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    1972 Mustang Convertible - Current Project. Almost 30 YEARS since my last Mustang !

    1968 Mustang 6cyl to 351 swap 1984-1990 (boy do I miss it).
    1979 CAPRI RS Turbo 2.3 / 4-speed 1986-1988 Daily Driver
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  1. These look almost identical to the rims on my 1991 Jag XJ-S. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of that car. Very Cool. I'm guessing that was a concept car? The front grille reminds me of a Barracuda.
  2. I'll check out those Crown Vic rims. Thanks. That's kind of what I'm looking for - some "different options" just in case. I was checking out that chart that Dodgestang put together. Lots of good info there / different cars with same bolt patterns etc. (Didn't realize some of the Ford Full size cars had the same bolt pattern center hub size). Depending on backspace, there could be some options there. All this research and I'll probably just find a set of old school aluminum slots ! (Which I think look good on these cars)...
  3. Anyone running other Ford Rims on their Mustang from cars such as Cougar, Torino , other cars ? I've seen a few 71 - 73's with the GT 10 hole style rims that I like (as an example) and various other old rims of the era. I'm looking for something a little different than say a newer mustang 5 spoke with spacers or other 5-spoke rims etc. (Although that' pretty much what I may wind up with). I do also like the magnum 500's and that's another rim that I'm leaning towards, but I'm just trying to get other ideas and think outside the box a little bit. I'm kind of wondering if there's some o
  4. Welcome from PA ! Just keep plugging away , one item at a time, and you'll get it done !
  5. I've owned a 1986 Jag XJ-S V-12 and currently still own a 1991 XJ-S V-12. So... yeah....... I'm kind of familiar with Lucas !!!! Everything with the Lucas name is a nightmare...
  6. I made a nice find this weekend. We had to go to the Dewey Beach DE area to visit a friend who is in the hospital. Although my wife isn't "too fond" of "car part shopping" on the way to vacations, family events, anniversary trips etc, she does tolerate it ..... in some cases !!! (I keep track of how many times I need to be subjected to a "Christmas Store" or a craft shop etc..... then use that to my advantage !!! ) I did a few extended area Craigslist searches the night before........So we made a half hour detour along the PA/DE border and I found a nice original / OEM NACA hood for l
  7. Wow, that does look similar. I've seen a few 71-72's with body colored painted bumpers to "mimic" the 73 look. I'm going to paint my hood and fender trim, and I'm considering doing the bumpers in body color. I may change my mind, but I've liked the ones I've seen. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  8. I wanted to thank everyone who sent a Welcome on the introduction page. I bought my first Mustang around late 1983 (a 68 Coupe). I was 15 years old. Since then, I've had 3-4 mustangs that I've restored (to varying degrees). It's been about 27 years since my last Mustang. I got into Corvettes, 3rd Gen Camaro / Firebird and Buick Grand Nationals (as well as some other toys), so I've been away from Ford (Other than my '98 F-150 4.6 - 5-Speed Step Side) and I thought I'd post a few pics of my current project. Sorry about the pics. The car is in an "odd spot" in my driveway, but as
  9. Thanks guys. Pics to follow. Just taking some pics and video of it today. I even took a picture of it by the barn it was sitting in! I so badly wanted to get a pic with it inside the stall (preferably with a horse in the next stall ) !!!, but the owner drug it out when he listed it for sale so people could get a good look at it. That would have been an amazing Before Picture ! I'll get a few pics up (along with a build thread at some point)..
  10. I just wanted to post a quick introduction. My name is Brian and it's been about 27 years since my last Mustang (sounds like a confession, I know.), and 36 years since I bought my first Mustang. . I'm now 50 years old ..... and still car crazy.. I bought my first Mustang (a 1968 coupe) in 1984 (about 1.5 years BEFORE I got my learners permit). I needed to have it completed and painted by the time I was able to drive. And it was. I'll post a pic at some point. When it was done, I convinced my dad that it was too nice to drive and "beat up" as a daily driver, so I picked up and 1
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