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  1. Finally getting round to doing some work on the 73 Q-Code 4-spd. Coupe I bought in the Fall of 2019. I only did an oil change (and a master Cylinder when it went in for Provincial Certification) on it last year and drove it a few times in the summer... Its a pretty original car, except they partially painted it once and someone took a spray bomb to parts of the underbody, probably at the dealer where I purchased it in Daytona Beach... An original Oakland, Cali. car all its life until 2017 when it was sold and brought East by the dealer. The brakes need a complete refresh and I will change out
  2. Your last paragraph is what I was referring too... I still think there was an internal document requiring dealer’s to install the sticker during service visits, if it was not there. Sounds like you covered this also. Thanks.
  3. Thats a fair price for one in that condition (Good used)... I'm surprised someone hasn't grabbed it. Also Post it on some other 71-3 sites and it will go, if it doesnt sell here... I found one in a little nicer condition then yours at the All Ford Swap meet in Columbus a couple year's ago, otherwise I would grab this. GLWS.
  4. I saw one today listed at $40k on that site... If it’s the same one, they have now started it at the price you note with a reserve... Probably still want $40k for it...
  5. I’ve commented on this car here last year.... It was originally listed at $31K, I believe, definitely over $30k... It is a great car, pretty original as far as I can tell from pics. People want all the flash... , this car is better then 95% of the refurbished models out there. Great price. I’m full to the brim, sadly..,
  6. I don't think so... research it, get back to us.
  7. Was there not a TSB from Ford concerning the Caution Fan install be dealer’s?...
  8. Im thinking these are Canadian $$... so about $62k US$ at current exchange rate, before negotiations... The main issues for me would be the non numbers matching block, missing carb and the paint colour change. The last two can be corrected at considerable expense. This would have to be factored into the final purchase price. The missing block... It’s a nice car, rare here in Canada. It’s not one that I would pursue here at home at that price.
  9. Absolute worst panels... But more troubling was their after sales service. They would not take them back and refused to return my money. In the end, I was only able to get a partial refund after complaining through PayPal. I was forced to pay for return shipping which ate almost half the cost of the refund. Oh, did I mention their panels were poorly made... The worst experience I had restoring my Vert.... Avoid.
  10. I'm aware of the nuances with these parts)) I have a repo on my car at the moment... Your asking price is fine. I am in Ontario, Canada. I can PayPal you once you send me the total cost including shipping. My Postal Code is L3B 0E4. E-mail me at: kmacmillan@cogeco.ca and we can complete the deal. Thanks again.
  11. I was in the same dilemma back in 2016 when I stripped my 71 J Code Vert down for restoration. I wound up having to have both doors chemically dipped to remove the surface rust on the interior of the door (Arizona car... no rust. LOL). I was able to heat up the area behind the door data label and then peel the label off in one piece. I keep it with the paperwork I have for the car and of course, installed a Marti replacement on the restored car...
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