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  1. WOAH, that looks great! I love to see when coupes look this good! What size wheels and tires did you go with, they are perfect!
  2. Excellent addition to the site, Welcome Aboard!
  3. That is a crazy amount of money for that car, I don't think I could get 5k for my coupe and it is in way nicer condition...
  4. My car was originally grabber lime, even though I don't think I will go with it when it's time for paint, I may use it as a pinstripe color to highlight the matte black boss hood appliqué on the gloss black body color. Not sure yet, mind changes about a hundred times every time I think about it!
  5. Ray, nice work on the building! I agree that it is refreshing to take a little break from the Mustangs especially when you put a lot of hours in a short amount of time into them. Great work and can't wait for May to see more progress!
  6. http://www.cjponyparts.com/quarter-window-crank-do-not-include-knobs-1968-1970/p/IWH4R/
  7. Thanks so much for the update, this car is awesome!
  8. I'm not sure Nik you really need to call eastwood tech and find out since different products require a procedure specific to that product. Cool, Thanks Scott!
  9. Thanks man, little by little it has been coming back together. If I only had the patience to post the 40 or so pictures I took of the Automate 2100 that I rebuilt, the photo above of it sitting on top of the manifold does not do it justice, I tore that thing down to springs and redid everything on it. That was a solid week of work, but it runs beautifully now! Thanks for the knowledge Scott. I did use a heavily water diluted zep mix to spray the car down after the rust blast, then wiped everything clean with water just before spraying the epoxy. I know that the epoxy isn't a permanent coating, I just want to be able to drive it right now without worry of rust. My final paint and body will be done by professionals and much later down the road. I have a deployment to the middle east next year that I am prepping for and will probably have the car painted while I am there. Do you think that my prep before the Epoxy was enough to prevent the delimitation of the Epoxy? Thanks again!
  10. Lets see a body shot, and the engine bay please :) .....
  11. Here are some more pictures that I took today to show my progress.
  12. Guess I'll go ahead and do one of these. It was about a year ago that I really started to get on this project. My goal was to get her down to bare metal to see what I was really working with as far as body goes, then apply a nice coat of DTM Epoxy Primer from Eastwood and reassemble to make drivable. Here are some pictures for you all. After I sanded it down to bare metal I cleaned it with a product from KBS called rust blast remover, it worked great! The pictures are of the metal after cleaning and ready for epoxy. Next up was to apply the Epoxy Primer to prevent rust from occurring. There were a couple of places on the car that had surface rust that I busted down and then coated with rust inhibitor under the epoxy primer. Now I needed to do all the rest of the panels minus the hood because I plan on getting a ram air hood one day. Everything was meticulously prepped because I wanted it all done right this time. After everything dried and pieces were rebuilt with new parts, I started to put her back together after a lot of painstaking hours to line up the body parts to try and get the body lines straight and the gaps close to perfect. After a couple of days I realized it just wasn't going to be perfect with this car, but I did pretty good I think. After lots of new parts and thorough cleaning and reconditioning of original parts, she is coming back together! Slowly but surely... Here are some extras that are pretty much self explanatory. Thanks to Mike (mach71351c), Jim (sdstang), and Dennis (hemikiller) for help with parts! I upgraded as much as I could to new tech, including replacing every bulb on the car with LEDs. I was having problems with the Edelbrock carb that was on the car, a 1406 on a Wieand Stealth 8020 manifold, so I decided to go with the stock setup instead. Thanks to Hemikiller for providing the Automate 2100. It was completely disassembled and rebuilt with a complete kit from Mike's Carburetor Parts. The factory manifold was hot tanked for like 3 days to get all the grime off of it, then sand blasted and painted. The valve covers and air cleaner are old, but painted to match the rest of the motor. Miscellaneous projects to make this fun included making my trunk look and sound nice. I had some old equipment left over from my last Mustang (2006 GT), and got a new Pioneer Digital Media Receiver from my wife for Christmas. I used MDF and Fiberglass to achieve my new trunk. Everything is sound deadened with aluminum sided deadener for quietness. I still need to make a few adjustments for some rattling, but it looks great! Next side project was to get ahold of a tail light lens that Obsidian 71 made and replicate it for my project (still in the works). I also had the time to play around with building a tail light board with leds to go behind the new tail lights. Thanks to TheJ for hooking me up with the lens (and don't worry I haven't forgot about you bro)! I know it looks like a lot, and trust me, it has been! Many nights and weekends in the garage working on this car with my son. It has been a gratifying experience and my 4 year old loves to help me out. Current projects without pictures yet are just finished installing my windows with all new rubber, applied sound deadener to every nook and cranny in the interior for hopes of a quiet ride one day, patiently waiting for a solid day to install the new headliner, repainting all of the interior trim in flat black. More pics to come. Lastly I just need to do some final tuning with the ''new'' fuel intake setup and she will be road worthy!!! Thanks for looking and for all the support from everyone on the site!
  13. I just did my trunk. I used MDF that is only about a 1/4" thick due to not wanting to put to much weight into the project. This was a royal PITA to make look really good, plus I had a Sub box to work around. The frame is made out of 5/8" MDF cut down to size and cut to fit the contours of the trunk floor. The sides have a frame attached to the MDF floor that they are screwed into. I think it turned out really nice, just have to make a few adjustments to fix a couple of rattles. The floor is covered in aluminum sided sound deadener to help keep the noise level down outside of the car. Hope this helps a little. The sub box is MDF with a fiberglass bottom for a tight fit in its place. I used the formula on Kicker's website to make the size of the sub box as close to correct as i could for two 12" Subs.
  14. WTF did I even just look at... confused at the direction for this build.
  15. Mike, the new bumper looks really good, great job!
  16. Man that looks great. Can your guy stay in town a couple more months to do mine?
  17. In my experience, I loved my Edelbrock for about 2 days, same model 1406, but on an aftermarket manifold. I never got that carburetor running right, even taking it to the "best" carb guy in town. If I could go back and change it all I would have spent the extra money on a fuel injection system or a quick fuel carb. Now I am running a rebuilt Autolite 2100 on the stock manifold and it runs great!
  18. Another ::welcome:: from San Diego. Holy moly, that is one heck of a project you got there! Cant wait to see it unfold as you build it! Let us know what advice you need and parts etc. We got a pretty good thing going on this site thats for sure!
  19. Damn Mike, it looks sooooo good! I am a little jealous buddy!
  20. Looks fantastic in the pictures Mike! Cant wait to see the end product.
  21. waiting anxiously... still waiting... i can't stand it anymore, i guess i will just go work on my car and check back later...
  22. Its kinda funny reading this, because less than a month ago I scrapped this same carb and went back with the original (rebuilt of course). with that said, this two brackets from edelbrock are complete crap. I have a Lokar setup that includes the throttle cable and mounting bracket along with a kick down cable conversion for transmission. If you are interested in an easy install, pm me and we can work something out to get you the correct parts to make your life easier. BTW, what motor and trans are you running again?
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