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    1972 Mustang Convertible - Current Project. Almost 30 YEARS since my last Mustang !

    1968 Mustang 6cyl to 351 swap 1984-1990 (boy do I miss it).
    1979 CAPRI RS Turbo 2.3 / 4-speed 1986-1988 Daily Driver
    1984 Mustang GT - Manual - 1988-1992


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  1. These look almost identical to the rims on my 1991 Jag XJ-S. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of that car. Very Cool. I'm guessing that was a concept car? The front grille reminds me of a Barracuda.
  2. I'll check out those Crown Vic rims. Thanks. That's kind of what I'm looking for - some "different options" just in case. I was checking out that chart that Dodgestang put together. Lots of good info there / different cars with same bolt patterns etc. (Didn't realize some of the Ford Full size cars had the same bolt pattern center hub size). Depending on backspace, there could be some options there. All this research and I'll probably just find a set of old school aluminum slots ! (Which I think look good on these cars)...
  3. Anyone running other Ford Rims on their Mustang from cars such as Cougar, Torino , other cars ? I've seen a few 71 - 73's with the GT 10 hole style rims that I like (as an example) and various other old rims of the era. I'm looking for something a little different than say a newer mustang 5 spoke with spacers or other 5-spoke rims etc. (Although that' pretty much what I may wind up with). I do also like the magnum 500's and that's another rim that I'm leaning towards, but I'm just trying to get other ideas and think outside the box a little bit. I'm kind of wondering if there's some other factory style ford / mercury etc rim that may be appealing / different. (Hey maybe even Dodge ! - Ooops, did I just say that out loud ??? :-) I'd rather stay with 15's on this car, but I'm not completely married to that, i'm flexible. I don't much care for 17" + rims and low profile tires on this particular car. Maybe it's the body style, but i just keep leaning toward a 15" with some sidewall / traditional look . I've done a C3 Corvette and 68 Camaro Resto Mod type project and I'm not looking do do that this time. Pics would be appreciated.
  4. Welcome from PA ! Just keep plugging away , one item at a time, and you'll get it done !
  5. I've owned a 1986 Jag XJ-S V-12 and currently still own a 1991 XJ-S V-12. So... yeah....... I'm kind of familiar with Lucas !!!! Everything with the Lucas name is a nightmare...
  6. I made a nice find this weekend. We had to go to the Dewey Beach DE area to visit a friend who is in the hospital. Although my wife isn't "too fond" of "car part shopping" on the way to vacations, family events, anniversary trips etc, she does tolerate it ..... in some cases !!! (I keep track of how many times I need to be subjected to a "Christmas Store" or a craft shop etc..... then use that to my advantage !!! ) I did a few extended area Craigslist searches the night before........So we made a half hour detour along the PA/DE border and I found a nice original / OEM NACA hood for less than the price of a replica hood. It was dug out of the back of "his mom's garage", where it's been sitting since 1991. It's in really great shape with no damage, includes the factory vents and inserts and just needs some minor / normal prep for paint. Nice find for sure. It appears (from the underside .... and under the primer on the outside...... that it was once factory yellow. So I can now check the hood "off my list". And as a bonus, it includes the front trim piece that my car is missing. Now all I need to track down (or buy new) is the passenger fender trim piece and I'll be all set. where the sidewalk ends full poem
  7. Wow, that does look similar. I've seen a few 71-72's with body colored painted bumpers to "mimic" the 73 look. I'm going to paint my hood and fender trim, and I'm considering doing the bumpers in body color. I may change my mind, but I've liked the ones I've seen. Thanks everyone for the comments.
  8. I wanted to thank everyone who sent a Welcome on the introduction page. I bought my first Mustang around late 1983 (a 68 Coupe). I was 15 years old. Since then, I've had 3-4 mustangs that I've restored (to varying degrees). It's been about 27 years since my last Mustang. I got into Corvettes, 3rd Gen Camaro / Firebird and Buick Grand Nationals (as well as some other toys), so I've been away from Ford (Other than my '98 F-150 4.6 - 5-Speed Step Side) and I thought I'd post a few pics of my current project. Sorry about the pics. The car is in an "odd spot" in my driveway, but as I move it into one of the garages and start work, I'll get some better pics. This 72 has been in storage since 1983 (In a horse stall !! How Appropriate for a Mustang!)...... and even though it's "aired out" over the last week or so, it sill has just a slight "scent of horse" lollerz It's a very clean 49k original mile Convertible w/ 302 2v / Auto, Deluxe interior. It has had a little amount of bondo from years ago, but the body is in really nice shape considering how rotted out these cars can be. It still has the original exhaust pipes, muffler and hangers. The underside has a "super solid" front end / shock towers, aprons, cowls, ... everything is rust free. Front torque boxes are great. Slight rot on the INNER rockers and 1 small spot on the drivers side floor. Little rot on driver rear torque box and that's about it. Original A/C car, and A/C compressor still kicks on, does not squeal etc ! (I don't want to waste any R-12 on it at this point- but it looks like it's fully functional). Some minor rust on the taillight panel and a minimal amount on rear quarters / lower section. Some minor rust that was repaired and bondo'd around the fender flares. Everything else is fantastic. I don't really "do bondo" and this car is worth new metal, so I'll be doing brand new sheet