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  1. I do read pretty fast but @PNWMach1 has me beat. My car is half-fast ;) Mike
  2. Crap, I got a phone call just as I was starting today's game so I closed the page. When I got back to it and finished the quiz (10 out of 10) It told me I took over 600 sec. to complete. Oh well, that's my luck.
  3. If you were only about 2000 miles closer I'd have been there and harvested that stuff by now. Oh well. Mike
  4. @RocketFootis this really gonna happen? If so I'd like a gray 2XL. And if there is some way I could give you a hand with this let me know. I know this stuff is a PITA. I don't know how I could help but... Mike
  5. Now we need a reminder app added to the forum.
  6. Welcome from Central New York. Very nice ride. Mike
  7. @mach1000 Where were you when I was looking in the area for a car? I drive around Utica all of the time, I've only seen 2 other 71-73's around. I wish I'd seen some of your earlier posts to know there was another one around, or did I talk to you at Don's Ford a while back? Mike
  8. That makes good sense. I'll give it a shot tonight if it stops raining. I've been known to jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Mike
  9. I've been following this topic pretty closely because your problem sounds an awful a lot like mine: Bogging down when mashing down on the gas pedal. I also have an Edelbrock Performer intake but with an Edelbrock 1406 carb. When I swapped out the intake and carb I plumbed the PCV valve into the carb like you did. Maybe this is my my issue too. So, would you happen to still have the specs on the elbow and grommet you purchased? I'd like to see if that helps me out too. Thanks, Mike
  10. I would absolutely love to one one of the above. That being said I would buy another 71-73, but I don't think I would buy my particular car again. If I had discovered this site while I was looking I wouldn't have bought a '73 Grande with a 302. I would have probably held out for a '71 Mach 1 or at least a fastback with a 351C. I bought my current ride without doing my due diligence (Mustang fever I think). I still love her but.... Mike
  11. Welcome from Central New York. Great looking car. Mike
  12. @Stanglover I think you can brag all you want.
  13. Man, after following this for so long I'm happy as hell for you. I'd probably still be in a corner curled up in the fetal position. Mike
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