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  1. @kingb1973 That is the post I was looking for. Thanks. Searched for D2AZ-7630322-A on E-Bay and found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154572204805. Too spendy for my taste. The rear windows can stay rolled for that price. There was also this: https://nospartsltd.com/product/d2az7630322a/. A much more reasonable price and possibly in stock but shipping to my address is crazy. Mike
  2. If I remember correctly the knob on the right is one of the ones available from NPD, close but no cigar. There are a few thread here discussing this. Mike
  3. If the picture comes through it is the rear window crank from ny 73 Grande with a couple of aftermarket knobs. As you can see neither knob will fit without modifying the crank. The part protruding from the top would have to be cut off or otherwise modified and even then it the new knobs might not fit. I will say I have limited fabrication skills so YMMV. Mike
  4. FWIW: The 73 rear window crank handle and knob is a "one piece" construction. The replacement knobs from other years won't fit easily. And of course the 73 handle itself is almost impossible to find. You MIGHT be able to make the replacement knobs work by cutting/drilling out the old knob but since mine still worked (only the plastic was cracked) I didn't try it. Mike
  5. Fantastic job! The car is really coming together nicely. Mike
  6. OH, I thought you meant mostly visible things. I didn't realize there were hidden mechanical issues the salesman lied about. Mike
  7. Welcome from Central New York. Mike
  8. I installed a Leed Brakes conversion kit a couple of years ago. Had to drill the hole in the original pedal and use the supplied stud. I've had no issues at all. I don't see the stud on their website but they may sell one separately. Give them, a call: 1-716-852-2139. Mike
  9. That's a pretty nice ride you got there. I don't see very much you could be disappointed about. Mike
  10. Welcome from Central New York. Mike
  11. I wouldn't mind an explanation either. Any master cylinder I've bled has been on the bench, just because that's the way I was taught to do it, but I've wondered what the difference really is. Mike
  12. Welcome from Central New York. Looks like you've got a pretty decent starting point. Have fun. Mike
  13. The $20 marked on it must mean how much they'll pay you to take it away.
  14. Welcome from Central New York. Mike
  15. You're definitely making great progress! I really like the wheel well trim for sure. A PO removed it from my car and I've been debating whether or not to put it back on. Looking at your car is pushing me towards yes. Keep up the good work. You're almost in the home stretch. Mike
  16. Man I'll bet she's gonna be a ball to drive! Mike
  17. I do read pretty fast but @PNWMach1 has me beat. My car is half-fast ;) Mike
  18. Crap, I got a phone call just as I was starting today's game so I closed the page. When I got back to it and finished the quiz (10 out of 10) It told me I took over 600 sec. to complete. Oh well, that's my luck.
  19. If you were only about 2000 miles closer I'd have been there and harvested that stuff by now. Oh well. Mike
  20. @RocketFootis this really gonna happen? If so I'd like a gray 2XL. And if there is some way I could give you a hand with this let me know. I know this stuff is a PITA. I don't know how I could help but... Mike
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