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  1. Cheap Cdn dollars?? No such thing. Very expensive to get those here in Canada. From what I see, USA inflation is heading North… prices are rising and nothing will be cheap anywhere anymore…
  2. When this issue was discussed on the 429 site back in the mid 90’s, we learned that this was one of those items that not all 71 BB Mustang’s received… Similar to the fender top splash shields by the door’s… My two 71 429 car’s that I have owned show no evidence of these shields ever being installed ( based on the lack of the shield securing holes on the frame…). I went out and bought an NOS shield, but never installed it on either car because of the lack of proof it was originally installed at the factory…
  3. It’s a process… the only advice I would give is to completely assemble the dash and its components outside the car and then install the assembly as a unit. Everything else is pretty straightforward IMO. Enjoy.
  4. As I recall when I did mine, I did something similar to what you state. As I was determined to maintain the slightly off centred T, I did place the two outer letters at the approx locations and then worked on the distances for the U and S in between the M and T as well as the A and N in between T and G to finalize the spacing.
  5. I disagree on the centring. I have researched many original 71 model year car’s on this specific aspect. Can you provide some backup to that statement? I have numerous photos of original applications showing the slight off centred (to the trunk lock) application. Again, do as one pleases, these cars are becoming quite watered down as the years go by…
  6. I believe the “T” is just off centre to the right ever so slightly… My research anyway…
  7. I have gotten a few 71-3 everyday parts off Rock Auto delivered North of the Border and a ton of parts over the last year for my 300 ZX. Love Rock Auto for parts and they ship quick and reasonable (all duties included). It is getting harder to find older car parts here though…
  8. I would rethink the use of air shocks long term on these cars. When I bought my 71 Vert, the trunk pan was cracked on both sides as well as the upper shock supports on the underside of the car. Granted, the car was driven hard in its former life and is an original 429 car…
  9. I think there was mention of this recently here... Its at $85K currently.
  10. I could not alter from original on this car… Too bad you did not know of Ray Klemm, just as knowledgeable as Cliff and lives down the street from him so they work together on difficult builds, such as mine. These are good carbs once dialled in properly and I don’t drive mine much… No doubt the sniper set up is nice as the ability to monitor air fuel mixture on these engines would be nice. Enjoy the drive.
  11. Can you tell if they incorporated the grain pattern? If so, this would be a nice option for those looking for the original look on these panels. Most existing panels today have probably lost a portion of the grain appearance over the years. Comes down to how original you are seeking. I would definitely consider if I had a nice set , uncut, but needing a refresh and was doing a complete restoration of a car. As mentioned, won’t be cheap, but you are unlikely to ever find a near NOS set today….
  12. I’d like to see the end result on those. I’m sure it would be pretty good overall. The color match is a bonus, for sure.
  13. I’m curious what Just Dashes does to restore these? Do they just redo the colour or can they address the damaged grain pattern due to the UV exposure? My original speaker cut out versions were heavily UV affected (AZ car) and I basically had to sand them smooth I order to redo them properly. My new panels have 95% grain intact, just a little wear up at the buckle area.
  14. Thx. Time, perseverance, money and finding the right pieces if you need them. Sounds like you know what you want to do, hope it comes to fruition for you.
  15. Thx. I know how important it is too you also, hope u find a decent set to work with. As I mentioned, I’ll keep my eye open for you also.?
  16. Finished the refurbishing and reinstalling on the 71 Standard Interior (Base) Convertible rear seat side panels. Faux speakers covers are gone and the interior is now back to factory appearance. A bit of delicate work, I changed over the new (at the time) side panel wind lace and the new top window felt piece (I even reused the original staples from the factory so the appearance is correct). I installed new (3 pcs. On each panel) tonneau cover buckle snaps as well. A nice job to finally have completed and I can now enjoy looking in the back seat area…
  17. I’ve had more Ginger interior ‘stangs then any other, love ‘em. The exterior colour makes it pop. Very nice ride👍
  18. I’m interested in the 71 telescoping antenna please. I’ll send you a DM. Thanks
  19. Have been buying only these for forty years… Tried a newer 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca a few years back, got bored fast and sold it…. I prefer the Big Block versions all day long, but I also love the Cleveland’s, so I have one of each. I doubt I will buy another as I have reached retirement age. I will just enjoy maintaining the 71 and 73 car’s I have now. But…, if a B1 dropped into my lap, I guess I would make some room for it))). I bought a 86 300ZX last Fall, it has been a handful to get road worthy to the level I like the a car to be, but finally achieved that and enjoy driving it as something different.
  20. Well I can attest to the fact that Precision Exhaust has similar issues with their kits. I first bought a complete factory style exhaust kit for my J Code Vert. The H-Pipe had a weird bend on the driver side which sits about an inch lower then the passenger side. This created a problem for me anytime I wanted to drive the car over my scissor Jack as it would hit. I had to make 15 ft long ramps for the car to drive up on anytime I wanted to drive over the scissor lift, PIA… Additionally, the bend at the end of the H-Pipe was not quite right and affected how my mufflers sit in the system. I then bought a complete exhaust kit for my 73 351 H Code Vert. It was much better overall, but as noted above, the H-Pipe was to wide and would not bolt up to the exhaust manifolds. I had a local exhaust shop tweak it and then that system fit perfectly… My overall observation based on two complete exhaust systems I purchased from Precision Exhaust is that the quality is excellent but, the bends need to be confirmed before shipping out to a customer. They advertise as being a company that sells exact fitting factory style exhaust systems, so the onus is on them to ensure they live up to this claim.
  21. The odometer in the video reads 95,984mi today. That’s a grand total of 90 miles I’ve put on the car since I owned it, lol
  22. I’ll keep an eye open for you too. Do have the exact same as mine or with the ash tray?
  23. In ‘71, the rear seat belts (all four pieces)on my Vert came up from the rear of the seat, therefore, no cut indentation’s in the actual rear side interior panels as seen on later years. Additionally, the 71 Vert’s did not come with the rear passenger side ashtray unless you upgraded to an interior optioned package… So finding exact replacement interior rear panels for my car was a challenge… Initially, after searching for nearly three years, I was unable to locate factory original replacements that were in near NOS condition, so I restored the originals in my car c/w the speaker covers. Then one day on ehay, I came across a set that had been pulled out of a car 30 years ago and stored… Buy it now price: $200 including shipping… I live in Canada and the seller honoured the shipping inclusion (which in my estimation would have cost at least $100, if not more due to the package size). Great score IMO. The only down side was that they are vermillion and I will have to unfortunately redo them in white. I have now pulled the originals and will now start the process of changing over to these exceptionally nice and rare… 71 only interior rear panels. Other then still having to change out the “BELTS” light on the dash (another rare and near NOS piece I was able to acquire a couple years ago), this changeover will complete the interior restoration of the car. It’s a bit of work as you have to install a new windlace piece in matching colour and the top window chrome/felt piece. These were stapled into place at the factory and I ensure the staples are reused on the new panels. PIA, but must be done. I’ll update this if anyone is interested when I am finished the switchover.
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