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  1. I saw a custom ducktail on a 73 mach 1 once. It also had a custom tail light panel with 67 shelby style tail lights and extensive fab work done to the bumper and rear valance with center rectangular exhaust tips, looked very nice actually.
  2. Good info from all! Back when I was like 16 of course the most important thing in my interior was the stereo, so i bought a kenwood single din cd player and had it pro installed at circuit city back then. So this what I am working with now. I am not keen on anything else in this interior, except the way the center dash bezel is customized. The only thing on it that I would change is move the screen down to allow for air vents and no need for the cd player, as the nav screen would be an all in one unit from alpine. Also, what do you guys think of carbon fiber accents on the interior. Found this stuff and am wondering about apps for it. Maybe the dash frame, the inserts on the deluxe door panels, and a small portion of the center console. http://www.carbonfiberfilm.com/blog/3m-carbon-fiber-di-noc-now-available-in-7-different-colors/ As always, thanks for your input and opinion guys, it helps!
  3. Ouch, has to be a bad ground! Good luck and let us know when you get that girl out on the road, can't wait to see final pics.
  4. I had always had an idea of completely replacing my center dash insert around the stereo and ac/heat controls with a custom piece designed for an in dash a/v system with a touchscreen. Has anyone done any custom stereo work on the dash?
  5. At some point in her life the horn stopped working (it was a fuse that I replaced to make work) and the owner at that time obviously didnt know anything about simple troubleshooting. So instead of replacing the fuse, they bypassed the factory horn and mounted an external momentary switch on the panel next to the headlight switch to act as a new horn, but didnt do a great job of it. The hole for the switch and wiring was so botched that I had to come up with a quick fix, hence the covered switch and red LED that lights up when the switched in activated. It is fully non functional, but at the time I toyed with the idea of destroying my motor with nitrous, but got deployed soon after and all my ideas were put to a stop for 9 years. I will end up patching the whole area with a new metal panel before I am finished. So there is the explanation for the switch.
  6. My intentions with the car are a full Restomod that can keep up with the best of the new Mustangs, GT500 set aside. I am prepared to spend about 7 grand on the motor, and hopefully keep paint and body work to about 5 grand, I will be doing most of the bodywork myself, and if I had the room, I would build a paint booth in my garage and paint it myself. Anyway, back to the 450hp. I know that just starting over with a big block makes sense, but I am just looking at all of my options. I have never opened up my motor so I am not sure how the cylinder walls look, crank housing and all the other interior parts of the block look, so not even sure if it is reusable. If I am going to replace the block, then I will go with a built big shortblock.
  7. Looks like you are puttin a good amount of time and money into it. I did a lot of the same things you did to my coupe back about 10 years ago, minus engine rebuild. It all still looks pretty good, however I am gonna do a full restomod this year some time...don't tell my wife though ok!
  8. Welcome to the site! You will find all kinds of interesting info here just like I have! Just checked out your pics, awesome Mach 1! What rear suspension setup did you go with, it looks killer!
  9. Welcome to the forum, I love the color on your Mustang! Looks like it is in fantastic shape, and with very little rust, you are a lucky guy!
  10. Wow Cobra, I have to say this is one of the nicest coupes I have ever seen in my life. I have a 71 Grande and will be doing a lot of things to her to make it a "one off". She was my very first car when I was 15 and have kept it all these years. I did a mild restore on her back in 2003, but it was to what I could afford at the time. This time it will be as to what I want. I have paced back and forth about keeping the vinyl top, but after seeing yours, I have made my decision to keep it. The only big difference I see is that I am going to try and do all of the metal replacement and fab myself, teaching myself as I go of course. How well did the hood fit the car right out of the box, did you buy the Dynacorn? Anyway, sorry for the rambling, great job on the Stang, Paint Is Awesome! Enjoy tearing up the pavement!
  11. Don, sorry my entire post sounded like it was directed towards you now that I went back and read it. After the first setence it was meant to be all for the original post. However, I think we can all agree, that almost nobody builds a 600hp motor and expects "good" gas mileage out of it. Even Lamborghini's only get 12-15 mpg!
  12. Good input RVRTRASH! A set of 351W heads sounds interesting. I was playing around with a program online and am looking at trick flow twisted wedge 170 alum heads, 2.02 on the intake and 1.6 on the exhaust with a 61cc chamber. The program said with that head, carb and intake mainfold I want to run, and the cam I am looking at, that I can achieve 474hp! Hope it works out the way. Internals will be forged with the exception of the crank.
