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  1. Here's mine the day I picked her up:
  2. Holy sh!t that's terrible! I'm sorry to hear about this nightmare. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Mike
  3. Thanks for another excellent video. Get ready for the roller coaster ride that's parenthood. Mike
  4. Welcome from Central New York. Tell us some more about your ride. Jason is right, we like pictures. Mike
  5. Looking really good. Nice job.
  6. I had a similar problem but it was with the driver's side vent cable. Since I'm not doing anything like a concours restoration I fixed it by using something like: https://www.amazon.com/STEREN-Grip-Clip-Coaxial-Mounting-Fastener/dp/B000E9VK1K and grinding down the broken part to make it fit. The fastener I used was different but you get the idea. Good luck, Mike
  7. Welcome from Central New York. That's a pretty nice looking vert you got there. Pretty well set up too. Mike
  8. Definitely very cool. Now do an automatic transmission.
  9. Chuck Norris' tires are afraid to go flat.
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