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  1. The front spoiler only came on the car from the factory, if you ordered a Boss 351. Otherwise, all over the counter.....
  2. The $115.500 included the commission... It sold for $105,000. It has been a while since a factory big block 71 vert has crossed a major auction block, so predicting the final sale price was truly an unknown, no comparable's... Given these times... a fair price in today's market.
  3. Interested to see some '72's with the factory installed telescoping antenna... Like all factory part supply usage issues, it is definitely possible that some made it into the early '72 production model year... MCA rules mean little, they have never understood the 71-3 year Mustangs from the get go IMO...
  4. As I recall... Lavender, red, white and orange See additional pic. for start point f the tape measure. Have fun...
  5. I no longer have the car... but this was the original driveshaft for my 73 vert, 351C 2V (H Code) with a C-6 tans and 2:75 open rear.
  6. 71-3 Fastback original Ford factory replacement full quarter panels and he is selling both sides for $1200cdn $$$ ($900 ish US $$). A good price, I think. About an hour North of Toronto... I could have used these 29 years ago....
  7. The current owner bought it two years ago. He had previously contacted me about selling mine to him before buying this. He is in the Detroit area. Not sure why he is selling it... He got the car like this. I know he has owned B-9’s and has a nice 60’s corvette as well. The AC, PW, ram air and other options were added at some point in time in the past. It also had headers on it, I believe he swapped those out. At this price point, I would expect a return to original as it left the factory, for me if I was in the market. But, it is rare, the only C Code with a 4-spd. I think the estimate is a l
  8. Sale estimate: $150k. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0121-444973/1971-ford-mustang-convertible/
  9. Pretty sure the antenna in that photo is not the 71 model year only extendable version. I have it on my 71 J Code Vert, although it is difficult to raise and lower today due to a slight bend at some point in its life.
  10. Our car's never had, but there was an over the counter Ford unit that could be purchased back in the 70's. You see them rarely.. on the auction sites...
  11. Some shots of my refurbishment. Mice and a blocked drain took its toll on this AZ box...
  12. Nice. The Ebay page states that it can work with 12V, but recommends another voltage. Did you have to address this on your application, or just running the factory supplied voltage? Thx.
  13. True. When I bought my 73 4-spd Coupe last year, I purchased it sight (in person) unseen. I paid good money for it too. It was everything I expected, except for one area of previous repair around the rear window in the “swoosh” drop off that connects the hood to the trunk. Otherwise, I relied on my knowledge, a 30 min video of the car that I watched many times and some specific questions to the salesman. I bought it from Hanksters Hot Rod’s out of Daytona Beach, Fl. Had never heard of them before I bought this car. They are quite big there and I think they have another store in Pennsylvania as
  14. Yes, I figured he is probably winding down some of the business. Would be a great place to take a walk through, for sure We had a similar place up here that had all Ford NOS parts. He retired and closed (sold) off the stock in around 2000. He loved his Torino’s and T-Bird’s from back in the day. A big loss in the Canadian Ford part’s market when he shut down.
  15. If you need some part's... Not sure if there is any specific Mustang part's, they do mention 429cj... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Inventory-Parts-Reduction-NOS-Original-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-Boss-Torino-60s-70s/293869267269?hash=item446bf92945:g:bbcAAOSwevBfxupM
  16. I started a thread on this car... These comments here are hilarious... I often wonder why some people bother to own this year of Mustang... From what I can tell on the listing, this is a nice original car. As I recall, the only thing I could see on the exterior that was changed is the Mach 1 rear appliqué insert. If it’s the same car, I believe it’s a 302 3-spd car. This is a car for the purist amongst the people who like these car’s. If I had the room, I would consider it. I think $25k is a fair price if it is in excellent shape. I’ve seen it listed at $32k+. I would love to see it in person
  17. I believe there should only be sound deadener on the upper front face ( at the backside of the differential) and on the upper sides of the gas tank from the factory. If a car was undercoated , it was usually done by the selling dealer and there is a possibility of additional coating on the gas tank. Very subjective and everyone will have an opinion... I documented what was on my J Code Vert before disassembling and then returned the same look above, hence my comment here.
  18. True. Actually, It’s one of the reasons I got it originally as I did not have the space for a 2 or 4 Post hoist. I like that they can be moved if necessary, but not something you want to do on a regular basis.... I used my engine hoist to lift it into my trailer to move it to my new place last year. I had a car partially fall on me in the late 70’s, a Gremlin... I had lifted it with the bumper jack and went underneath it. You can guess the rest. Now, it has to be substantial before I’ll go under a car...
  19. Nice Z ). This has been a great maintenance and restoration addition to my garage. I was not convinced with the long term storage of a vehicle on the quick jack. This is a Bendpak scissor jack and I have had the Z on it since August and the J Code Vert spent months on it during its restoration, as well... My opinion...
  20. If I was in the Memphis area, I would own this... Your welcome. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang-base/274591410909?hash=item3feeec6add:g:Jz4AAOSwHeVfwBiR
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