  13. I got a 71 with a 302 in it. Anyone running 351C heads on top of a 302? I know the weight added by those heads doesnt seem practical, and for the cost of finding a pair that are usable and doing all the machining and porting and new valves, spring, seats, rockers, etc doesn't make much sense. Nonetheless, anyone running a setup like this one? If not, what heads would you run on a 302 stroked to 331 looking for 450 hp? Stroker kit would be all forged internals except for crank, and run a dual plane intake manifold with a 600cfm 4 barrel carb...hopefully. Thanks!:cool: Oh and not sure what cam I would run either, but would like something more mild possibly stay under a half inch lift. And would you run short tube, or long tube headers?
  14. Don, I like your points! For the same 750 bucks, you could go buy a 1984 Honda Magna V45 motorcycle, get great mileage out of it, and not put any miles on your Mustang! IMHO, constantly spraying water and alcohol into your combustion chamber is cooling the metal too quickly which will probably hurt you more in the long run. They claim that it increases your compression ratio giving you better fuel mileage, but lets be honest, if you wanted a good gas mileage car you would be driving a Yaris, not a 600hp Mustang...right?
  15. Very nice upgrade, most of my parts are from CJ Pony Parts as well and have all been great quality and nice price! I am going to do a NASA hood and upgrade to Ram Air once I figure out what powerplant I am going to build. Very nice job!
  16. Thanks badmach! Back when I was younger I didnt like it much, now its growing on me after owning it for 15 years. The only problem is replacing it. Not that its hard to do, but not sure if I want to replace it or just get rid of it and fill in the holes for the trim and paint the whole car. The vinyl that is on there was in immaculate shape before it sat outside at my dads house for a few years, now it looks like a dry desert floor. What do you guys think, keep it vinyl, or paint it?
  17. the steering wheel was a quick fix at the time, lived in florida, humidity made the knock off wood wheel i had stain my hands when i drove it. it was the only one they had at autozone, just havent changed it. the little switch was going to be NOS, just never went through with it. a lot got put on hold when i got deployed overseas for 3 years. when i got back i bought a 2006 GT and played with that for a while, so i didnt touch the 71 at all. wish i could go back and dump all the money i threw away in the 06 into the 71, but what can you do. dont worry fordication, it will be changed soon...
  18. Yes a big block would be nice, all depends on what I decide to go with and what works for me at the time of deciding. The car will be a weekend driver, used to be my daily driver, but looking back, too much damaged incurred by other drivers just doesnt seem to be worth putting it on the road often considering the amount of time and money I am going to put into it. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  19. @ KingKong, the rearend was in it when I got it at 15 years old. I believe that my first order of business will be pull the motor and tranny, rip apart the 302 and see if it is usable again (hopefully not :) ) then decide what powerplant I am going to go with. Would like a 427 crate motor, have been looking at a few online. Once the motor is decided on, I will strip the car, have it blasted, fix all the rust and do paint and body work and all the metal fab i want to do to her. Then replace all the parts I need to, and put her back together, easy enough.....right?
  20. Thanks everyone, its been a while since i did anything to my Mustang, back then none of this was available, amazing what 10 years will do!
  21. Thanks everybody. Here are a few pics for you to see what I am starting out with. She looks great in them, but unfortunately they are a couple of years old and now she is in a little worse shape. The paint and body work proved to be cheaper than what I paid for and a few other things like the vinyl roof and interior parts did not last long in the Texas heat. Unfortunately sitting for 5 years didnt do the engine or brake lines any good either. This will give me a chance to do what I have alwasy wanted with her though. Enjoy! :cool: And finally a pic from back in 2003 before I started the first renovation. In high school she looked about the same as in 03, but wasnt all primer, was more of a viper blue, but a maaco version.
  22. does anyone know of any companies out there that reproduce the plastic panels for our dash? mine are in ok shape, no cracks or anything, but are warped from sitting in the texas heat for the last 5 years. i am looking for the driver and passenger side as well as the center piece that surrounds the air vents and stereo and a/c. thanks! :cool:
  23. about to start ripping apart the old motor this winter and see if it is still usable. if not, i want to go with a 393 or 427 and make about 450-500 horsepower. in your opinions, who puts together the best shortblock out there? have been looking at coast high performance and proformance unlimited. they seem to do nice work and i like the pricing. any inside tips on where to find a usable seasoned block to start with if i go ahead and build it all myself? thanks! :cool:
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