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  1. 1971 Mustang Coupe - 351 2bbl, Auto Trans - C6, Ford 9" Open Rear, 3.00, No Rust. Car is a project car, runs and drives. Prior owner did seat covers and headliner, but car needs work elsewhere in the interior and exterior. Have new rear exterior trim panel, and the original, center gauge cluster, some weatherstripping. Pick up only, I cannot deliver, Car is located in Central NJ. Asking 7600.00 or best offer.
  2. Mike, Just getting back from my son's after Christmas festivities, and catching up on some threads. Your pictures & your work look great. I really enjoy watching talented people do what I intend to do myself, really motivating. Happy New Year, a bit early.
  3. Thanks for the detail pictures. I have a little bit of work to do there, I see. Will probably end up taking 3-4 years myself.
  4. Hey John, Here is some pics of how the fender tab looks. That bracket looks to low as well. Hope the pics help and thanks for checking out my build.
  5. I remembered a thread on the Tech Forums - Asthetics,Interior and Exterior; the thread is Tire size on Page 53, 3rd from the bottom of the page. They discuss the various tire sizes and fitment. Link is below. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-tire-size--12443?highlight=8%22+Rims This looks like it would provide some of the answers you are looking for.
  6. Hello from New Jersey, Your car looks great, and being far from lots of parts sources, probably difficult to get things you may need. Best of luck and I am sure there will be many people with experience looking to help you out. I am just starting on a 71 Coupe myself. Needs some attention; better than some project cars to start out with, but certainly not a good as yours.
  7. Welcome from New Jersey. Really beautiful color. Great story. Enjoy the car, and use ti as much as you can.
  8. Hello from the New Jersey. Beautiful vehicle. May not be making a friend here, but leave the original motor specs as built. Buy a 351 C 2V and have it warmed over for some driving. Just sayin'. But ...it was your money, and it's your decision. Do what you want.
  9. I'm new to the site and i am planning a 71 Coupe project. I was looking for pics on how the front fenders attach, right behind the wheels, since my car has some issues there. Passenger side looks like it was crushed up a bit, and the drivers side has a 90 deg. extension tacked on. See pic's Your thread has great detail pictures of the clean up and paint, especially of the chassis. Your work is looking real good too. The "rotisserie" is excellent too. Thought of making one out of pipe and angle iron. That idea you used is so simple, it's great. Hope yours turns out to be everything you want. Again, great thread.
  10. Just spent 3 hours going through this thread, Excellent work by you, in every way. Preserving a piece of Mustang history for the owner and everyone else to see. What this has done is made me really think about how much i should 'fix' rather than 'replace'. With all of the less than great re-pop stuff, whatever is original and really usable with some work really needs to be kept. Just joined the group since I came across a 71 coupe which i got on the cheap. I call it a parts car, since Marti says it was a Grabber Lime, 6 cyl hardtop. Its still a hardtop with 4 wheels, but that's about it. I really get into the detail shots to see what the 'correct' layout is. My car will never be restored back to stock, gong the restomod route. However with some half a__ed work, and not being familiar with the car, I need so see how these really go together. Thanks for the read, and many, many tips.
  11. Welcome from New Jersey. You did what pretty much everyone tells me, buy it and drive it. I never listen though. Great looking Mustang, have fun.
  12. Looks like it will truly be a great car after your done and driving. Be nice to see the finished product. Since I am new to Mustang restoration how do you rate the Dynacorn parts you had to use for fit and general quality?. I will be needing to do a bit of the same on a 71 coupe, but hopefully no where near as much metal work. But I am seeing floors, and other more minor body work. Keep all the receipts. Never add them all up.
  13. Welcome from New Jersey. Looks like a bit of work coming up.
  14. Welcome from New Jersey. Looks like it will be one fine ride when you're ready to drive. I would say done, but usually the never are.
  15. Welcome from New Jersey. You have been quite busy, it looks. and put together a great looking convertible. Looking to do something similar with the 71 Coupe. Hope it turns our nearly as good.
  16. Welcome to the group, and best of luck with getting this sorted out. I have a 71 coupe which is just a collection of parts, put together to make a car. Some good, mostly bad, but looking forward to getting it done.
  17. Hello from New Jersey, Just joined myself 2 weeks ago. Building a car from a 71 Coupe, which was a 250 six, now a 351C 2V. Body is mostly straight, but needs a bunch of other stuff. Llooking forward to having some fun with mine Yours looks pretty good and best of luck with everything you do with it.
  18. Welcome from New Jersey. Just joined this forum and I'm starting on a 71 Coupe.
  19. Hello, and thanks very much for the welcome.
  20. Not A T5.... Must be a Toploader? Thanks for the welcome. Way, way back when I was in college, and close friend whose family ran a somewhat large and prosperous body shop and state affiliated holding yard, storing totaled cars for insurance companies. He and his compadres, put together some strong cars, none of which I could afford to make my own. They took a wrecked 69 Mach 1, and he put a 427 side oiler, medium riser engine, with the ole Toploader and a 9" with 391 rear. I see that car all the time in my head, it truly ran like a bat outta hell. Probably why a shaker 69 Mach 1 in dk green (forgot the code or name) is my favorite Mustang. Got the 71 now, so I will hopefully make something great out of this too.
  21. Fabrice, Thanks for the welcome. Two Mustangs.., very good, and I am sure, not very common. 351C and the 429, excellent examples to be cruising the Benelux area! I spend time now and then in Puurs, Belgium, with work.
  22. Hello Oregon. Thanks for the welcome.
  23. I work with a guy from Pfizer in Perth Australia. Usually get to chat (work stuff mostly) once a month or so. Thanks for the welcome.
  24. By the way, your Grande looks to be very good. Forgot to mention that now 2x. Did you lower with stock style suspension or replace with coil overs?
  25. While this is not a look too far from what I have, I would want something like this. Since I need to replace hacked up floor replacements, maybe repaint to other than Maroon, but again, not sure yet. While everyone seems to have them, I would love a set of 15x8 Magnums. Seems hard to find any RWL tires with an H or better rating in 235 or 255 60 x 15. What I would like is a re-pop of the early 70s Goodyear Polyglas RWL lettering in a performance radial. Probably not much interest in that, or Goodyear will not play along.
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