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  1. I also had the same worries about the powder coating Tn. I had thought about painting the bumpers the body color, but kinda want all the trim to match. Having a hard time finding a chromer that does black chrome with tanks that will fit my bumpers though. Maybe I will have to paint the bumpers the body color and do all the other trim to include the fender extensions and the hood trim in black chrome. So if I do all of that, what do I do for wheels??? Oh and I forgot about the door handles, should I just shave them? WAY too many options to decide on!
  2. Not sure if I want any chrome on the outside of the Mustang when I am done with the Restomod. I am going to paint her a few shades darker than Grabber Blue with a modified black mach 1 stripe and modified black on the hood. Big decision is to get all of my chrome trim "black chromed" or just have it all powder coated black. Anyone done anything like this, if so how does it look and was it worth the minor adjustment to you? Got any Pictures of it? Keep in mind I will be doing this to all the exterior trim - bumpers, windshield trim, rear window trim, drip rails, and vinyl top trim. The vinyl will of course be black as well.
  3. hey lux, i love the stance you maintained with the rims and tires you went with. What size did you go with on the front and rear? I really like the staggered look and you pulled it off beautifully, did you have to do any metal fab in the rear to fit those tires in? Great looking convertible man!
  4. very interesting, did you use a sealer on the indside after getting it welded back together?
  5. Probably. I'd settle for "most of them", just to be on the safe side. :-) kinda reminds me of halloween? i like how the paint flows with the body lines, if only it was different colors. not sure an older one will look good with all this flash!
  6. This may help a little bit. http://www.onlymustangfords.com/1971-Mustang.html http://www.onlymustangfords.com/1972-Mustang.html http://www.onlymustangfords.com/1973-Mustang.html
  7. Mike, you hit the nail on the head. I wonder how many airbrush jobs get painted over when the owner gets tired of it? I believe the correct answer is all of them! :)
  8. I had mine installed back when I was in high school, after pulling my dash to repair something, I noticed that they cut the old harness and just used wire nuts to connect everything, cheap asses! So I pulled it all apart and soldered everything together then used shrink wrap, used the factory power wire and have never noticed any whine in the sound.
  9. I also thought about the idea of having all of my chrome either anodized black or powder coated black. I really like the anodized look, just soooo much more expensive, but we will see. Has anyone ever thought of painting the dash frame to match the exterior color like they did in the 65-66 stangs? I think a bright color light yellow may not look as good and goudy at the same time. However, I think my mind is set for a few shades darker than the new grabber blue. So here goes for my custom paint scheme...Dark Grabber Blue paint to include dash frame on the interior, all chrome trim and bumpers anodized black, a modified black mach 1 stripe ( probably a little thicker than the stock one and have it fade off the end), a thinner and less dominant version of the hood stripe in black, and no lower black tone on the sides of the car, black vinyl roof, tinted windows, black chrome 17" torque thrust II style wheels, front plastic spoiler, all black interior with some carbon fiber accents and white guages. I am trying to find a lower profile rear spoiler, not a huge fan of the factory one. I might try to see how well a 2006 GT500 spoiler fits the decklid. Well there it is!
  10. I like the black accents as well! I think I may go with a shade darker than grabber blue with a modified black mach 1 stripe and something black on the ram air hood, just want to try and stay away from the typical design...not too sure, gonna paly with it for a bit.
  11. I too have put a lot of thought and effort into a custom paint scheme, just havent come up with much yet. I have thought about a cowl hood to allow for a different paint scheme. I think Chip Foose needs to put a few out for us to go by!
  12. Not my car, but none the less, it needs a good home where it wont be mistaken for a planter! http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/cto/2551336186.html
  13. That thing looks like it got into a drunken brawl with a T-Rex! Holy Crap
  14. 4spd car, front clip replacement is a pretty long and commited operation on any car, not to mention a pain in the a$$ getting all the metal replaced absolutely perfectly. Go with the 4spd car, leave the vinyl roof off of it, not sure why they ever put them on fastbacks anyway, look good on coupes, but not sportsroofs. Put up some pics!
  15. The tires are nothing significant, i think they are pep boys brand 225/50 in a 15". When I decide on what I go with next they will get swapped. Basically they were just put on the car so it would pass inspection, cheap tires though. Would eventually like to run 255/35 front and 295/35 rear or so in 17", but afraid it will raise the car quite a bit. My uncle had some custom magnum 500's made for his GTX that are sick and hold quite an impressive tire size on the rear, check em out.
  16. EXCELLENT find Tnfastbk, you are the man. I have had this idea and drew it up on a deployment about 4 years ago, just didnt have access to a CNC machine until now, and I have no idea how to program it!
  17. I have the 1" lowering coils in the front and the rear 1/2" drop as well as the plastic front spoiler and decklid spoiler on my coupe. I replaced all the factory suspension bushings with energy suspension poly bushings and put in new shocks. I think the full combo helped for a nice comfortable ride. The only thing is that my front spoiler rubbed on every driveway and intersection in the road, so I am glad I didnt select to install a fiberglass one. Didnt spend a lot of time at 120mph, but when I was there it was nice! Nice low front stance. Good rear stance. Nice clean balance front and back without the "lowrider" look. As you can see this picture doesnt have the front spoiler installed at the time.
  18. I am going to stick with the factory tail light set up and just add the LED boards to them. I would like to see someone do a billet style bezel for the lamp housing, I think it would look nice. Scott Drake makes them for 64-67's, so why not ours? I also wouldnt mind seeing someone make a full billet grill assembly in anodized black, it could look sweet!
  19. Yeah so I checked out what it would cost to do 1967 Shelby Tail Lights. At CJ Pony Parts, the panel from Dynacorn, the bezels, gaskets, sequential wiring harness and light buckets would cost about 800 bucks. A little steep for a minor detail, think I will stick with a new 71-73 tail light panel from Dynacorn and the original tail lights. Good point rvrtrash, I didnt think about the lisence plate at all, you would almost have to move the gas filler to the side of the car and put the lisence plate between the tail lights...pain in the neck!
  20. What do you guys think of these ideas? I have a coupe and think it looks fairly decent. It looks like the coupe in the pictures has Cougar tail lights and the fastback has Shelby tail lights. I also really like what is done with the rear bumper and exhaust tips in this picture.
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