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  1. I am guessing you got the car back from paint? How does it look, any picture updates???
  2. Well I am in the Navy and currently underway, so nothing has been done to my car for the better part of the last nine months. Got a bunch of new parts and some work to do when I get home. Just in time for summer!
  3. Mike's Carbs online has rebuild kits for pretty much every carb on the planet. If he wants to stay stock, rebuild the original, its not that hard at all!
  4. Any updates on your build Mike? I have not touched mine in about nine months. Unfortunately I have been out to sea doing Navy shit for the better half of the last year, so time to work on the car is at a minimum. I have a slew of parts waiting for me when I get back though. Bought an electric fan kit, hei distributor, one wire alternator, and some new wiring to update a few of my harnesses to help with making the car more reliable. soon after all that, I am gonna start body work. Major drawback is that the car was outside in the pacific northwest for a couple of weeks and the interior is completely covered in mold. Pretty much everything except for the upholstery was new or newly refurbished, so I am a little pissed about it. Hope all is well buddy. - Nik
  5. I have a built 429 sitting on a stand in the garage for it. While it was in my buddies '56 F100, it made 600hp at the wheels.
  6. Thanks Jim! Not in San Diego anymore, stationed up in Everett, WA now. Just got back from a deployment right before christmas. Will be trying to get orders back to San Diego after another deployment at the end of the year to the Middle East.
  7. Hey everyone, been a long time since I posted anything, been deployed for a bit. For the longest time I have wanted a ram air hood, but can't bring myself to paying for one with shipping being so high. My son helps me pick out styling ideas for the Mustang and he loves air breathers that protrude through the hood, he calls them rum rums. I was cruising eBay the other day and found this and got to thinking. I know it's my car and do I will do what I want, but would this look absolutely ridiculous on a flat hood on my coupe? I think it could be interesting, but not completely sold on the idea. http://m.ebay.com/itm/BLACK-BUG-CATCHER-ALUMINUM-AIR-CLEANER-SCOOP-SINGLE-OR-DUAL-QUAD-/181864790392?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE Sorry I couldn't get the picture to upload from my phone. Thanks everyone!
  8. That is a super awesome emblem! The one on the Cobra isn't too shabby either!
  9. Holy fat ass batman! I love the bolstering from the door panels to the back of this kit. Which kit is it? I will be building one of these later in life! I love the width so much!
  10. How is that manifold working out for you? Mine is up for the winter, but am very happy with the original setup that I chose to go back to. Are the Summit cams much cheaper than a good Comp Cam? I haven't looked at pricing.
  11. I think I honestly like the car without the rockers painted. What about removing the hockey stripes and just having the hood stripe???
  12. The Mach looks great Mike! I already moved to Washington, but will be back down in San Diego the 4th to the 15th of September, wouldn't mind checking her out in person and saying see ya later in person! Let me know, you have my number!
  13. I have the manifolds off of my 302. I am moving and am getting tired of moving all of this original equipment around. I have Hedman headers and a custom exhaust, so essentially I am never using these again. Should I trash them, or would anyone be interested in them?
  14. I have always been a huge fan of these wheels. They look fantastic on that car!
  15. Lizard Skin is very popular and I have heard it is a great product to use. I personally went with stick, but only because a friend did his car and had enough left over to do mine as well. But if that situation had not presented itself and I had to do it over again, I would use spray on. The stuff on the welds and seams would be seam sealer that can be found in a 3m product as well as others I am sure. You would scrape off all the old stuff and apply new sealer, then spray your sound deadener over it once dry. This should provide for a very quiet ride versus factory not so quiet deadener. http://www.lizardskin.com/ http://3mcollision.com/products/sealants
  16. Wow, thats a lot of work! I wish I could get on the top and back side of my rear wheel housing for sound deadening purposes!
  17. After rebuilding my original carb and trying to get it adjusted perfectly, EFI is the only way I will go from now on.
  18. You should throw one of these on top of that pretty manifold! http://fitechefi.com/default.asp.pg-GoStreetEFI
  19. ::welcome:: from San Diego! This car is gonna look great when it is finished!
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