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  1. 2 hours ago, c9zx said:

    There is a question that has puzzled me for years, why do women do not seem to know that there is an OFF position on a light switch? All opinions are welcome. Chuck

    They own stock in the utility company!  :biggrin:

  2. 39 minutes ago, RIBS said:



    Bend those out at a 90 and push through the carpet as I mentioned and then bend back flush.  There should be some holes in the panel where they will go through.  You can see mine bent over in the attached photo. As Mike mentioned they will break if you flex them back and forth to many times.  



  3. 2 hours ago, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

    Welcome to the Forum from North Carolina.
    Guys you know they did make a GT-351 in Mexico but only in coupe form. They had 351 W instead of C. Interiors were different also rear and transmission were different. Painted body color under the hood. Here is only pics I had handy of one, Ford ad and a car. They also made the 1973 Sprint version in Mexico they had the two tone paint scheme.




    Thanks for the great input David.  I learned something new today.  You never stop to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge on our cars.  I wonder what  a concours GT would be worth? 

  4. Welcome from Ohio.   Sorry to hear about your lost.  You have come to the right place for help on your project.  Below are a couple of links that might help you out some with reassembling your car and info about your car from the vin.   By the way, the official language of this website is "stang"! :biggrin:

     Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoding Archives - Average Joe Restoration



  5. 6 hours ago, Fabrice said:

    Past weekend was dry, warm...
    Sooooo: barbecue time!!


    All the new parts that I've received over past months were either not coated, simply oiled or covered with some poor paint. 
    None had of course the kind of finish I had in mind for them. So spend a good part of my saturday cleaning & degreasing them and mask/tape all the parts I could not remove, rubbers, threads etc..
    Then just like the restored parts, they did receive a primer, their respective colors and a nice thick finish coat.


    Sunday was like xmas, lots to unwrap and it was even time to put some stuffs together, install nipples etc...



    Reassembled the spindles done last weeks with ther hardware plated last year. 
    Installed all back together after a good cleaning and copper greasing of each thread.
    Was lots of work to get there, zinc plating them was not the easiest thing to do.
    But now, boy do they not look like a million??! :D



    Yes these are the same!! :D

    I know btw I need some wires for their nuts, Anyone have some info on how it should be done the right way? Never done that before, but really would love to have them "twisted" the right secure way.
    I will buy some SS wire for that asap.



    Then it was time to put the top arms together... 50 years old and looking goooood :D



    Then it was time to put all these babies together back into their original nest that is now making a nice contrast with its semi gloss black.



    Nothing torqued to specs yet until all is on..



    Also gave love to the koni's that were plated last year and gave them the car body color (no red), that will look nice into the light grey coils that were done last week...

    All with all, it was nice to finally see all the work started last novembre come together! 
    The other side fx is that I could get rid of many boxes and create some welcome space.

    One regret is that the long part that connects both sides (rod assembly, the drag link I think is the name)
    is still at a friend's place where it needs to go under press to correct the bow into it created at some point when someone jacked up the car with it...
    No biggy tho, as once I will have the steering box revised, i will need to paint it as well, so will do both at the same time.

    to be continued...


    Really great work as usual. I like the contrast with the zinc plating.

  6. 3 hours ago, Fredensborg said:

    So you think I could try and "stuff it" back under that weather stripping with a putty knife or something?

    It would be worth the try. I would use a soft plastic putty knife so it would less likely to tear the headliner.  I would try a section first and if it seems to be working okay I would pull it back out and put some type of adhesive on it and then redo it.    

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  7. 2 hours ago, Helicopter said:

    The foam is plenty dear.  Cost more than the upholstery.  Whew !!!
    Did you have an upholstery shop do it or did you do it yourself?

    I did them myself.  Watched some videos and figure I give it a try.  Took some time and patience but they turned out nice. 





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  8. The headliner should actually be under the rear window gasket wrapped around the pinch weld as noted earlier by Don.  I would try to push it under the rubber gasket before pulling the rear window.  I would try to pull it back in the center and will holding it there work each side outwards.  If you can get it to tuck under it I would use some type  of contact cement or other adhesive to hold it.

    Although pulling the rear window is not the hardest thing to do it will require a new gasket along with sealant to replace and a couple of hours of work.  You also stand the chance of it breaking during the process or it leaking after you get re-installed.    


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  9. 2 hours ago, trillizo_y_uno said:

    I had actually heard about Progression Ignition initially through a 3rd party YouTube video.  They were doing an install on a 351w, if I remember correctly.  I remember thinking how slick the setup looked, and the YouTuber also gave it rave reviews.  I can't remember what I paid exactly at the time, but it was north of $400.  I believe they sell for over $500 now.  I understand the hesitancy and simply diving in.  But for comparison, a Duraspark swap with the dizzy, box, and harness will probably at least run you close to that.  As would an MSD setup, etc.  Not to mention, you will never get such advanced features with any other setup.  So I figured, why not?

    I will also say, the unit has been flawless.  I have reached out to the owner a few times with questions, and he is always prompt to respond.  After I had purchased the unit, I had inquired about buying a male cap.  He just sent me one, free of charge.  Super nice guy!

    Thanks for the follow up.  I currently have a Duraspark with MSD setup.  I like the idea of being able to change the timing so easily along with the other features the Progression Ignition offers.  I guess I'll add it on the "to get list" along with the new Addco sway bars and the Classic Auto Air unit.  

  10. Sounds like you have a couple of problems and found at least one of them with the plug wires.  I  would also check the battery.  You could have a shorted cell. Just because a battery will take a charge does not mean it is good.  I would take the battery to an auto store and have them check it.  

  11. I am getting ready to start some upgrades and have also looked into these.   I'm having problems finding any real independent ratings or reviews. 

    I know yours is working well but before I consider putting out that kind of money I would like to find more input from people that have them. In your research did you come across any other reviews other than on their website?  

  12. I'm really sorry to hear about your accident.  Hope you have a fast recovery and there isn't any long-term pain as you mentioned.  Considering the situation it could have been a lot worse if you would have gotten your face burnt with no one around.  

    If I was closer I be willing to help you out and take "your car" to the car shows. :biggrin:

    Get well and try to stay safe. 

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