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  1. Welcome from Central New York. You guessed right about the old guys around here. You'll get help with just about anything you need. Mike
  2. Is the rear defroster on a sort of timer? I probably didn't turn my defroster on more than once or twice before i broke off the knob. If it is on a timer will the Peterbilt switch allow it to function properly? The look of that switch is kind of growing on me. I have enough non-original stuff on the car to not be bothered by it that much.
  3. I like it.. Might be overkill, but i like it. Being a software engineer that might be out of my skill set. Mike
  4. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of gas stations that sell ethanol-free premium within 2 miles of my house so that's what I use. I burn it in my lawnmowers, snowblower, boat, etc. But if I wanted to use gas with ethanol in it in the Mustang what would I have to do besides change out any rubber fuel lines with ethanol resistant ones? I have replaced the original intake manifold and carb already. Mike
  5. According to the map I'm the only member in the state of NY. I know that's not true. Mike
  6. My car came with the defroster knob intact. I broke it off getting into the seat one day. Wasn't very happy. Mike
  7. Boss or not you've got a really nice looking car that looks like it's in nice condition. Good luck with her. Mike
  8. Under the 7173Mustangs.com logo at the top of the page hover over Forum Info and select Member Map from the popdown. It's not the oldest thread I've seen revived! Mike
  9. If @1sostatic doesn't want it I might. Mike
  10. That explains why mine looks like that too.
  11. I purchase the Ken Harrison single DIN replacement from CJ and wasn't real thrilled with it. It's pretty flimsy and the fit is a little off. I decided to use it cause I didn't want to cut the original or buy a repop and then hack it up. All in all it's just OK. Mike
  12. Welcome from Central New York. Looks like you found yourself a nice ride. Mike
  13. Welcome from Central New York. Looks like you've picked up a pretty nice ride. Good luck with it. Mike
  14. Got mine today, my daughter bought it for me for Father's Day. Looks great and fits too, bonus! Great job RocketFoot, thanks! Mike

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