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  1. Rvr covered it pretty good. I’ll add the use of a scissor lift if you are doing lots of general maintenance. The good thing about the scissor lift is that most cars can drive right over them for parking purposes when not in use. Of course my convertible in the picture can’t because it has the factory 14” wheels and the factory look exhaust I had made has one bend that sits a little lower. I made a set of ramps to drive on when bringing this car over the lift. I’m very wary of two posts for the reasons noted above. Lots of options out there…
  2. Agreed, hence why I would not risk my hood or trunk lid. So what are you going to put between the metal pieces?
  3. If it was my B!, I certainly would have looked for and done as you did. many fake Rev Limiter set ups out there, but nothing like installing NOS on a nice car. Good score.
  4. I’m curious, did the insulation material the factory installed between the upper and lower panels when fabricating the hood, stay in place during the dipping process? I chose not to have my ram air hood and trunk lid dipped when I did my car for fear that this material might be compromised with no way to reinsert an insulating material after the fact.
  5. Curious to see what rare or hard to find 71-3 parts people have hiding away in their garage, basement, attic, grandma’s house… Thought I would start with the smallest part I have sitting in a bowl on my office desk. I’ll have to get it installed in the J Code Vert as soon as I get the carb back on the car… Took me three years to find this little gem in near perfect shape. $40 is what it cost me. Big or small, lets see what you are hoarding from other 71-3 owners!
  6. Too this day still I still remember the serial# of my first J Code Mach1: 178920… Always nice to reunite and original engine with the original body, if possible.
  7. I thought about it... but, my space is full. I'm closer to Toronto and we did not get the heat bubble that the West got. Unusual for sure, with some of those temperatures. Some like to call it Global Warming... Think I will go out and start the mustang, lol.
  8. Based on the auction, it never reached its reserve.
  9. Hahaha. Canada is for the hearty, indeed. Wouldn’t live anywhere else, personally. Britain is a nice place to visit…
  10. It should be fine. But you are right, the fuel filter, especially seemed to take the brunt of the impact and saved the front of the carb. To bend the accelerator and associated linkage was also no easy feat.
  11. I had $200 insurance on it. Lol
  12. Canada Post is just as bad… cheer’s
  13. The corrected setup after addressing the shipping issues…
  14. Here is the fuel filter as revived installed in the carburetor…
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