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  1. The antenna is permanently fix at the base.   I would purchase a standard short am antenna from the internet or one of the car parts sites or store and use that.   Your current antenna is most likely held in place by 4 screws under the chrome plate.  You can remove the glovebox and get easy access to the antenna cable.   If you go to replace it I would tie a string to my old one out at the fender and then cut it at the base.   Use the string to tie to the new one to help fish it through the fender and into the car as you pull the old one out.   Not that hard to do.


  2. 21 minutes ago, TheDude said:

    The sound changes a lot over time. Sometimes it's completely gone, sometimes it's very loud and clanky and sometimes it seems more like a rubbing sound. I don't really know what I'm looking for exactly, but none of the pushrods or rockers was very lose or anything. I had been wondering about a collapsed lifer, bent pushrod or maybe even broken spring, but that's way out of my wheel house to know what I'm looking at there unless it's super obvious. 

    With the engine running take a hammer handle or block of wood and press down on the rocker above the pushrod.  Do this for each one. If the noise goes away then the lifter is collapsed or the valve lash is out of adjustment.   If it does quiet down adjusting valve lash is fairly easy.   I would do this first and then proceed from there if needed.  

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  3. Could be me but in the first video's it sounded like the sound went away some when you revved the engine up.   In your second video it sounds like valve lash adjustment.  I'm wondering if you have a lifter failing where at low rpm it's collapsing but at high rpm it's holding  

  4. 11 hours ago, TheDude said:

    After a short spirited run up a local road, I started getting a clacking in the front of the engine. Comes and goes a bit and sounds like it's up front by the water pump or power steering but of course could be under a valve cover. Used my harbor freight stethoscope and really couldn't narrow it down. Maybe a red herring, but recently replaced my thermostat and found a loose hunk of metal under it. So thinking / hoping my new water pump might be failing?

    Appreciate any thoughts on this. 



    +1 with tony.  I would remove the fan  belt for  the water pump / power steering and see if the noise goes away.  If  so then you know it's one of the two and can go from there.  If it stays then you have a problem elsewhere.

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  5. Reminds me of the time in my younger years.  Had a 70  Nova with  4 speed and was out having a few one night.  Got out at the last stop for the night and didn't get the brake set and dumb as me left it out of gear for some reason.  Had just purchased a new pair of dress shoes earlier that week.  Took a ride on my toes for about 100 feet before I got back in to stop it.   Luckily no other damage. Back to the shoe store for another pair.   

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  6. As mach1351c said "Thanks" for taking the time to share your journey with us.  Great to see that you were able to have the opportunity to do all the racing you got to at the various tracks.   I would love to just make a single 1/4 mile run with mine but haven't talked myself into it yet.:biggrin:  Your car is at about the 5 minute mark in the attached video link.  (1) Hot Rod Power Tour - Day 4 - Ford Bronco Stopped Bucking! - Bing video.  

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  7. I just finished up installing a electric fuel pump in the tank last weekend.  It is working great and is very quit.  Small hum when engine is off and un-audible  when the car is running even if you have very mild exhaust.  I will be posting a How To on the install in the next few days. 

  8. 3 hours ago, tony-muscle said:

    I actually did 0.1 seconds slower and today did the same time. That tells me that is not making much of a difference so i decided i didnt need to dyno it again.

    I think that craft beer is getting to you. :lollerz:  On the first run you posted you have  13.50 at 105.  On your second slip you said you were the car on the right. That has 12.23 at 108.75.  I read that as 1.27 seconds faster.   Either way that's still great times considering the car is not set up for the track.   Anyway, hope you are staying cool and dry and still having a good time.  Wish I was there.

  9. 9 hours ago, tony-muscle said:

    Day 3 (Indy):

    Not too long of a trip from Dayton to Indy except that we drove through a torrential rain. The car behaved well except for a small water leak through the upper left corner of the windshield. The venue was at the Lucas  Raceway. Off course, i run the 1/4 mile again at 13.6 @ 105. I am still struggling at the start. I think there is a lot of improvement there.

    Not too many pictures since i took more videos. It was fun to watch the different cars racing. Even an AMG with two bicycles on the roof, two big continentals, all kinds of trucks, a RX7 Mazda with an LS swap and many crazy stuff.

