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  1. Well, I'm a bachelor so my whole house is a man cave... But.. Here's the shop and my main TV area:
  2. I used the Milodon stock replacement pan. Only real complaint it the oil drain plug has a slow leak. Like a drip per week.
  3. Completely happy with the Mickey Thompson's.
  4. So how is the magnum not magnum 360 running? Noticeable power over the 318?
  5. Football season is here. No more excuses to stay inside.
  6. I think it's more of a lift a piece up then remove it, but it's been a few years...
  7. Oh, and purge occasionally. This is my purge pile at the end of today:
  8. Old metal grocery store shelving. Real stereo. Cram 10lbs in a 5lb bag...
  9. White wire should only go to the S terminal, so it only retards timing while cranking.
  10. I bought one years ago... It was to short and wouldn't clear the distributor anyway.
  11. To be fair, our fenders are like 7 feet long... But the new mustangs are BIG.
  12. Yes, I had to drill holes, and used spacers to avoid grinding the cross member rivets.
  13. I couldn't find the order in my e-mail. I think it was for a cab and chassis truck with a drop bumper. The F-350 SCS had the narrow frame rails like a highboy or a pre '73 truck. Thanks. I sold it in February. If you mean the actual rag hanging there, it was the previous owner's attempt at deleting the rear fuel tank. I put it back in after that picture.If you mean the black spot on the cover, it was leakage from the fill plug.
  14. I have the ST radials on my car. I have zero complaints, and they are T speed rated. http://www.mickeythompsontires.com/street.php?item=SportsmanST
  15. My agency has started using froglube It was recommended by Mega Arms, the manufacturer of our rifles.
  16. Ignorance can be bliss... I could probably have bought a nice finished car for what I have in mine so far...
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