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  1. Kilgon's post in What brakes do I have? was marked as the answer   
    Looks like Granada to me.  That is what is on my 71.  You can check the following parts numbers to see if they match. These are for an 79 Granada.  
    Autozone  Calipers - Duralast # 194 and 195   Pads  - Duralast  # D91 - no picturs but are the same as what you have.

    Rotors plus bearings and seals came from NAPA -  These are Napa's part numbers for Timkens  equivalent bearings below.

    Your rotor should be 11" diameter with a  height of 4.15" with 4 1/2 " stud pattern.  You can check the specs on Napa's website.


    Hope this helps.
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