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  1. boy,you guys dont miss a thing!!
  2. i bought a pair of cheap aluminum ones and had them powder coated. they look pretty good
  3. hi everyone. i ordered my harness's from racerdirect.net last week and they came today. i ordered black on black but they have many colors. they did custom colored stitching on the belts and pads. the color of my 73 is sublime and the stitching matches almost perfectly. these belts are top quality. check them out
  4. thanks guys. my floors arnt in too bad of a shape. some rot here and there. i think im going with two full length panels. ive heard of dynacorn before. still not sure of what brand. supposed to be a no prep weld panel out there. not sure about that.
  5. I've just ordered the CJPP "CJ Classic" left and right floor pans, and dynacorn seat platforms. will know in a week or so if they're the optimal parts when I start fitting them. From what I've read, there will always be the need to do some fettling, i.e. no panels are perfect. i didnt know they made seat platforms for 73s. cjs has them?
  6. good to know mr hemikiller,thank you
  7. hey everyone. ive been thinking about doing my floors over this spring. there are a lot of pans out there and i was looking for opinions on fit and quality, thanks.
  8. blue bushes and fat blue kids are all the rage up here in mass. ill post some pics of my 73 on the road 2moro . you guys are funny!!
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