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  1. I like the two tone paint on them and the two tone interior is pretty nice as well!
  2. DAMN, that looks spectacular! I can't wait to see it in person!
  3. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA!
  4. Hey bro, I was curious what upholstery you ended up using? Brand, and did you replace the foam underneath. Who did you buy it from? Thanks, it turned out great!
  5. 2nd spoiler if you decide to make one, it is very close to what I have in mind for mine... just as soon as I wrap up the hundred other projects I have left first.
  6. Nice build! I also have a Grande and really like how you went about doing yours in stages!
  7. Let me know how buffing out those scratches goes, it would save a ton of money if I didn't have to buy new door and quarter glass! Oh, and it looks like you have my seats almost done, i will come pick them up soon! LOL
  8. Jesus dude, you are braver than I am for cutting those twist lock holes!
  9. I noticed after looking at the pictures of your regulators that mine are missing what seems to be a crucial piece in keeping the windows stable while they are rolled up. Where the regulator meets the guide rod that is vertical inside the door, you seem to have some factory "shims", mine is just a large hole... This explains why mine always rattled and never stayed in place!
  10. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA... man I love the old grabber colors!
  11. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA! Great looking fastback! I really like your paint scheme and the tail lights! Man those tail lights look perfect on a convertible! First time I have seen them on one.
  12. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA! Sounds like it will be one hell of a nice ride, and being second owner is pretty awesome too, can't wait to see it!
  13. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA! Car looks great!
  14. Yeah, kinda the unspoken rule. Everything you have given me is on my car! Here is one such example... Before... After...
  15. No offense taken, I know I am not the best suited for this project, which is why I really have no interest in producing them for others. I just have liked the idea from the beginning and want a pair for my car, DOT approved or not. Anyway, there is a plan in play and you will all be informed soon I am sure. Thanks for helping kickstart this, I have had the lens for a few months, but haven't done anything with it because of all of the other projects on my car that needed to be completed first. Thats a pretty cool setup, I have done my research and know the super correct way of doing this, I just don't have the means (time or money), so figured I would give it a shot the old school way, pour a mold and when it dries fill it with resin. Thanks for the input!
  16. So today I decided that I should move forward with making the molds for new lenses. The result is a total disaster, the molding silicon I have turns out to be over two years old according to a tech that I called from the company, I have only had it for like a couple of months. It did not mix well but my eager ass decided to try to pour it over the lens anyway. Stupid idea. It was one of those "I know it's probably not gonna work, but I have come this far and maybe it will" moments. The picture explains it all. Next step is to buy more stuff and try again I guess.
  17. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I do plan on getting these things done, time is my only issue. I think that if I can get a couple molds made and then just start casting a bunch, then I can get on a roll. I need suggestions though. What is the best product to use for making the lens that will hold up to uv and not discolor? The lens has a portion that is clear and I started making led boards a while back and got one finished and mostly working. I am going to make a promise to all of you right now, if I say I will make you a set, you will get a set. Period. I don't want to start committing to people just yet, but give me time. This will come to fruition ok! Thanks for being patient!
  18. I have the materials to make new molds off the finished lens that I do have. I have a molding box made as well, I just have to prep the lens (fix some small imperfections and do a light sanding of it to make it perfectly smooth. Sorry, that's what I meant by liquid molding, I am going to use Smooth On Oomoo mold to make them, then pour a crystal clear liquid casting resin in the mold to make new lenses. My goal is to get a few miles made so that I can make multiple lenses if the demand is there. And if I do decide to produce them, I will not charge anyone until a set is made and ready to ship to them. Hope that clears it up a little. I tried my best to get all the original parts from Mike (multiple emails and even trying to get his number from someone else) but it left me with nothing. Nik, so you have a set from The J but you made no mention of the molds. Even if you had time, how would you cast a lens w/o the molds? Am I missing something? Producing the molds is the difficult part and most likely the part that exasperated Mike. One would assume molds could be made from your set BUT since The J hadn't completed an led board to fit, we are not 100% sure the set you have is ideal. At this point without the molds for a little more R&D, all we have is a pretty nice mock up. IMHO, the molds are crucial towards further development. (to clarify...this is my opinion based on the assumption of a limited sales market from which to recoup R&D costs) Again IMHO, where we need creativity, at this point, is acquiring the molds from Mike. ANYONE, have any ideas ????? Eric Once I am done with the lens I have from the j, I plan on sending him a pair as payment for letting me borrow the lens to make the mold. I could send it to you so that you could make your own molds. I am not really interested in the production for money aspect of this. I just want the lenses on my car and maybe a few spare to have around. We can talk this out in PM if you want to Scott.
  19. Hey everyone, just want to make this long story not so long, so here goes. I have a tail light that Mike made. I spoke with him last summer about taking over the project and asked him to send me all of the components he had to make them (which I helped design through email). He never sent me anything, no surprise there, but I did reach out to The J and asked to get the prototype that was sent to him to build the led boards for. I have not had any time to start casting any lenses yet, but I do have a finished lens that Mike made and have some liquid molding to make them. I really am not sure if I plan to produce them for other people as I am active duty and that takes a lot of my time outside of my family. However I had planned on reaching out to the guys that actually paid Mike and seeing if they still wanted a set for the cost of material and shipping. Thats what I got, what do you guys think?
  20. I am happy to see you are back on this project my friend. I need to get my butt over there one weekend to check it out! Mine runs, but need major carb tuning, which I apparently have no idea how to do...
  21. its starting to look like my car needs to come over to your house... lizard skin and body work please!
  22. I would go for an aluminum one piece magnum 500. year one makes them along with a few others, i believe the three you named also offer variances of them.
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