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    Since its not a daily driver and I am getting this carb from a reputable rebuilder, I have confidence but I will still retain the Edelbrock 4V carb...just in case!
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    Hey all, since this is not a daily driver, I still have a desire for the early 70's flavor of things. According to the Marti report and what I have observed, there is very little original to this car except the rotten interior. The Marti Report clearly states that this Mach 1 was originally white with an FMX tranny and a 2.75 diff.....and even that was not original according the fella that rebuilt the diff to a 3.25. Anything back from the 70s has probably been wrecked and modified to the owners personal taste. I have retained the Edelbrock 4V carb in the event that things dont work out wi
  3. Bobby


    Hello all, I joined a few months back but have been busy with family issues and trying to figure out how to post a thread. As soon as I sent a message asking for help, I figured it out. Anyway I purchased a 1972 Mach 1 last April on eBay. It was very attractive in its pics. When I asked the seller specific questions about it, he was curiously ignorant. I didn't know if the was playing dumb or if he was just a poor clueless bastard. Anyway I negotiated a "decent" price and with some difficulty, I managed to get a transport company to deliver for a thousand bills. Upon first glance,
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