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  1. Well..., that changes the context of my earlier comment. But, you get gist👍
  2. Wow. Tucson was the 429 Vert Capital, or the Pastel Blue Capital... Of the 42 - 71 429 convertibles produced, 4 were Pastel Blue. That’s a pretty high % for a colour that wasn’t really that popular. Yes, the blackout on the hood and the hood locks were part of the J Code ( Ram Air option). Wonder where that car wound up, sounds like it was treated better then mine...
  3. I did contact the AZ Dept of Motor Vehicles. No dice... Similar privacy issues as here in Ontario, Canada. Didn’t try the WA State office, figured it would be the same. You hope someone sees the car like Sheriff41 above did and they provide their recollection.
  4. Interesting. I would suspect this would be that car then. Very few made and the odds of another Pastel Blue 429cjr convertible in Tucson at that time would be high... The car was apparently taken by his son who moved it to The Spokane, WA area and stored in the barn for years as seen in the Mustang Monthly Cover page. A local dealer bought it from him and I then purchased it from the dealer. I wanted to touch base with the Son to discuss the history of the car, but the dealer would not give me any info... As you note, the car was in Tucson in the 70’s and based on the condition I received it i
  5. I think I had two by that time... The car has been on the scissor lift for three months now. Just these little jobs left of hooking up some interior pieces to get the car completed and back riding on its own rubber. Just a dumb mistake. The hardest part was finding new 4 amp glass fuses. I had to go to my local store and order one pack of five... Another 24 hr wait for these to come in. Like your sense of humour in any event...
  6. Yes. Figured that out this morning.... When in a rush, take a step back and think. All good now. Thanks.
  7. Just going through a bit of this now. Changed out my gauge cluster to the Hi-Po LED’s, worked great. Then changed out the original AM radio to an AM Cassette I had. Now the 4amp gauge cluster and other lights fuse keeps blowing... I’m wondering if how I hooked up the AM Cassette to the original AM power supply lead is causing the problem? I hooked the main power and the unit ground wire to the plug... When I check with a test light, I don’t seem to have any power at the 4 amp fuse circuit at all now, no matter where the key is turned too. I haven’t looked at the electrical diagram yet, but, i
  8. I have never cared what other people thought about the 71-3’s... I like them, would never own any other. Nothing wrong with the 73’s either....
  9. All the tech guys here that have walked away from the 4300... Interesting. I would think that the carb on my car must have been reliable having been on the car for 48 years before finally giving out. It would have been swapped out years ago by previous owners if they had the problems that some have encountered here. I guess they were one of the lucky one’s. I am somewhat surprised at the poor status given these carbs by this group. I’m not really hearing about specific issues with the carb, more so about not being able to set it up properly. Maybe it’s justified, I will find out one way or the
  10. Ok... However, not willing to throw it in the garbage because some don’t like this carb. I’ll keep at it and hopefully find a way to bring it back to life. Process of elimination. Once you put another carb on it, the originality is gone... Thought I would try here to see others experiences in keeping them running. A couple good comments to consider...
  11. Yes... You bring back some bad memories for me with those crap panels. I swear, they were so bad on the fitment, you have to wonder what the company was thinking. What made it worse was their initial refusal to take them back, stating that I was the only complaint they had received.... In the end, I got my money back through PayPal, but, I had to pay for shipping to return the crap back. The only real bad experience I had considering the 10’s of 1000’s of $$$ I spent on restoring my car.
  12. Well that’s inspiring, lol. I’ve heard about the concerns with these carbs, what can you do when you are trying to keep it original. I was pretty careful when measuring the float tabs. The main inlet required a 1/16th adjustment and the auxiliary was fine. I personally do not see the need for the auxiliary, especially on a street car. I’ll look at the power valve a little closer as well. I actually find the carb easy to work on compared to the Q-Jet on my Vert. Thx.
  13. I plan on it, but, apparently it has been fine for 48 years. It is the original fuel pump. The only thing I changed between the pump and carb was the fuel filter. It was an old Motorcraft filter and I put on an aftermarket. However, thinking about it more, this is also when I blew out the aluminum cap at the front of the fuel inlet on the carb when I first started the engine after completing the work on the car over the winter. Have to wonder if this plug issue plus the fact the carb is now flooding has to do with some unknown issue with the fuel pump now pushing harder then it ever has... Wha
  14. I’m chasing a stubborn flooding problem on my original 4300D carburetor. After having it a part a couple times to check for obvious signs of possible issues, I’m still having the problem, Basically, the car fires right up and as it is warming up, the carb is generally operating fine. About two minutes in, it starts to stumble and I see fuel oozing out of the accelerator pump (top) and if I hit the accelerator, it shoots out of the available vents.... It is dumping into the engine based on the black carbon build up on the new plugs. I’ve changed out the needle assembly and whatever else I could
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