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    Currently don’t have one but looking for a 71-73 mach 1


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  1. Here is a picture of the trunk without the paint, what would you say is a fair price for the car? TIA
  2. Hello I came across this car in my area, I don’t really know much about these cars and was hoping to get some opinions on what do you guys think it’s worth. Personally I think he has it priced too high but like I said I’m not really experienced. Thanks https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/cto/d/la-vernia-1972-mach-1-fastback/6905342750.html
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/366961500655337/
  4. hello came across this 73 Mach 1 on Facebook marketplace. What do you guys think it is worth? It is numbers matching but needs a ton of interior work Description: “1973 Mustang Mach 1, 351 Cleveland, C6 automatic transmission. It has recently gotten new floor pans, new holly 4 barrel carburetor, battery, points and condenser in the distributor, fuel pump, runs and drives, it’s a true numbers matching Mach 1. the car has a clean title and has been stored in a garage since I purchased it 5 years ago. No trades thank you.”
  5. Hello I came across this guy selling a 72 mach 1. I don’t know much about it, it is running and that it is almost done. What would you guys say it is worth based on the pictures. Thanks for the help
  6. Yea your right. I also wish that car was an auto
  7. https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/austin-1973-ford-mustang-mach-1/6848833106.html
  8. Hello I came across this 1973 mustang mach 1, it doesn’t have a lot of info on the ad. The engine is not the original. The engine is apart and needs to be put back. I would like to know what you guys think about the car and what you thing it’s worth. Thanks
  9. Hello i am looking for a 71-73 mach 1, looking for more of a small project car something that needs just a couple of things done to it not a full resto. With little to no rust. if you know of one for sale or someone selling one please let me know. I am in Texas SA but willing to drive for the right car. thanks
  10. Would you happen to have any for sale?
  11. I saw this one but way too far from me
  12. Tough call there. Obviously both have been restored to some level so it is going to be highly dependent on the quality of the work, The 73: Looks clean and correct in the gold with the ginger interior and they say it runs and drives great. With a correct looking Q-Code engine bay it looks like a pretty good buy it and drive it vehicle. EXCEPT for the battery charger in the one shot. Is it just an old battery, or does it have charging problems that will emerge after purchase. After that its creeper time! What are the floor pans like? What leak evidence is underneath, how do the internal 1/4's look. If it looks amazingly clean underneath and does good in a test drive try to get it for $12K and smile the whole way home, if it looks questionable underneath, try for $10K if it still drives good. The 72: Clean looking car that is well optioned for an H code! Folding rear seat, Power windows, console, guages, and the silver and black look nice. This couple looks like they don't have time for it and are at a stage in life where the hospital visits are surpassing the hobby time. I am personally not a fan of dogs in cars, they can scratch a lot of stuff up so the picture with the Sheltie in the interior did not impress me. Anyway, this car has a few mods, the keystone classic wheels (which look great on that car), Painted on stripes, and some mods to the rear 1/4 interior panels. The fading and discoloration on the steering column and horn pad are not a major issue, but I am unsure of the general condition of the interior. Nice looking original front bumper. Hard to find for the 71s and 2s The big alarms here are the fact that it is not clean and running, and they don't have time to get it there. Will it easily start so you can test drive it? Are they selling as a non-runner( offer them $8K for a non runner. I found a 73 non-runner Mach here in Kansas City for $8K) After that, do the same as on the 73 above. Look for leaks, floor pan repairs, low quality bodywork. etc. If it can start and drives nice with clean bodywork try to get it for $12k and promise to send them pictures. kcmash Thanks sounds like great advise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. hello i'm looking to purchase my first 71-73 mustang. I came across these two and i would like you guys too tell me what there worth or whats a good price to pay for them. I believe the orangish in is a 73 mach 1 Q code And the other is also a mach 1 but its an H code. they both look solid too me but would like someones experienced opinion. thanks (sorry didn't let me post link from FB) The 73 he is asking $15,400 (description): Mach 1 has P.S. P.D.B.. Interior is very nice. Runs and drives excellent. 351-4V, auto, factory tach. and gauges. The 72 he is asking $15,000 (Description):1972 Mustang Mach1 for sale. It hasn’t had anything done to it in years. It definitely needs a good cleaning and my husband is not able to do anything with it anymore. He’s just not able and I’m not either. It won’t run right now because it needs a new battery and a few more things done to it. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY! I don’t have time for people that just “want to look at it”. I’m constantly going to doctors appointments, so I’m busy. There is one photo of it when it was clean and running. It will just set here and go down more and we thought someone might want it and love like we have. Has a 351 Cleveland.
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