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  1. looking for a 9 inch rear end with disc brakes already mounted to it, havent done a lot of searching yet, figured this is a good place to start. thanks! :cool:
  2. wondering if anyone knows of aftermarket tubular type lower a arms for front suspension. upgraded to energy suspensions poly bushings several years ago and would like to see if what i am looking for exsists for our model years. thanks!:cool:
  3. Guess I am lucky that my deluxe door panels are in excellent shape and need no rework. I did however remove all of the "wood" vinyl from the panels and was left with a decent polished looking panel. I will have to agree with sm3570.
  4. who cares what anyone else thinks. take it from someone who is about to do a 2nd restore cuz i am just not happy with the decisions i made on the car 10 years ago. make it your own, a one off, just like sm3570 did, and he has one hell of a nice car!
  5. Hi I am Nik. I am a Newbie to this forum, but not to Mustang Forums. Never been on one for my 1971 though. I am originally from Texas, just did a decade in the military and am looking to get my Mustang out of storage and do another restore on her. Her name is Victoria R, the R is for resurrection. I named her after her older sister that was a 2006 Mustang GT that I sold and 3 days later saw smashed to hell on the back of a tow rig. hence the name of the 71. Currently she has her stock motor which is a 2 barrel powered 302 with power steering and power brakes followed by a C4 automatic tranny and an 8.8" rearend. She has a decent paint job that was applied in 2003. She sits on a nice set of old school style Magnum 500 15x8's. A lot is going to change to her over the next few years. I hope to get a lot of advice and support from this site. Thanks!
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