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  1. I haven't been on the forum site in quite some time. These individual model threads are awesome!!! I love my Grande, had her for 25 years now!
  2. Mike, did you just Dremel out the holes for the VDO gauges to slide in from the front? I have the same exact gauges but have been slowly working on installing them form the back. I originally tried to modify an original cluster holder, but it shattered into 1000 pieces after applying too much pressure.
  3. Wow Mike! Just made it through this entire thread again. I haven’t looked at it in a couple of years! The Mach is looking great! Can’t wait to see it in person.
  4. Yeah, sorry forgot the link. https://blueprintengines.com/products/306-ci-crate-engine-small-block-ford-longblock-bp3060ct and to answer why run an hei, because it works great and I already have it.
  5. Good morning everyone! I am in the market for a new motor and am in the searching for options stage. I have come across the motor linked below and am curious if anyone has any experience with Blueprint Engines. I would run an HEL distributor, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and Holley Sniper EFI on top of it. I am running a C4 and will have to check to see what converter is in it, but would ultimately run a 2200-2400 converter. My rear ended is all stock, 8 inch with 3.00 gear ratio. The motor is rated at 370hp/350trq, I know loss through a C4 is roughly 30hp. I like these numbers a lot, just not sure if the price is on point for these kinds of numbers. It does have aluminum heads and hypereutectic pistons and has a roller cam. What are your thoughts, opinions, alternatives. My price for a motor is in the $3-4K range. As always, thanks for your input!
  6. I know that this is a bit late, but if anyone is curious the problem ended up being the windshield wiper switch. When i turned it on the switch completely came apart and shorted out. The reason that the car would not restart is because I forgot that I had installed an inline 30 amp fuse that blew when the switch shorted out. Replaced the switch and the fuse, started right up. Also replaced the flashers with some electronic ones that have a ground cable, also replaced the turn signal switch again and have not had a problem since. Everything works and life has been great with the car electrically.
  7. SO as of late I have replaced all of my bulbs in the Coupe with LED's to include tail lights and headlights and front parking lights/turn signal indicators. The only problem I have been having is that the turn signals don't blink when activated. I did some research and purchased the resistor kits that are spliced into the ground and turn signal indicator wire on the back of the bulb housings. That was easy and I installed an LED flasher. The only problem is that when I went to turn on the turn signals, my column started smoking and they did not work as suggested that they would. I took apart the column and tested all of the leads on the turn signal switch which lead to finding some burnt plastic on the exterior portion of the wiring housing next to one of the lines, tested the line to find it had no power going to it, don't remember exactly which one it was, but had the schematics while doing the testing. Easy day, found the problem, know what I need to do as a next step. I replaced my windshield wiper motor a fe days ago and am going to replace the switch to it as well as it is not functioning properly. This morning as I was driving to work (only a block from the house thankfully) I turned on my wipers and it killed all electrical systems in my and could not restart it. Thankfully I have more than one vehicle available to use, but now I am at a loss as to what the hell the problem is. After work I tested the battery, it is good, then moved on to the starter solenoid and it is good as well. I have a feeling that my issue is under my dash, but I don't feel like messing with it today. Any thoughts or input?
  8. I am looking to replace the stock leaf springs in my Coupe as they do not have much spring left in them. I knowI could have them re-arched, but don't have the time for that due to her being my daily driver. I see hundreds of options for spring pound rates and different rear eyelet locations for raising and lowering the rear of the car. I replaced all of my front suspension with factory reproduction parts and would like to stay the same out back. Here is what I have found at National Parts Depot. What have you guys gone with and how do you like what you purchased? Thank you! https://www.npdlink.com/product/leaf-spring-rear-suspension-oe-style-design-94/104719 By the way my Mustang is a 1971 Grande with a 302 and C4.
