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  1. ok then i have misunderstood. I thought the stamped number 2z500861 ( not the casting nr D1ve 6015 aa )would tell us more. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2z500861 should be the serial number.
  2. Back to the original post does dohsvct really know what he has? If it is a Equa lok than it sounds like the S spring as explained would cause the problem. If it is a trac-lok than to me it sounds more like a preload issue with the clutch pack. If not loaded right once worn just a little it will start slipping. Can't imagine any way that the springs would cause the issue unless they were already shot when it was rebuilt and they weren't replaced.
  3. See my post again. I put in the exact year and vehicle. D=1970's 1 = year V = Lincoln E=Engine AA=revisions
  4. D1VE-AA – 1971-1978, 429/460 Big-Block Ford, 2-bolt mains. The 6015 is simply a part code for the block. It came out of a 71 Lincoln Continental. D=1970's 1 = year V = Lincoln E=Engine AA=revisions
  5. Don't know on how to fix radio but to remove it is not that bad. Should be able to take the 4 screws holding the radio bezel and pull it out far enough to remove radio wiring connector and antenna lead. Remove knobs and nuts to remove from bezel. Once out you might be able to get you buttons to pop out. Good luck.
  6. True in what you said and yes I'm referring to open flame non vented type of heaters such as propane, natural gas and oil. I should have been more specific - thanks for pointing that out. I have a 30,000 btu wall mounted natural gas in a none insulated garage. Before I got the dehumidifier I had days when you would think some sprayed water in my garage. Now I'm able to keep it warm and dry.
  7. From one vet to another - Thank You for your service. And a "Thank You" to all the other vets and law enforcement personnel. On left - 50 years ago. I'm starting to feel old! lol
  8. It's that time of year again and I noticed that in this post no one mentioned about humidity and condensation. Unless you have a well insulated garage this can become a problem when using an open flame type heater. Beside the issue of the walls sweating and potential mold growth behind them your car will also get condensation on and in it. Not good! To help stop this add a dehumidifier. Made a world of difference in my garage. I turn it on first and let it run for about 30 minutes before I fire up my heater to help get a head start. I have a floor model that is on casters and can be moved around. It's rated at 30 pints per day and pulls a good bit of that out of the air somedays. It's amazing how much water you can get out of the air. Most of the big box stores carry them. Well worth the investment.
  9. Visiting the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. First mustang prototype. Look close and you can see the pony on the hood.
  10. Welcome from Ohio. Sorry you had to sell. I'm for sure you will find another that you will love. I never saw a 71-73 that I didn't like.
  11. Did you read the vehicle application for each one? It state that carlite is for a coupe or convertible and the non carlite is for fastback. Don't know what the difference is but you may want to call them and find out. I also checked on CJpony and the show the same thing as far as different windshields for the coupe/ vert vs fb.
  12. Check your local Harbor Freight. They did carry them. If you buy from there get at least 2 of them. They wear out fast.
  13. Thanks for the reply Kilgon FYI - these can be tough to get out of the channel they slide in. May have to rip out with pliers. Also, use some soapy water when putting the new ones in. Good luck.
  14. Unless it is a roll down window the answer is no. The seal slides in from the top and the window would have to be down or out to do this.