    This is my slip. I was the car on the right. Ignore the car description at the top since they dont mean anything. The other car was a not original Yenko Nova that blew me at the start.20210825_221335.thumb.jpg.c15b35f4db30ee396ecb98533124ea70.jpg 



    Love the name of this beer and its label:20210825_192946.jpg

    Glad to see all is still going well.  You shaved a second off so your improving.   Did you get a chance to see about running the dyno again?  Curious to see if the that line being off caused most of the issue.  

  10. Went to the Dayton leg of the Power Tour yesterday and met up with @tony-muscle and was hoping to also meet @droptop73 but he did not stick around and left early.  Had a good time with tony walking around and talking about our cars and speaking with the vendors.   

    Was extremely hot and sticky yesterday.  Could have used a few cold ones.  Even though I'm from the area you never get use to this weather.  Not having a/c in my car made the drive home a extra long one.    

    The band sounded pretty good.   


    Wouldn't mind getting pulled over by her.





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  11. It's  the same  all over.  I helped my daughter and her husband redo their deck last fall.   From the time they figured out what it would cost for lumber and when they actually purchased it the prices went up close to 25%. 

     I just purchased some 3/8 fuel line that cost me $1.95 per foot.  I still have a receipt  from last year where I paid $1.50 per foot.  Same parts store.  93 premium has come down some the past week.  Was up to $3.97.  Now down to$3.49. Going to fill the tank today before it goes back  up.

    Not to bring up politics but with our new leaders raising taxes on corporations to cover their spending spree look for prices to rise.    The extra taxes they will be force to pay will be pass on to the consumers by raising the cost of their goods and services.

    Hard to manage a fix budget in these times.



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  12. +1 with Don.     Have you verified that you are getting a good spark to the plugs and the timing is right?  I would verify one thing at a time.  You seem to be focus on a fuel issue since you posted another post asking about fuel pressure.     A simple way to eliminate if it's a fuel problem is to spray some starting fluid in the carb and see if it fires up.  If it does than I would see about getting the tank drain and some fresh gas put in.   Your tank will siphon if you pull the line from tank at the fuel pump or where the hose attaches at the steel line in the engine bay.    Might need to pull the carb also and do a good cleaning/rebuild if it is from stale fuel.    

  13. Pull the grilles from the top of the cowl and stand on the driver side and shine a flash light toward the passenger side.  You might see that the cowl is rusted out above the heater box.  Also, you can put a trouble light in the cowl and then see if you see any light from the inside.  



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  14. Taking the car out tomorrow for a "put it through it paces" road test.  If all goes well I will drive it up to Dayton to meet your guys for a day.  If not, I'll be driving my truck.   Either way I'll be there on Tuesday.  

  15. On 4/4/2021 at 2:15 AM, tony-muscle said:

    Finally the dates were announced for the Power Tour. I am thinking about it. Anyone up for meeting up?



    HOT ROD Power Tour 2021 Schedule

    • KICKOFF / Day 1: Monday, Aug. 23 - Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk, Ohio
    • Day 2: Tuesday, Aug. 24 - Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Dayton, Ohio
    • Day 3: Wednesday, Aug. 25 - Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis
    • Day 4: Thursday, Aug. 26 - World Wide Technology Raceway, St. Louis
    • Day 5: Friday, Aug. 27 - State Farm Center, Champaign, Illinois

    Might stop up at the Dayton fair grounds to meet you guys. I doubt that I will be driving the car.  Just completed some work on it and I want to stay local until I know all is ok.   

  16. 10 hours ago, 69 Rustang said:

    The rear axle in my ‘72 makes a clicking noise.  I tried to fix it years ago and pulled the center section—didn’t see anything wrong, changed the axle bearing (I am certain it was the left one, but it was a long time ago).  As you can see in the video, when I turn the left axle it is really loud.  The right side, not so much.  At this point I plan on pulling the diff out again and taking it somewhere.  It needs a new pinion seal anyway.  The original is a 2.75 or so open 9” carrier.  I do have another 9” center section, but the ratio is different at 3.25 and I would rather keep it stock.

    Any experienced thoughts on what you hear?


    18F219E3-8D9F-450A-9214-8A16A21FC69A.MOV 43.89 MB · 0 downloads

    Your link to the file is not working.  I would also agree with Fabrice in that it would only take a short time to pull the axles  and check the bearings.  Also, have you at least pulled your brake drums to see if something came loose or is broken there.   

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