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  1. Welcome from Texas! Nice reunion! Post pics and your work ideas.
  2. Welcome from League City Texas! Post more pics and let us know what your pony has under the hood, tranny, etc. Interior pics would be good too!
  3. Hey Dude! Welcome from League City Texas! post some pics and more info. eBay has your bumper! Search for 1973 Mustang front bumper. I tried to load the link but it wont open. Always check eBay as parts are always available from time to time. Admire your dedication to your Stang!
  4. Welcome from League City TX! Very NICE! More pics please!
  5. Bobby


    Welcome from League City TX! Tell us more about your slick pony! What year, coding and your efforts.
  6. Welcome from League City, TX. Sounds like you have the drive and will to learn. Good luck and post more pics!
  7. Welcome from League City Texas! looks like a good barn save. Like to know how you do on the 4 speed conversion.
  8. Welcome from League City, TX! She looks wonderful! Post more pics when you take delivery.
  9. What kind or brand of carb do you have? Different carb manufacturers have particular problems. Sounds as though there may be a fuel flow problem from the pump or maybe your floats inside the carb need to be adjusted.
  10. Welcome from League City TX! She shore is sweet looking! Post more pics of the side, interior and most of all.....the engine!
  11. Welcome from League City TX! Nice clean ride. Keep the pics coming. Status the restoration when you can with lotsa pics!
  12. Welcome from League City TX! Make sure that your electrical devices work. My 72 Mach 1 almost burned down after I fixed the signal lights. The wiring was a modified mess! Smoke billowed from under the dash when I tried to back out of my garage. Replaced the entire wiring harness. All is good now!
  13. Welcome aboard. You've got quite a history with your steed......any more history to come!
  14. Hello FNG! Welcome to the fold! Nice and slick ride you have there! Post some pics of the engine and interior. I am very envious that you have a stick. All Hot Rods should have a stick shift. I am stuck with a C6 auto. I have looked into converting to a 4-speed toploader but it appears to be cost prohibitive. I'll just live with what I have. Anyway nice ride!!!
  15. Welcome aboard from League City Texas! Post some pics. Love to see what it looks like now and as your restoration process progresses!
  16. Welcome from League City in the Lone Star State! Hope you get all you want out of this gem! Keep up the good work!
  17. Welcome to the fold from League City Texas!. Hope you can get it fixed up to yore good taste.
  18. Welcome aboard from League City, Texas Joe! What are your plans for your new steed?
  19. Welcome aboard from League City Texas! Good luck with your efforts! Keep posting pics.
  20. Welcome from League City TX! Can I be in your Will???
  21. Welcome from League City TX! Sound like you have things well in hand!
  22. its a 72 but I kinda wish it was s 71 with a hotter engine. It came with the neutered 351C 2V engine. Mine was also Wimbledon white but painted black during its restoration in the early 2000s. Will be getting a rebuild with better heads and a hotter cam. You must keep all of us posted with progress pics.
  23. Welcome aboard from League City Texas! Good luck with your project!
  24. Welcome to the fold! Post more pics! The best thing to do is dual out your exhaust system, add headers and low restrictive mufflers. That'll cost you about $1.5K if you go to a reputable exhaust shop. Do your research and speak with reputable mechanics to make an informed decision. That will help and you can upgrade your intake manifold and carb to 4 barrel and that would add another 1.5K or so. without increasing airflow into the engine, upgrading your exhaust will only help so much.
  25. Welcome from Texas! Sweet looking ride.....but we need more pics!.....especially of the engine compartment.
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