  9. Thanks for the input guys, I went with an HEI for the all in one simplicity. I had a Pertronix ignition for years, but It was starting to fail, so I decided to go HEI. Don't care about mixing parts, care about what works the best. Thanks Jeff, but the original issue was the 14" air cleaner, and the base you suggested is also 14". I will have to wait until after this damn deployment to see what my options are...
  10. Hello Everyone, I am running a HEI Distributor on my 302. Obviously, the air cleaner I was running on my original 2bbl carb doesn't fit now. I was looking at purchasing a 14" air cleaner with and offset base specifically designed for the HEI Distributors, however I think that it may hit the shock tower isolators. Is anyone running an HEI Distributor that ran into this problem? If so, what did you do to solve it? Can you provide links to products used? Thanks!
  11. I am in need of a new radiator and have been looking high and low for one that I think will suit my needs. Motor is a stock 302 with a C-4 transmission. I already have a 16" Electric fan setup, but all of the "stock replacements" that I can find have steel core with plastic tank. I don't want a plastic tank. I have been looking at a Champion aluminum 3 row with 26" wide core. Performance Cooling has them for $230. SO, here are my questions for you guys. 1. Anyone have any experience with this radiator? 2. If not, what radiator are you running and where did you buy it? Thanks everyone!
  12. Ok, this may be a long shot, and I am pretty sure I know the answer, but will ask the question anyway with hopes of seeking infinite wisdom from the galaxy (you guys). 1971 and 1972 Mach 1's had the option to come with the grille that was a bit more shallow than the stock one and that had sport lamps in it. My question is did they offer this grille without sport lamps? If so, does anyone know where I can get one. My factory grille on my Grande was cracked to hell, so I ended up cutting out the center portion of it. Any insight into this is much appreciated!
  13. do you have info on where you got this? and is it an original 2 speed, or an upgrade? Thanks!
  14. Mike, the car still looks great. I am deployed right now and am getting stationed back in San Diego this November. The Mustang will be my full time driver when I return. Cant wait to see yours in person. talk to you soon and hope all is well!
  15. DAMN JIM! Your vert looks fantastic bro! I am getting stationed back in San Diego this November, can't wait to see the car in person! Hope all is well my friend!
  16. I am currently deployed overseas, but will be home this summer and am going to have paint/body completed on the Mustang. I am in search of a new passenger fender as mine has some terribly welded patches on it and several rust holes. Does anyone in the Seattle/ Pacific Northwest have one for sale? I am looking for New or Used in great shape, willing to pick up in July. Thank you!
  17. I am currently deployed overseas, but will be home this summer and am going to have paint/body completed on the Mustang. I want a Ram Air Hood, my original flat hood is bent and I like the looks of the Ram Air more. Does anyone in the Seattle/ Pacific Northwest have one for sale? I am looking for New or Used in great shape, willing to pick up in July. Thank you!
  18. Hey everyone. I need to replace my wiper motor, fluid pump and wiper switch. It seems that the factory 2 speed motor is the only one available for 1971 Mustang. Has anyone found anything other than this that will fit that may be a "better" motor? I was also looking at the Scott Drake Intermittent Wiper Switch that allows you to have 7 different speed intervals instead of the original 2 speed aka slow and slower. I live in the Seattle area right now and the factory setup just isn't working for me. Has anyone tried out his switch? If so, what is your review of it? The reviews online are mixed and don't seem too great. As always, thanks for the help!
  19. Jim, aren't you done with this car yet man! Lets see some pictures bro! I will be back in San Diego this summer, we are building a house in Eastlake and it will be completed in June. As for my Mustang, it is in a buddies garage in Washington while I am on deployment, still needs paint and body work, but it runs really good now. We will have to get together once I am home. Take care man.
  20. I am Haze Grey and Underway (Navy term for out to sea) getting ready for a deployment. But I did get on here and look at some car parts around the interwebs!
  21. I would like one as well, let me know when and where to send money!
  22. Very nicely done! I have always liked watching your car evolve over the years! This took a very modern looking car and gave it a classy addition, very nicely done!
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