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  1. Because the pertronix is a better setup, if you get it running....
  2. Nice grille. For a guy doing a high level original restoration, that would be worth paying for. better then the aftermarket stuff... I would sell it as a complete unit and easily get in the $500 range for the right purchaser. They sell the aftermarket ones for more than this, so you could and should push the price higher and see if someone wants the original... You will get many more opinions here, but I went through a concourse restoration a few years back and I paid whatever it took to get the parts I wanted... Many will undervalue them like they do our car's, lol... just to scoop them up ch
  3. Very cool unit for sure... This should go barrett jackson or Mecum if they want that money... It is worth a pretty penny, but the market will decide....
  4. I will be looking into this. Its just that I had gone out and purchased two P2's thinking it was an easy bolt in upgrade similar to the P1... My original P1 worked fine until we were trying to adjust the QJet carb. We had spent an afternoon in the garage starting and stoppin the engine and probably left the key on for too long and burned it out... I will also look to run the 12v power line to the coil for future use.... I have 10 spare sets of points..., so I'm ok ))
  5. Well, what I have said is that I want to convert to Pertronix. As you know... they will provide a better spark overall then the points. I will make them work) But thanks for your thoughts.
  6. Took me three years to find a near perfect, albeit wrong color, set for my '71 vert. It was even a nicer surprise when they came without the rear seat passenger side ash tray and the not for early '71 vert side insert holes for the seat belts to come up through. A rare set indeed... Good luck in your search.
  7. My J Code Vert came with round springs on the date code correct hinges. They looked original to the car when I got it. They hold the hood up fine... I reinstalled them after the restoration, just because)) I have a spare set of the correct ram air hinges...
  8. Jay, I have a complete Duraspark set up, brand new in the box on the shelf... As you know, I'm trying to keep the car stock looking. But, I walk by that box every day and say to myself,, "maybe it is time"... I will keep looking at the Pertronix for now. Cheers.
  9. Yes, I have looked at all of this also, trying to come up with the best solution for my car. Adding a relay is not one I will consider at this time, just because I want to hide any changes and keep them to the barest of minimum's... I'm back to points for now... I will look to make up the pigtail that allows me to connect the pink wire and run the power out to the coil, keep it neat and clean, easy to put back to original if need be. I had a Pertronix I on it running the stock coil but it died after a year and very little run time.... I may order another one and see how it goes, for the time b
  10. I was afraid of that... So the P2 is not recognizing the lower resistive voltage and is the reason it won’t fire, correct? I’m guessing 8v give it take. Is there a test I can do on the car to ignite the P2 and bypass the resistor wire just to make sure it will actually fire, before 👀 ng to eliminate it? I’ll have to looking at my wiring diagrams, I think the resistor wire is under the dash? Curious how some here have ran the full 12v to the coil on these car’s. Thx
  11. For those in the know) Having trouble get my Pertronix II to fire. I’ve tried two new ones, so I know the units themselves should be ok. I’m using the Pertronix .6 ohm coil. At least I’m trying to use it). I have also tried a factory stock one and an aftermarket unit, still no go. I’ve got voltage signal to the yellow connection at the coil when I put the key in run position. Would the ballast resistor cause my issue? I ran a Pertronix 1 a few years back with no changes to the wiring at all. I’ve heard the P2&3 can be temperamental... Is there any wiring tricks I can try to see if the Per
  12. Three anxious months waiting... it made it back home today)) It was damaged by UPS when I sent it from Ontario to Texas. Looked like it was thrown ( gently placed)) at some point as the fuel filter inlet and the throttle shaft were bent when the Texas company opened the package. Made it back (yea, I used UPS again) in perfect shape, thankfully. So, I bought this supposedly as a factory spec, show quality spec, #’s matching and date code correct for my 71 J Code Vert. Finished the rotisserie restoration in 2018, I have put no more then 25 mi on the car since... Could not risk the expensive eng
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