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  1. You can plug or loop - your choice. It will not affect the cooling system either way you go.
  2. Glad you got it fixed and it went well. Just curious but did you figure what those two pieces of metal came from.
  3. Really great looking. It's always nice to have a before picture so you see just how much difference there is when you complete the job. Makes it well worth it.
  4. I rarely take it out just to be driving it. Most of my driving is to local cruise ins and car shows. Would like to drive it more often but have gotten gun shy from several nasty nicks from road debris and a really bad chip in the drivers door by crap coming off a pick up truck going in the opposite direction. It's just to dam pretty.
  5. Tuning is a science with a bit of luck in it. Most engines perform at their best with about 34 to 36 degrees max advance. The purpose of a higher advance at a lower rpm is to get you up and moving quicker than a lower advance will. I have mine setup so all is in at about 2800 - 2900 rpm. They way I set it is to have someone reeve the engine up until I no longer see any advance curve coming in. At that point I then know how to adjust the springs and then make adjustments to get the full curve in at the rpm I want - in my case the 2800 to 2900 range. My engine is a 460 and runs best with 34 degrees total. Once set I then let the engine come back to idle and that is then my idle advance setting for idle. My distributor has 16 degrees in it and I run 18 degrees at idle for a total of 34. Below is a link to one of the best video's I have seen over the years explaining recurving a distributor and it advantages. Also attached is a article on Duraspark distributors. How To Re-Curve A Distributor, And Why! (badasscars.com) Duraspark Timing.pdf Hope this helps you.
  6. The odds are 99.9% you have a crush sleeve unless someone replaced it earlier with a spacer. Don't know if you took a preload reading before you took it off. You need to get it back to the exact spot it was at. See the link below. Scroll down to the section where Don C posted a section of the manual on how it should be done.
  7. As Geoff mentioned it is a brand of paint. I stated that I used the matte finish but is was the satin. It is what I use on my rims. VHT Wheel Paint -- High Heat Coatings (vhtpaint.com)
  8. Glad to see it is coming together. I'm for sure she is looking down and smiling with her approval.
  9. While you have them apart it would be a good time to repaint the black on the aluminum if needed. Makes a big difference. I used VHT matte black rim paint when I did mine.
  10. Congrats on the birth of your son. Sounds like all are well and doing fine. Besides being a father don't forget to also be his best friend. Something a lot of parents overlook and then wonder why their kids don't talk to them.
  11. +1 with Omie01. I used TMI and the seats turned out nice. You want a good foam that will hold up and is comfortable. For what the upholsterers are going to charge you to do them the last thing you want to do is use cheap foam that will degrade over a short time and then have to have them redone again.
  12. Welcome from Ohio. As mentioned above post some pictures and also what part of the world are you in?
  13. Welcome from Ohio. Congrats on your buy. As mentioned above we love pictures. Post some when you can.
  14. I don't think it really matters. The main thing is that they fit tight and will not come out. I ran into the same thing and used the larger ones under the carpet since they set flatter and went with the smaller ones in the trunk.
  15. We made it home yesterday after being on the road for the past 3 weeks and over 4000 miles. As I stated when I started this trip our destination was Yellowstone. Before I list the places in the picture’s I would like to say that this has been by far one of the best vacations we have taken. I have been out west once before about 50 years ago and I had forgotten just how beautiful that part of our country is. I'm glad we got to see so many wonderful things. First stop – Dubuque Iowa - Stayed 3 nights National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium Felon Place Elevator Company Also went to the Field of Dream movie site and visited the Crystal Lake Cave Second stop – Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Stayed 2 nights Falls Park Also visited the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial Third Stop – Rapid City, South Dakota - Stayed 6 nights Custer State Park The Bad Lands Delta 09 Minuteman Missile site Also visited Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, a Prairie Homestead, Fort Hays – part of the movie set for Dances with Wolves, 1880 Train & Depot - took train ride, and the Big Thunder gold mine. Also visited several other local attractions and had a severe thunderstorm with hail. Fourth Stop – Cody Wyoming - Yellowstone Stayed 5 nights Old Faithful Midway Geyser Basin Visited the main attractions of the park. Left out the North East entrance to return to Cody and took one of the most beautiful scenic routes back. Also visited Buffalo Bill State Park and Dam. PLUS GOT A SURPRISE BONUS IN CODY! Unfortunately there wasn't any 71-73's there. Cheyenne Wyoming- Stayed 2 nights - visited the Frontier Days Museum along with a couple of other local attractions. Mighty Big Boy We really had a great trip but as always it's good to be back home.
  16. I keep the people at Social Security and Medicare employed.
  17. No - that makes a whine. I would lean more toward a loose wiggly pin in the wobbly shaft.
  18. This is what the weather is like where we are at as of a couple of hours ago. Hail.mp4
  19. I was stationed at Camp Evans in Vietnam. The terrain of the base was hilly and our company sat in a low area with the base perimeter next to it. Our latrine sat down at the bottom of a slope at the lowest part of our company area and right next to the base perimeter. Our latrines were not the best smelling during the hot summer. I had to go take care of business one night and was on my way to the latrine when I ran into some tear gas that someone had decided to set off while on guard duty out on the perimeter. One thing you have to remember is that the army is made up of young men between the ages of 18 to early 20's who still like to be boys from time to time. Needing to go but unable to continue on due to my eyes tearing up and my nose running I went back to my hooch to got my gas mask so I could go back to the latrine and take care of the much needed business. Ahhh - mission accomplished! As I headed back up the slope to my hooch with my mask on yet I ran in to our company's Master Sergeant who was coming down. Seeing me with my mask on he stopped dead in his tracks and said if the latrine smell that dam bad he would find another place to go. Before I could say anything he headed off in another direction. Don't know where he went that night but hope he just needed to whiz.
  20. I also had a similar sound years ago but it was the bearing on the alternator. As you stated you have nothing external connected. I would get a magnetic pick up tool and remove the inspection plate and pock it around and see if you pick up any metal shavings. If non then I would remove the starter and inspect and check for any filings there. As mentioned in the post above you should be able to narrow it down to at least where in the engine it's coming from. Good luck and I hope it's an easy fix for you.
  21. Still no winners. I will list all the places we visited once we get back home. Here are some pictures from our current location. Still in the same state that the last pictures were taken - just at the opposite end.
  22. Looking great. Your starting to come down the home stretch. You will be out cruising before you know it. Also, how is your wife and soon to be new born doing?
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