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    Welcome from Houston, TX! What is your VIN number?
  3. Welcome from Houston, TX! Sweet ride! I like the original steering wheel. What else does your steed have?
  4. Welcome from Houston, TX! Post some additional pics and give us some specs!
  5. Welcome back from Houston, TX! Have any pics?
  6. Welcome aboard from Houston, TX! Post some pics an tell us about it!
  7. Beautiful ride! Looks like you're mostly there. Good luck and welcome from Houston Texas!
  8. Welcome from Houston, Texas!
  9. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Looks like you have your hands full! Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. Welcome from Houston, Texas! Tell us about your cool ride!!
  11. Welcome from Houston, TX! Sweet ride and a lot of hard work. She looks great!
  12. Welcome from Houston Texas! Patience and perseverance! Good Luck!
  13. Welcome from Houston, Texas!! Nice ride. Seen some gorgeous 71-73 Coogs online hope you get her in running prime!
  14. Hello from Houston Texas! My what a lovely herd of Stangs in your stable!!!
  15. Bobby

    Hey i`m new

    Welcome from Houston, Texas!
  16. Welcome from Texas! Sweet ride!
  17. Hello and welcome from Texas!!!
  18. Welcome aboard from Texas!
  19. Welcome from Texas! Great looking steed. What a car to hit the ground running!
  20. Welcome from Texas! Are you going for a total restoration or just get it track ready only?
  21. Welcome fellow Texan from Houston! Hope you make great progress. I know she'll look great!
  22. Cmon dude! Lets have some pics! Welcome from the Great State of Texas!!!
  23. Bobby

    New member

    Nice! Welcome aboard!
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