  4. They own stock in the utility company!
  5. Went to a local car show today. Got second place in the70 to 79 class.
  6. Glad to see that you are making "foward" progress and things are going well. Looking forward to your next video.
  7. What can I say except "wow". It's always neat to see a car go through the restoration process. The best part is when you have it completed and get to step back and admire your work and the beauty of the car.
  8. Welcome from Ohio. Very nice looking car. They will turn people heads!
  9. Just a FYI - depending on where you got your panels from you may have to make some modifications to the door clip slots along with some other adjustment to the door handles to get them to fit right.
  10. Bend those out at a 90 and push through the carpet as I mentioned and then bend back flush. There should be some holes in the panel where they will go through. You can see mine bent over in the attached photo. As Mike mentioned they will break if you flex them back and forth to many times.
  11. Look and see if there are some "prongs" that bend out from the back of the trim pieces. You push them through the carpet where it meets the vinyl and then bend them flush.
  12. Welcome from Ohio. Nice looking car. You have come to the right place.
  13. Kilgon

    New guy!

    Thanks for the great input David. I learned something new today. You never stop to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge on our cars. I wonder what a concours GT would be worth?
  14. Welcome from Ohio. Sorry to hear about your lost. You have come to the right place for help on your project. Below are a couple of links that might help you out some with reassembling your car and info about your car from the vin. By the way, the official language of this website is "stang"! Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoding Archives - Average Joe Restoration
  15. Looking really nice. The seats look great. Hard to get used to seeing the steering on the right side. You might want to move your restoration post over to https://7173mustangs.com/forums/forum/78-individual-project-build-threads/.
  16. Really great work as usual. I like the contrast with the zinc plating.
  17. Not the news you want to hear but it could of been worse. Hope fully the cam is ok.
  18. Great to see farther son/daughter projects. They grow to fast and are gone before you know it. Looking forward to seeing more on your progress.
  19. It would be worth the try. I would use a soft plastic putty knife so it would less likely to tear the headliner. I would try a section first and if it seems to be working okay I would pull it back out and put some type of adhesive on it and then redo it.
  20. I did them myself. Watched some videos and figure I give it a try. Took some time and patience but they turned out nice.
  21. The headliner should actually be under the rear window gasket wrapped around the pinch weld as noted earlier by Don. I would try to push it under the rubber gasket before pulling the rear window. I would try to pull it back in the center and will holding it there work each side outwards. If you can get it to tuck under it I would use some type of contact cement or other adhesive to hold it. Although pulling the rear window is not the hardest thing to do it will require a new gasket along with sealant to replace and a couple of hours of work. You also stand the chance of it breaking during the process or it leaking after you get re-installed.
  22. They look really nice. Adds a nice contrast to the cars color.
  23. Thanks for the follow up. I currently have a Duraspark with MSD setup. I like the idea of being able to change the timing so easily along with the other features the Progression Ignition offers. I guess I'll add it on the "to get list" along with the new Addco sway bars and the Classic Auto Air unit.
  24. Sounds like you have a couple of problems and found at least one of them with the plug wires. I would also check the battery. You could have a shorted cell. Just because a battery will take a charge does not mean it is good. I would take the battery to an auto store and have them check it.
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