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  1. Well, wish I had found this book three years ago... Would have helped me understand the issue better. What bothers me now, knowing this, is that the shop that sold it to me, sold it as a stock factory rebuild... Yes, I went back to factory specs on the engine, although you cannot get the CJ camshaft today, there are very close spec'd cam's out there that I was able to purchase. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Nice car... I remember that dealership as well. I grew up in Toronto and was fire fighter there for 30 years... I feel your pain and then some with the costs here. I gave up on Canadian 71-3's due to the significant rust issues with most here... However, buying them out of the USofA has taken a significant hit on the wallet... My two 71-3's I own today are AZ and Cali car's. Love the white paint!
  3. Three years ago I finished the complete rotisserie restoration of my 71 429cj vert. During that time, I have endured significant operational issues with a supposedly concourse and date matching rebuilt Quadrajet carb that I purchased for $1400.00 US$ ($2000.00+) when I converted and paid in Cdn. $$. During this time, I have only put less then 50 mi on the car and rarely run it as I cannot afford to damage the very expensive engine rebuild... I bought this numbers matching, supposedly correctly rebuilt carb from a shop in New Jersey, who's name will remain hidden as this is not a post meant to
  4. Looks really nice Jeff. It is easy to move forward with the build once you decide how you will use the car... I'm like you were, today with my 71 J Code Vert as the costs to complete the rotisserie restoration were beyond prohibitive... It sits in the garage lol. In fairness, I have had Q-Jet issues since completing the car (the carb is actually in Texas now being gone over by I hope, is an expert on these carb's...), but it would not see much road time in any event. That is why I bought my Q-Code 4-spd Coupe, although pretty original, has never been restored and I just drive it. Enjoy your ri
  5. Sorry, that PDF mark up you posted is terrible... we will now have alternate variations of the factory application. The only difference at the factory was the side to side variance, depending how the worker placed it on the hood. Even then, it was minor. If someone wants the dimensions they can ask... Since i posted this, another member here has been talking about his car and hood, so I don't say anything...
  6. I can confirm the stencil is not correct as delivered (unless it has been revised, which I highly doubt...). It has to be cut to properly fit the hood. It is close, but not close enough... Just my .02 cents.
  7. Just checked my parts bin... I have a new Ignitor II and the Flame thrower 0,6 ohm coil... Will this work as a direct bolt in or do I have to address the resistor wire? What should I do to ensure the engine runs good? BTW, I don't have a tach... Thanks
  8. I always figured my 71 J Code Vert to be in the 3800lb range ( not including gas...). The Vert frame set up, all inclusive, adds 200 lbs +\- and the big block 100-150 lbs. I will have to get it weighed one day...
  9. One of the worst additions to the hardtop body style IMO.
  10. Picked up this 86 300Z as something different to play with when I need a break from the stang’s... I wanted the earlier 70’s version, but are few and far between today. Most have been altered severely and I like my car’s original... Lots of projects for the winter now...
  11. TommyK, I am aware of the various group’s online and have conversed on the matter. I have spent quite amount of time learning about them. I had my first J Code back in 1992. The only problem I had with it was the leaking well’s. Everyone has an opinion on my carb. Concensus is very hard to come by concerning how to fix these carb’s. The biggest obstacle is the fact that Ford decided to take a GM Carb (at the last minute) and modify to satisfy emissions back in the day. They were never a good fit on these engines IMO. We will see how it play’s out. Thanks
  12. Finally decided to send my original factory Rochester Q-Jet Carburetor to a reputable rebuild company to have them dissemble and confirm first, that it is what it is suppose to be inside and secondly determine and correct any issues... As most here have no use for a Q-Jet Carb on our car’s, this post will not be much help, but, for those of us having to deal with these carb’s on our original car’s; it makes a difference. Spent three year’s trying to sort this thing out after spending $1500 for it in 2016. Was rebuilt to show quality by a company in New Jersey, date and number
  13. I searched a long time for my dealer emblem. I had to do some restoration work on it before installing on the car. As with everything on these car’s, when it comes to rare or obscure parts; patience and perseverance are the key. If you see it, jump on it!
  14. To clarify again... the eBay $27500 car price is not to be mistaken as the selling price for all future 71 J Code car’s... That sale was a blip, it happens. Their was uncertainty with the overall condition of the car, because, I had my finger on the button to buy it as the auction was coming to a close. I decided against it because I just was not convinced at the time. These cars in very good restored or original condition will bring appropriate top $$, just like the B1’s. My opinion... Yes... it will cost a bundle to restore a J or C Code to a high level. It’s worse for those
  15. I use battery chargers/trickle Chargers all the time. Three of them...
  16. A quick look at 5 pictures and the write up and then I walked.... They can’t even get the 5th digit of the VIN correct.... The paint and exterior finishes are incorrect. Enough for me to say not for that coin....
  17. Guns and hockey sticks? Haha. Hockey is a man to man sport. Gun’s? well, an American past time I guess... I’ll “stick” to playing hockey, Thanks.
  18. You go on an on and on... but, not in a convincing manner. Should be a nice camaro out there for you somewhere...
  19. Nice write up... To save my original J Code (429CJ) block, required sleeving one cylinder due to a bore imperfection we found that could not be restored through a further re-bore process. The engine was already at 40 over and had been rebuilt at least twice previously albeit, poorly. How this block survived all these year’s is a testament to the durability of these engines. In the end, after carefully discussing all options with my engine builder I asked that he sleeve all 8 cylinders back to original factory bore dimensions. Money well spent in my books....
  20. Such a downer response... I have to ask why you own this year of car? I’m tired of reading why these car’s are so bad in your opinion... I think they are awesome. A Mach1 (although I don’t own one today); are great looking and performing machines, for its day. They were more than plastic and wording, they gave the owner the enjoyment of thinking they were driving an upgraded performance car. Nothing wrong with that.
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