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words and thoughts. So sorry about your brother Not A. I'm for sure that we all here have experience grief from the lost of a family member or friend. With all of its highs and lows, its part of this wonderful journey we call life. A note that needs to be added is that I am building this to what my brother "thought he had purchased". See below. And I have not posted about this on facebook. Getting started: Over the next few weeks in March of 17 I drove the car around getting the feel of it (loving the power) and just enjoying it. I've become popular. It's amazing how many people took notice and wanted to talk to me about the car. They don't do this when I'm driving my truck. lol During this time I notice that the engine was running rich and spent the next few days working on the issue and tuning the engine. Had to change the power valve to a lower one. Only pulling 7 inches of hg. I know the engine has a big cam, roller tappets and rockers. Unfortunately my brother could not remember much more about the engine he had put in it. The info I had at this time on the car was that it has a 460ci - holley 850 double pumper - C6 with shift kit - 2800 stall converter and a 3.70 traclok rear end. I ordered a complete set of manuals and started doing some online research on the vin. As Gomer Pyle would say - Surprise Surprise! Its NOT a mach1. Just a 02 base that's been dressed up. What can I say. My brother was misled about the car. Unless one would know the difference it looks like and is decaled as a Mach1. The good part is that the dash, door and fender vin match. So, over the past few years and as this builld progresses I will be turning it into a wannabe Mach1 for my brother. As Don C would say, it's your car you can do whatever you want. Thanks Don for being the voice of reason. A few pics from the start of the project in 17 plus the vin. More to come. anonymous photo upload
  16. The following is my journey so far with my 71. I will be updating over the next few weeks since I already have a lot done. In 2012 my older brother purchased a 71 Mach1 and had a 460 with a c6 put in it. Something he always wanted. Interior was striped out except for the front seats. All the other parts were there. The car overall wasn't in to bad of shape and was drivable. He intended to have it restored. He was also a pilot and had his own plane. Over the following years he ended up putting his money in the plane instead of the car and it sat in his garage. Jump ahead to late 2016. My brother is diagnosed with lung cancer and given 8 months to live. Before he passed away in February 2017 he gave me the car. I was honored to get it. I was sad but excited to have it to work on. I grew up working on cars. Been active in the industry building engines for strip and dirt tracks over the years. I went and picked the car up mid March of 2017. Had it towed to the house since it hadn't ran for 4 years. After bringing it home I started working on it. First thing was to clean the mold off the seats and headliner. Next was to evict all the creatures that had decided to make the dash their home. I Proceeded to change the oil, pull the plugs and valve covers and do a good visual inspection. I then pull the distributor and used a oil pump priming tool to get oil into the bearings and up to the rockers. I sprayed some fogging oil in the cylinder and turn it over with the plugs out. Satisfied that all seemed well it was time to start. Ah, the sweet sound of a roar. Attached is the first fire up after sitting for 4 years. Video is from March 2017. Sorry about my ugly mug. lol More to follow in next few days.
  17. Just retired from the construction industry in 2018. Grew up working on cars. Been active in the auto industry building engines for strip and dirt tracks. My oldest son also races a 89 foxbody in the quick shift class.
  18. There is a frame around it that is held in place with a screw. There is no glue. Should pull off once you remove the frame holding it.
  19. Looking good. You will like the quick shift with the valve kit . Have a B&M Quick Silver with C6 and shift kit. The only way to drive when you have the need for speed.
  20. May want to replace your pilot bearing also. That way everything is new.
  21. In my part of the world here in Ohio it's Saturday. When you're retired - everyday is a Saturday. lol
  22. Really nice looking. Looks like the bottom pin stripe line is on. Did they paint it or use a tape? I'm waiting on mine from the paint shop also. Can't wait to get it back.
  23. It does come out. Can't remember but I think rear window has to be out first. There are about 3 or 4 screws on the top by the window. If i'm right just remember to put it back in first.
  24. Great idea and looks real nice Don. Nice write up on it also. Really like the map light. I think I'll add to mine. An other product I've found and have been using to touch up small areas on the dash bezel and center section is Forever Black Bumper and Trim Kit. Although it more of a dye it blends in well. Just rub it on. I use a soft cloth. Make sure to wear gloves - will stain the hands. Seems to hold up well if left to dry for a week before rubbing on it. Easy to clean off the chrome areas also while still wet. Got from amazon but I think some of the auto stores also carry it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FAYLPZK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  25. I agree with Don. I have a set of tungsten carbide bits I keep aside just for drilling broken bolts. There's no easy way just have to use the tools you got.
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