metal for the taillight panel, quarter panels. I don't normally like to patch rockers on unibody type cars, so I'll most likely do outer rockers as well. I have to admit, for the last 15-20 years, I've been "spoiled" with the c3 corvettes I've had (and still own), by just being able to lift the body off the frame and repair / fabricate anything I need to! Little more work on the Mustang "undersides"... (I have a few ideas in mind for the body / paint / wheels etc). I "oiled up" the cylinders, installed new cap, rotor, points, fuel pump (Drained the tank and I'm running off a gas can to the pump inlet). Pulled distributor and primed the engine. I let it sit for a day or so, cranked great by hand. ...... And she fired right up - barely cranked. Idles good, no oil / coolant / other leaks. Back drums were seized up. Took me a few hours to get them removed with some gentle prying. Drivers side is still functional / cleaned up until everything gets replaced. Pass side, hardware corroded. Left drum off for now. Car moves and stops (kind of) in the driveway. Convertible top works great !! Going over it today / making list to order the sheet metal.... so more to follow: Looking at a Mach-1 Hood (original) this weekend. A bit of a drive, but worth it. I'll be posting in the classified section for the missing hood trim piece and missing passenger side fender piece. Hopefully I can find some fairly "cost effective" used ones (I'm going to paint body color).... before I have to buy new ones at some point. MORE TO COME.. In background: 1991 V-12 Jag XJ-S, 1979 Trans-Am, 1976 Corvette (under Cover)... subaru brz 0 60
  9. Thanks guys. Pics to follow. Just taking some pics and video of it today. I even took a picture of it by the barn it was sitting in! I so badly wanted to get a pic with it inside the stall (preferably with a horse in the next stall ) !!!, but the owner drug it out when he listed it for sale so people could get a good look at it. That would have been an amazing Before Picture ! I'll get a few pics up (along with a build thread at some point)..
  10. I just wanted to post a quick introduction. My name is Brian and it's been about 27 years since my last Mustang (sounds like a confession, I know.), and 36 years since I bought my first Mustang. . I'm now 50 years old ..... and still car crazy.. I bought my first Mustang (a 1968 coupe) in 1984 (about 1.5 years BEFORE I got my learners permit). I needed to have it completed and painted by the time I was able to drive. And it was. I'll post a pic at some point. When it was done, I convinced my dad that it was too nice to drive and "beat up" as a daily driver, so I picked up and 1979 Capri RS Turbo 2.3 - 4-Speed as my daily driver while I continued to modify the 68. Eventually, I picked up a 1984 GT 5-speed as a daily driver. (when a drunk guy hit and totaled the '79 RS - and almost killed me). In the late 80's I bought my first Grand National (have had 3) and '83 Hurst Olds (30,000 miles which I still own). I then got into restoring and modifying C3 Corvettes along with frame modifications / custom frames etc. I Currently own 2- 1976's both L-82 4-speed cars - One now being a 383 4-speed). I've got a few more toys "in the garage" and have had (and my wife loves this), appx 12 3rd Gen Z-28's and Trans-Ams (just sold my '87 Iroc 383 6 speed conversion 2 weeks ago). I was due for another project, so I picked up a 1972 Convertible 302 / Auto. I have a few ideas from years ago when I wanted to pick up one of these cars. (Which honestly, I never cared for when I had the 68). Honestly, over the years, they have gotten better to me. They are a nice looking car, that took me awhile to really appreciate. This car has an interesting story - like most do. Right now it smells like a Horse Stall ! Yes.... (And I know how Ironic that is, being a Mustang). The abbreviated story. Bought new by an older gentleman in 1972. Driven until 1983 (original 49K miles) when it was replaced by another car. Sat in the garage until it was sold in 1999 to someone who wanted to restore (after he finished his current project)....... Well, that never happened. The car was moved into a horse stall at a horse farm where it sat from 1999 until 2 weeks ago. It has the last inspection sticker (expiring 1984), has the original muffler and exhaust pipes, original top (perfect shape but one tear - it's a shame). It's an A/C car and the engine is completely / 100% untouched. Even the retaining clips holding the A/C hoses are there. Nothing Hacked up / modified or changed. Looks just like it did in 1972. The dash (in great shape) even has the original safety sticker right in the center of it. It was never removed. It has the untouched AM/FM radio, console, A few dry rotted seams in the deluxe interior. It was driving for 10-12 years in PA and NJ so it did have a slight amount of rust around the wheel wells, which was taken care of with a little "mud" Back in the Day, and the car was painted. It had some 1/4 panel rot which was also "Mudded". A tiny spot in the driver floor, and taillight panel but overall a very sold car. I don't mess with bondo, so the car will be getting all new sheet metal where it needs it. Inner and outer rockers look good at first glance, and torque boxes (only the rear driver) show just a bit of rot, which I will be replacing them as well. The shock towers are awesome, the firewall etc, / the front of the car and underside is perfect. Fenders, doors and upper quarters are fantastic. Little bondo around rear fender wells. Over all a great car to start with.,.. I need to immediately get the carpet out as it smells like the Barn it was in. I have an air ionizer in there now and even though the seats are nice, except for the bottoms, I'll most likely need to do foam and upholstery since that may "hold a bit of odor". Looking forward to posting progress, and glad to be on the forum
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