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  1. Still no winners. I will list all the places we visited once we get back home. Here are some pictures from our current location. Still in the same state that the last pictures were taken - just at the opposite end.
  2. Looking great. Your starting to come down the home stretch. You will be out cruising before you know it. Also, how is your wife and soon to be new born doing?
  3. You have to get off the Exway to see it. It's in the mid-west.
  4. Moving on. Here is the 2nd stop on our trip. No winners on the first stop so far. Lets see if someone can get this spot.
  5. That sucks big time. I feel your pain from just looking at the pictures. If you could call it a bright side at least now you will be able to relocate the spoiler.
  6. I caught him on a cicada I bought with me from Ohio.
  7. Wrong direction. Left from Ohio and headed to Yellowstone.
  8. Nice looking bike and the other toys you have. Had about 1/2 dozen motorcycles over the years but never a dirt bike. Closet I ever had to something that light was my moped! Great to see you doing things with your boys and enjoying them while you can. Before you know it they will be grown. Glad to hear your son came in second. As you said your wife will get over it but in the meantime treat her to a fancy dinner. It always helps.
  9. Finally on the road headed to Yellowstone. Was going to go last year but didn't due to the pandemic. Left Friday morning and am out there somewhere. Lets see if anyone can tell where our first stop was at for the weekend. Here are a couple of pictures from the area we stayed at.
  10. Sounds like good news all the way around. Glad to hear your wife is doing fine. Looks like she might t make full term.Great idea on the filming of you first seeing the car. It will be interesting to see your reaction.
  11. They should only allow what the car will hold and one 5 gallon gas approved container. It's amazing what people will do and then try to place the blame on someone else when their stupidity catches up with them. Leaving tomorrow from Ohio to go to Yellowstone. I've been checking on diesel prices along our route and at least heading west they have held the same for the past few weeks. My wife is dying to get away from here before the cicadas emerge. LOL.
  12. You need to take into consideration what you are wanting. Shorty's or mid- length will give you a better sound over stock and are easier to put on then long tubes. They also will work with your current exhaust with minimum modifications. Long tube headers will provide more hp in the mid to upper rpm range and will give you a completely different sound. They can be a pia to put on and you will need to redo your exhaust to make them work. And as Fabrice mentioned above they sit low under the car. I have Hookers long tubes 6115's on my 460 and love the performance and sound of them. The only thing I would change next time I replace them will be to get them ceramic coated or at least wrap them to help cut down on the heat under the hood. The passenger side get a little warm from the headers on that side plus the heater hoses running right above them.
  13. Sounds like a nice setup. My front suspension is stock other than the springs and having KYB Gas Adjust shocks. The rear has been beefed up by adding two extra leaf's to the springs and the added on sway bar. I am trying to get the sway bar back to a factory setup and then upgrading the to the 1 1/8" for the front and the 7/8" in the back. I got the following dimensions from Addco for the 990 and will see if I can make it work. Getting ready to head out to Yellowstone Park so won't be doing much until we get back next month.
  14. The u shackle is to the traction bars. The bolt holes are there but do not have the inserted thread nut. If the dimensions work out for the 990 I will see if I can get the clamps they use for their model 679 which is also a 7/8 bar.
  15. Thanks for the input. I have two problems when it comes to the ones you mentioned above. I have tractions bars and where they connect to the springs is in the same place that the 996's would go so that rules out the spring type. Also my West Coast sub frame connectors rule out the on axle bolt to frame type due to where they are welded to the frame. I will have to try to see if the new 990 will fit once I get the dimensions or will have to try to find one that has the same dimensions as what is on there now but bigger and redo the mounting so it is similar to the way the Addco 996 mounts to the frame.
  16. Spring mount plate is correct type. Just don't know where the bar came from.
  17. Just a update. I got the car back on the ramps and stands and got around today to checking the added on sway bar and the front hole in the frame in the below picture is at 6 1/4" back. Based on the location of the bracket it looks like the sway bar is sitting back from where the original should be and maybe came off of an earlier year mustang or some other model. Another issue I might have is were the exhaust goes over the axle. It looks like if the sway bar goes where it belongs my exhaust will be in the way. I wouldn't aspect anything less! LOL. I've contacted Addco and they are going to send me the dimensions for the sway bar. Once I get those I can determine what might or might not work.
  18. I really find the 71-73's a great car to own. I feel that at that time period to many models were blending in from one year to the next. The 71 -73's caught the attention of those looking for a change. In my eyes these cars stand out and are noticed by anyone that knows cars. I have been to several car shows and cruise-in's and have notice that people spend time looking at it and ask questions. Although I like the 64-70's I really don't care what that group thinks about us. If I did I would own one. As with anything there are the likes and dislikes, but my biggest is that it wasn't built for someone who is 6 ft and weighs 230.
  19. Family comes first - the car will always be there waiting. Just make sure that you see some of the painters work so you know what to expect. Will say a prayer that all goes well for your wife and that you are blessed with a healthy son.
  20. Hey Don what size are the aerosol canisters and is this more like a airbrush or regular rattle can type?
  21. Welcome from Ohio. Glad to see that you held onto it over the years. Lot of info and help available for the asking. You might want to check with Don at Ohio Mustang Supply and also Motor City Mustang for some of the parts you need. If you go to the home page and scroll down you will see the sponsors listed and you can click on their name to go to their websites. Keep us posted on your progress and post updated pictures.
  22. And We Have A Winner! This was the first one I've seen. Very clean car and seemed well built. Love the plates.
  23. Went to my 1st car show for the year. Got a top 30 trophy. Felt great to get out and to be around other people as a group. Here are a few pictures from it. Also for the true car buffs out there see if you can guess what make of car the last 2 pictures are. Name this car
  24. It's a shame you can't return to where you were born. Hopefully one day you will get that opportunity to go back and visit. I think that most of us in our later years have a longing to visit our childhood home.
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