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  1. Any of them will work except for the Sport R. As the name implies the Premium is the better grade of the two standard seat foams. The Sport foam offers more increased bolster support - foam on the side - helps hold you in the seat when you take those sharp turns . I used the Premium when I did mine and am happy with it.
  2. I check the manual and it says to pull the box. It might be possible but part of the problem I see would be trying to get to the clips that hold the top and bottom halves together off on the firewall side. I guess if you loosen the firewall and cowl mounting screws you might be able to access them. Might also need to loosen the blower motor The heater core is in the bottom half. I would bite the bullet and go ahead and pull the whole box. I know having ac makes it a pain due to having to disconnect the lines and then recharging the system but by pulling it would give you the opportunity to replace any of the gaskets and seals if needed.
  3. Kilgon

    New guy!

    Welcome from Ohio. As mention above please post some pics.
  4. Very very nice. I really like the way they fit the car. What year fox body did they come out of?
  5. I ran mine wiring up along the inside of the bezel. There is enough room for the connector on the right side at the top by the map light.
  6. Going to look great once they are in. Don't forget the Mach 1 Seat Buttons that go on them. BUTTON SET, SEAT BACK, MACH 1 - #64824-6A - National Parts Depot (npdlink.com)
  7. Sorry to hear but I know the problem. Knowing the loudness of my car before I stared my retro I decide to forget about updating the sound system knowing that it would be a waste of money.
  8. Very nice looking. How's the sound on the new radio?
  9. The name of my car varies depending on how it is running!
  10. I agree with you for the idiot's that are showing off. The ones that are legally racing get a "get out of jail pass" in my book.
  11. I know you are stressed out over this and as you said you just want it to be over. This might sound crazy but this would make a good case for the TV show "The People's Court". Based on all the info I don't see how you could loose. Could sue the guy for up to 5K and get a free trip. No guarantee you would get on the show but worth a try in my opinion. You already have all the evidence and everything you need in this post. No lawyers involved, just fill out the form and see what happens. Would teach him a good lesson also. Submit Your Case — The People's Court (peoplescourt.com) Edited - Also Judge Judy Submit Your Case - Judge Judy
  12. Took 3 years. Most of my work was done during the spring, summer and fall months due to no heat in the garage. I added a wall mounted heater in the garage the last year I worked on it but still didn't do that much during the extremely cold months. I did all the mechanical and interior work including the re-upholstery. I watched a lot of video's and read a lot of the post on the things I wasn't familiar with. I found a body shop that was willing to work with me on price for doing the body work and painting. I had to do all the stripping and delivered the bare panels and car to them. They did the needed body work and paint and delivered the car back with the hood, doors, fenders and trunk lid back on. I took it from there and finished it. I also lay out their business cards at any cruise ins or shows I go to as part of the deal.
  13. +1 with Don and Mike. No simple answer for some of your questions. Don't know your knowledge level but the more you can do yourself will save you dollars in labor that can be used to purchase more parts. For your current question if you are going to pull the engine and trans do it first. This will give you the opportunity to clean up and repaint the engine bay and also provide easier access to the brake lines plus the wiring in the engine bay. If cowl work is required this would also be the best time to do it. I restored mine short of pulling the engine in a standard 2 car garage. I would pull my wife's car out and work on the mustang then at the end of the day pull hers back in. I had the car on ramps and jack stands. The fenders and trunk lid were stored under the car and the hood was stood up at the end of the garage. As Don mentioned I took an inventory of the things I was going to need and purchased what I could at the start of my build. I focused on the big tickets items and the "need it now" type items to start with. One thing I can't express enough it is to take lots of pictures as you take things apart. And then take a couple of more to be on the safe side! Nothing worse than trying to figure out how to put something back together or where it goes. Also, if your lines for the doors, fenders, trunk and hood are good drill some alignment holes so when you put it back together things will be extremely close to where they were before you took it apart. As you should know there is lots of good info on this site in previous post and people willing to help. Good luck and enjoy the time together with your son.
  14. So what is holding you up? If my memory serves me right you play the guitar so why not have another "British Invasion" and make millions having the young ladies screaming at the top of their lungs "we love you 1sostatic". But seriously, you not getting any younger and if there isn't a real reason to stay then why not start a new chapter in your life and make the move. Nothing worse than going through life regretting the things you didn't do. I saw your you tube video during the covid lockdown and with your electronic knowledge finding a job or starting your own business would be no problem.
  15. And a 5th and a 6th just like everyone else in the world.
  16. Thank you for the reminding us that we should be celebrating our independence as Americans. I'm surprised that we are even having a 4th of July this year. Been waiting for some religion, ethnic, political, gender, or other group to protest and have it removed from our holidays or have it renamed some funky name.
  17. Always great to find a surprise in a deal like that. Looks like there are quite a few good parts to be had from it. You can always find buyers for the parts you don't use and get a few of your dollars back.
  18. Looks like the fuel filter and linkage might have saved the whole carb from major damage. Hope it works wells and there is no other internal damage.
  19. Welcome from Ohio. Very nice looking car with lots of goodies.
  20. I have a one year old battery I'll swap with you if you are interested! Congrats on your win.
  21. Great to hear. Must be hard to see your car sit for a long length of time and wanting to drive it but can't. Enjoy the weather and have fun.
  22. Glad to see you making progress again. One of the best parts of a rebuild is seeing the results of your hard work as you put it back together.
  23. Your hard work is definitely showing. Going to be one extremely nice looking car when done.
  24. Need to ask the question but did you have the rattle before or after you replaced everything? If it is new then most likely something related to the work you did. If it already existed then the list of things to check just got extremely long.
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