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  1. BTW, Thanks for the compliment! Yours is very slick as well! I had to replace the interior of mine after I purchased it. Riddled with mold! I installed two new Procar II leather reclining seats with adjustable lumbar. I took the back seats to an upholstery shop and had them replicate the design of the new front seats but in vinyl. They fabricated new cushions and had blasted the frame and repainted. All new....pricey but new!
  2. I searched high and low for headers that were PS compatible but just kept coming short. I spoke with the Sanderson Techs and they assured me that it was. If you have your mind set on Hooker, you might want to do the same before your order. Also, very important, check the condition of your engine mounts. The muffler guy that did my exhaust system (including the Sanderson Header install) told me that my engine mounts were worn and needed replacement. He had much difficulty routing the exhaust to get by the mounts and the left header was touching the piping. I ordered new mounts and install
  3. Do you have power steering? Many of the headers available are not compatible with power steering. I have PS on my 72 Mach 1 and I used Sanderson Headers that are compatible with PS.
  4. Nice slick ride!! Welcome aboard from Houston, TX! Mo Pics Please!!!
  5. Bobby


    Welcome from Houston, TX! Nice to see that you are now living the dream! Congrats and best of fortune to you in your efforts!
  6. Welcome from Houston, TX! Try CJ Pony Parts, Summit Racing and National Parts Depot to start.
  7. Thanks Alistair! Its been a journey for sure. It was gorgeous when I bought her but she definitely had issues. brakes, steering, interior infested with mold, electrical issues....on and on. Finished her finally but cant take her anywhere with this COVID
  8. Welcome from Houston, Texas, USA!! Wish you the best of luck in your efforts. Keep us informed!
  9. Welcome fellow Texan, from Houston! Nice ride! Hope to hear more about your steed.
  10. Welcome from Houston TX! I wouldn't worry too much about what is or isn't on your Stang. I purchased my 72 Mach 1 H Code just over 2 years ago. It came with a restored body and rebuilt engine and a C6 in place of the FMX. The Marti Report has indicated that very little of the original equipment and paint exists. I made substantial changes just to get my Babe road worthy and safe to drive.....plus restoring the Ram Air system with repro parts and replacing the entire interior. Replaced the steering system, braking system (Wilwood), A/C system, electrical system along with new wheels and t
  11. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Slick ride! Nice shot of your engine and your fingertip! Looks like you've got everything under control too!
  12. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Let's see some pics!
  13. BTW, eBay, National Parts Depot, CJ Pony Parts and Summit Racing will start you off very well with your parts needs.
  14. Congrats and welcome from Houston, Texas!
  15. Bobby


    In addition to the previously posted definitions from others: 63D is sports roof with standard interior buckets, 6E is exterior medium bright yellow, AF is interior trim is ginger vinyl, axle 6 is 3.00:1 differential ratio, W transmission is C4 Automatic, DSO is District Sales office 71 which is Los Angles. 63D is sports roof standard interior
  16. Bobby


  17. Bobby


    Welcome from Houston, TX! What is your VIN number?
  18. Welcome from Houston, TX! Sweet ride! I like the original steering wheel. What else does your steed have?
  19. Welcome from Houston, TX! Post some additional pics and give us some specs!
  20. Welcome back from Houston, TX! Have any pics?
  21. Welcome aboard from Houston, TX! Post some pics an tell us about it!
  22. Beautiful ride! Looks like you're mostly there. Good luck and welcome from Houston Texas!
  23. Welcome from Houston, Texas!
  24. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Looks like you have your hands full! Good luck and keep us posted!
  25. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Tell us about your cool ride!!
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