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  1. Good video and very interesting info. I was in the construction industry in both heavy highway and building all my life. I work with GPS 3D guidance of heavy equipment which included slip form pavers and. These are the machines they use to build concrete roads, curb and gutter and barrier walls. I know that the DOT's and concrete companies were constantly trying different concrete mixes to try to improve strength, cure time, flexibility and overall longevity. You see and take for granted the building materials that things are made out of without every considering how the material itself is made.
  2. Glad to hear you got it running again. From all indications it was probably a little water in the gas. Doesn't take much water to cause your problems. Had water in my gas many many moons ago on 70 Nova. Took the line off the carb and pump out about two teaspoons of water in a glass jar. Put the line back on and drain the bowls by pulling bottom bolts. Engine fired up and ran ruff for a few seconds and the ran great.
  3. You could look for a donor car to pull the spindles and brakes from to use. Would make for getting parts a little more easier to obtain locally than having a specialty after market kit. During my rebuild I went ahead and replace all the brakes line. My car came from the factory with all drum manual brakes. When I went to change the pads that's when I found out that they were not the original. Somewhere along it's journey the front was swapped out for disc and a power booster was added. It became a guessing game as to what I needed to buy since I didn't know what type of car the calipers and pads came from. After popping open a few dozen boxes of calibers at my local PepBoys to try to find a match I struck gold. Was able to the determine that rotors, calipers and pads are a match for a 76 Granada. They did a descent job adding the power brake booster and new master cylinder. Brakes work great.
  4. Welcome from Southern Ohio. Nice to see a father and son project. Keep us posted on how you / he is making out. Lots of friendly people here and a wealth of knowledge to be had just for the asking.
  5. Great idea. I've tried several different products without much success. My driver and passenger side windows have fine scratches and some rust stain. I will be picking up a bottle and trying it out.
  6. Very interesting to watch the restoration of older audio equipment. Very nice work. Most end up in the dump. Not very many people or places left that can work on the individual component level. I grew up with my father working on b&w tv's in his spare time and pick up the a lot from him. I still have a lot of diodes, resistors and capacitors in their original packages. Maybe will find a use for them one of these days.
  7. They make a heater a/c foam seal replacement kit. Can get from OMS or NPD. I have also gone to JoAnns Fabric and picked up some foam from there to use. They carry several different types that will work for that.
  8. Jut curious but did you check to make sure you are getting spark? I would try either dumping a little fresh gas down the carb or some starting fluid just to verify that it is the gas causing the problem. If it is than I would use a hose along with a drill pump to drain the tank as low as possible. No way of completely draining the tank without taking it off. Could try to get it as low a possible and then remove the sending unit and finish getting out what you can from there. If there is water in the gas you can try taking the line off by the carb and running it for a few minute to see if you can flush the water out. If you use a clear container to catch the gas in you will be able to see when you have the water out. The gas will float on top of the water and you will be able to see the two layers. Don't know what kind of carb you have but on a Holley you can pull a lower bowl screw to drain the bowls instead of removing the carb. Good luck.
  9. So sorry to hear Rod. I was wondering how she was doing. We will keep Sally and your family in our prayers.
  10. Good question. Could be to let you know via email or text when to clean the filter or charge the battery.
  11. Don has a good idea there on the cable itself. Trying disconnecting it at the carburetor and see if the engine returns to idle ok. If it does then you know it's in the cable. If it till does it then it is on the carb end.
  12. Midlife leaving clinic. Sorry - couldn't help myself.
  13. Got mine form CJ's. It's Acc with the cut pile mass back black. It sat for over two years in it's box before I used it. It took about a day for it to lay out smooth but it looks great and I am happy with it. Just need to work with it . Might try a little spray adhesive to help hold it in place.
  14. I stood on my head but still am having trouble making out what it is. Need a clearer picture. Sort of looks like a hose end. Might be the drain tube from the heater -a/c box where it comes out of the floor in the tranny hump.
  15. +1 with the two above. My suspicion is that it is a 72 sportsroof being passed off as a Mach 1. My brother had the same thing happen to him. Not knowing the difference he was told it was a mach 1 when it was just a sportsroof with the mach 1 decals. He went to his grave never knowing the difference. I found out it wasn't a mach after I got the car and decoded the vin. Also, as mentioned you could have a major issue if the dash vin is what is on the title. Good luck. I hope things work out for you.
  16. I would have figured that when you grew that second head after the first shot you would have surely remember.
  17. Congrats Brian. What an honor to win that. Beautiful looking car and great to see 3 ponies sitting side by side.
  18. I'm running 215/65 15 on the front and 275/60 15 on the rear both are on 8" rims. Both sizes are rated to fit 8" rims. Car handles well.
  19. I can't believe you had so nice words for our government. I would have had a few more explicit words. But seriously, you hit the nail on the head. What a waste.
  20. Looks and sounds great. I like your new clutch fan. I've been thinking about it after the last thread on it when you were doing yours. What mufflers are you running?
  21. Happy Birthday. Very nice looking. Amazing to think that it is in as good of condition or near it as when it came off the assembly line 50 years ago.
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