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  1. Welcome from Houston, TX! Sweet ride and a lot of hard work. She looks great!
  2. Welcome from Houston Texas! Patience and perseverance! Good Luck!
  3. Welcome from Houston, Texas!! Nice ride. Seen some gorgeous 71-73 Coogs online hope you get her in running prime!
  4. Hello from Houston Texas! My what a lovely herd of Stangs in your stable!!!
  5. Bobby

    Hey i`m new

    Welcome from Houston, Texas!
  6. Welcome from Texas! Sweet ride!
  7. Hello and welcome from Texas!!!
  8. Welcome aboard from Texas!
  9. Welcome from Texas! Great looking steed. What a car to hit the ground running!
  10. Welcome from Texas! Are you going for a total restoration or just get it track ready only?
  11. Welcome fellow Texan from Houston! Hope you make great progress. I know she'll look great!
  12. Cmon dude! Lets have some pics! Welcome from the Great State of Texas!!!
  13. Bobby

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    Nice! Welcome aboard!
  14. Bobby


    Hey Mark, Sorry for the tardy reply. I dont seem to be getting alerts that there are any posts or replies to my comments. I had to get my steering column rebuilt. I contacted West Coast Cougar since they had a YouTube video with their expert advertising easy rebuilds. However, the old man doing the rebuilds retired. They referred me to a fella in Missouri that did. I contacted this guy and arranged to have my column sent to him. He received it and did tell me that steering columns was only a part time gig and that he had regular full time employment. Understood. However, it took
  15. Bobby

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    Welcome aboard from Texas!
  16. Check with CJ Pony parts. They have some fiberglass reproduction pillars.
  17. Welcome to the fold from Texas!
  18. Welcome to the fold from Texas! You've did very well! Let us know what she's like, extra pics and what you might do to her!
  19. Hello from Texas! Looks like you've got your work cut out. I myself have not had my first hot rod until I was 55 (Last Year!). I bought a 72 Mach 1 that was mostly restored in body and mechanics but the brakes, steering, interior and electrical were all shot. Spent many months getting what i could done. Anyway the pic of the label from the valve cover that you posted indicates that it is a Windsor engine. Here is a link for IDing the difference. https://www.vintage-mustang.com/topics/faq/351windsorcleveland.html Hi all. New member here. Turned 40 years old last week and bou
  20. Replied to your original posting that new repros are available on ebay and the door panels are also available on the net but also mostly come in black. The console would require painted to match your original if your interior isnt already black. There is a wealth of parts out there on eBay, CJ Pony, Summit Racing etc. but they do not always fit or are incorrect so keep all shipping boxes and invoices for the returns. Here is an eBay link for the console. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Ford-Mustang-1971-1973-ACP-Center-Console-Assembled/283509286658?fits=Year%3A1973%7CModel%3AMustang&a
  21. Bobby

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    Welcome from Houston! Hope you enjoy. You can find a center console new repro on eBay for $600 to $700 in black so they would need to be painted to match exisitng. Door panels are a problem. New repros available on CJ Pony Parts but they are incomplete and require much modification and fitting.
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